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#Blacklivesmatter utterly refuses to accept responsibility for what they and the media created

This is sick and unbelievable. As you all know, Friday evening a black man, basically shot a police officer in Texas, and when I say “shot”, I mean, walked up behind him, shot him in the back of the head and then shot him on the ground. 😡 Well, as one would expect, the sheriff […]

Another White Police Officer shot, this time in Houston, TX

What say you, #blacklivesmatter? From the AP: HOUSTON (AP) — A sheriff’s deputy in uniform was shot and killed Friday night while filling up his patrol car at a suburban Houston gas station, according to authorities. Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, was pumping gas into his vehicle about 8:30 p.m. Friday when a man approached him […]

AllahPundit makes a very good point about Donald Trump

Hate to say it, but he is very much correct: One more thing: In the unlikely event that Trump does sweep to the presidency, I think some historians will begin reconsidering what the Reagan revolution was really about. Was it a conservative revolt against the Great Society, Nixonian welfare-state management, and Carter-era exhaustion with liberalism, […]

A very true statement about yesterday’s shooting

Erick Erickson, who has slandered me in the past, makes a good point. Which is why I am quoting him here. Erick Says: The reality is that evil exists and we will never legislate it away. Bad things will always happen. Evil people will do evil things. We saw evil in Charleston. We saw evil […]

The Korean peninsula is turning into a powder keg

Because I have been so busy with covering local stuff, moral failings and silly attacks on multi-racial people; I have overlooked the fact that the fit is about to hit the shan in the Korean peninsula. 😯 Via CNN: Paju, South Korea (CNN)North Korea outlined an ultimatum Friday to its southern neighbor: Stop the “provocations” […]