What hath Detroit wrought?

This: (via The Southern Nationalist)

One of the many significant disadvantages to Southerners of being in the Union is the periodic transfer of wealth by the US Federal Government of Southern tax dollars to non-Southerners, including foreign dictators, Islamic terrorist groups and failed Third World countries. Recently, the US government decided to transfer $300 million to a Third World city – which, in this case, happens to be located within the United States. The City of Detroit’s decline over the past half a century has become the stuff of legend. It is now symbolic of the decline of the USA as a whole, a microcosm of the loss of industry and the demographic transformation of much of the US into a Third World society. In 1940 Detroit was 90% White and an industrial power-house. It was one of the most affluent and productive cities in the world. By 2010 the city was just 10% White and 82% Black. White flight from the failed city has dropped the total population of Detroit by 40% over what it was in 1950.  Any way that one looks at the numbers associated with Detroit it is clear that it is a Third World city in the middle of the United States. If one took a Haitian city such as Port-au-Prince, dropped it in the middle of North America and periodically transferred wealth to it from outside it would look very much like Detroit.

As much as it pains me to admit this; Michael is absolutely correct. Sad I am from the “Detroit Area” currently and I grew up in Southwest Detroit in the 1980’s. Even back then, Detroit was a different place in a different time. There are a ton of reasons why Detroit ended up like it did; I blogged about that in the past.

There are times, when I honestly wish that I could just pack up everything and move to another part of the Country. The flathead valley in Montana is where I would love to go; but, as many Americans, I simply cannot afford to move and I have parents that need me here for the time being. SighSo, I do what I can and wait.

Good Reading: Building a “Go-To-Hell” Bag

Interesting in getting into being a prepper? This might help you out:

Go Bag or Go-To-Hell Bag?

I mention this because it is a distinction I make in my own mind when preparing a go-bag. The article I wrote on Bear Creek about how to prepare a go-bag was for a disaster preparedness scenario geared towards animal owners and family preparedness in the event of a local natural or man-made disaster of low to moderate proportions. The general idea is that you’re making a plan and a bag to help you implement that plan. It’s a bag for a few days, with basic necessities you’ll likely need along the way. That is a “go-bag” – you know where you’re going and you’re preparing for that eventuality.

The other side of the coin is the “Go-To-Hell” bag, which I’ll shorten to GTH Bag for the purposes of this post. (primarily because I’m already tired of hyphenating).

Maybe it’s because I was a boy scout and the motto “Be Prepared” has never left me. I’m the type that like to be prepared for any eventuality, any scenario, and any emergency. Regardless of why you might want to build one, a GTH bag is just that.. you’re packed as if you’re marching into Hell and have no idea what you’ll be facing, how long you’ll be facing it, and whether or not it will end any time in the near future.

via Building a “Go-To-Hell” Bag | Eight Minutes of Fame.

For what it is worth, that blog is ran by Tommy Jordan, who got really famous, really quick for shooting his daughter’s laptop up, because she went and got smart on Facebook. Some good ideas there, go read the rest.

Good job Tommy! 😀