The story via WXYZ-TV:

Incumbent Rick Snyder has been re-elected as Michigan’s governor based on returns from key precincts around the state of Michigan, 7 Action News pollsters say.

Snyder defeated Democrat Mark Schauer after a tight race early in the polls.

In key precincts, Snyder defeated Schauer with 53 percent of the vote to 46 percent.

This is very good news. I voted a straight Republican Party ticket, as I simply do not trust the democrats to run this state again. Jennifer Granholm ruined that for me.

Let’s hope that Republicans pick up enough seats to take back the Senate, so that we can get back to running the Country.

I voted today

It is a patriotic duty of ALL Americans to vote in elections. Many men and women died on battlefields for the right to vote in free elections. Don’t pass it up.

I voted today and I hope you did too. As you all know, I am in Michigan and today we are having our primary for governor and several local seats. I voted for governor Snyder for governor of Michigan.

The reason why I voted for governor Snyder for governor of Michigan again is for the following reasons:

1. Governor Snyder passed  expanded Medicaid for people like me who were long-term unemployed and fell through the cracks of Obamacare. Some people on the right here in Michigan did not like the fact that Governor Snyder passed expanded Medicaid. I am NOT one of those people. As some of you already know I have not worked for almost 10 years now, at least not for anybody else.  I also found out this past year that I have diabetes type 2, and I also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Not to mention I also have ADHD and I take meds for it. So this expanded Medicaid for me was a blessing and for that I voted for governor Snyder again. Now I wasn’t too happy with the right to work law the governor Snyder passed, however as far as I can tell that law has not affected the big three at all which includes my Dad.

2. Quite frankly, I simply do not trust Democrats to run the state again. Jennifer Granholm’s tenure here as governor of the state of Michigan was an absolute freaking disaster. When the previous governor left office in the state of Michigan, the state of Michigan had a budget surplus. Jennifer Granholm left office, the state of Michigan was in so much debt it was unbelievable. To me, that points to incompetence. For this, I decided that I could no longer trust Democrats to run the state; and I voted for governor Snyder the first time and because of Governors accomplishments, I voted for him a second time.

I do pray the governor Snyder does win this election again. Because I would sure hate like hell to see this state go back into the craphole that it was, when Granholm was running it.

Here is hoping the governor Snyder wins again.

So, Where are the jobs Governor Snyder?

Nothing Unusual, my ass. 😡

(LANSING, Mich.) — Unemployment went up in all of Michigan’s major labor markets, including in the Detroit area, but officials say this is nothing unusual. The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget released a report on Thursday stating that in December the unemployment rate for the Detroit-Warren-Livonia market stood at 10.2 percent, up from 9.7 percent in November. Overall, Michigan’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.9 percent from November to December. —- Detroit Unemployment Rate Increases In Dec. 2013, Joblessness Steady Across Michigan

I have been unemployed since 2005. Nothing unusual my ass! I have to ask our lying piece of crap Governor. Where are the jobs? I voted for you, and then you turned around and lied to every Independent voter and passed “right to starve.” So, Governor? Where are the jobs? :roll:

There aren’t any jobs, at least nothing that I am qualified for, that is. 😡 I thought this new Governor was going to bring in the jobs, I guess I was lied to, just liker Obama lied to the Democrats, this joker lied to us here in Michigan too. Never trust Democrats or Republicans; ever. They lie too much.

Governor Rick Snyder starts to feel the heat for his idiocy

I find this to be very encouraging, perhaps Governor Snyder did not realize what he was getting into, or maybe he did.

The Story via Greg Sargent at Washington Post:

The “right to work” battle in Michigan may not be over quite yet.

Top Democrats in the Michigan Congressional delegation just wrapped up their meeting with Governor Rick Snyder, during which they urged him in no uncertain terms: If you go forward with “right to work” legislation, you’ll be consigning the state to years of discord and division. They urged him to consider vetoing the legislation or postponing it until the next session — or even agreeing to subject it to referendum.

According to Dems who were on the call, Snyder told them he would “seriously” take into account their objections — which they took as a genuine indication of possible willingness, for now, to reconsider.

“The Governor listened, and he told us he would seriously consider our concerns,” Senator Carl Levin said on a conference call with reporters.

The tenor of the meeting, which participants described as urgent and intense, underscores the gravity of the situation — not just for Democrats, but for the state itself. Dems told Snyder that forging ahead with “right to work” legislation risked undermining the progress in labor-management relations in the state and could create a situation similar to Wisconsin, where an ongoing battle over collective bargaining tore the state apart for over a year.

I do not trust the weasel myself, and here is why; This comes via Deadline Detroit, which I had some choice words for once, and which I retract those words too — granted, I have not always liked what I have seen there, but I was a bit harsh on them, they have the right to publish what they wish, just like I do…:

Signing right-to-work legislation will have serious, even dire consequences on the state, congressional Democrats told Gov. Rick Snyder this morning, according to Kathleen Gray in the Free Press.

In a private meeting in Detroit between seven members of Congress and Snyder, Sen. Carl Levin told reporters afterward they asked Snyder to either veto the legislation or remove the appropriation attached to the bill, which would allow a statewide vote on the issue.

“The labor environment has dramatically improved in the state,” Levin said. But with right to work, “instead of having a Michigan united, we’re going to have a Michigan divided.”

A couple of hours after meeting with the delegation, Snyder signaled his continuing support of the right-to-work bills when he tweeted, “Freedom to work is all about creating more and better jobs in Michigan.”

So, basically, this guy is nothing more than a lying snake. If I were the labor movement, I would not trust him at all. if anything at all; I would begin to mount a recall effort against this man and get him out of office as soon as they possibly could. Like others have noted, Governor Snyder has proven that he is nothing more than a lying stack of crap and will say and do anything to stay in power — including straight up lie to get elected, like he did to me and every other person who trusted him.

There is two things in this world that I have little or no use for — and that is thieves and liars; and this idiot Snyder is a lying piece of crap, if there ever was one to be behold.  As the Detroit Free Press rightly noted, Governor Rick Snyder knowingly lied to the people of Michigan, including disillusioned Democrats like myself, who come from Democratic Party voting families and who happen to care about this State and this Country and do not agree with the far socialist left agenda of President Barack Obama. This does not mean, however, that we think that unions ought be outlawed and busted up.

Again, as I wrote before on here, this was nothing more than a pander to the extremist wing of the Republican Party and by doing this; Governor Snyder will pay a terrible price.




The Detroit Free Press rips Governor Rick Snyder a new one

It is very good, trust me:

Click here for Editorial: A failure of leadership: Snyder’s about-face on right-to-work betrays voters —Detroit Free Press 


Two years ago, a newly elected Rick Snyder told the Free Press editorial board he was determined to be a new kind of governor — a pragmatist focused like a laser on initiatives that promised to raise standards of living for all Michiganders.

And until last week, we believed him.

For two years, we supported Snyder as he took painful steps to restore Michigan’s fiscal stability and confront a crisis in which plunging tax revenues and mounting obligations to retired workers threatened to cripple the state’s cities and school districts.


 But we also indulged many compromises Snyder maintained were necessary to advance his pro-growth agenda. And when ideologues on the right and left mounted campaigns designed to hamstring state government by limiting its authority to raise revenues, regulate labor relations, and fund critically needed infrastructure, we joined the governor in opposing them.

In short, we trusted Snyder’s judgment.

That trust has now been betrayed — for us, and for the hundreds of thousand of independents who voted for Snyder with the conviction that they were electing someone more independent, and more visionary, than partisan apparatchiks like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker or Florida’s Rick Scott.

Last week, in an abrupt about-face Snyder’s defenders said was born of his frustration with organized labor, the governor unleashed a legislative blitzkrieg that seems certain to bring a bill barring closed-shop contracts to his desk next week.


Snyder’s closest brush with candor came when he suggested that his endorsement of right-to-work was less than voluntary — a decision “that was on the table whether I wanted it to be on the table or not.”

But that is less an excuse than a confession that Michigan’s governor has abdicated his leadership responsibilities to Republican legislators bent on vengeance.

What reasonable person now believes that Snyder has the will or the wherewithal to deliver Michigan, or even his own party, from the failed politics of division?

Michigan voters who provided Snyder’s margin of victory in 2010 feel betrayed, and they have every justification. If he was ever serious about being the governor who brought Michiganders together, Snyder has just sent himself back to Square One.

I suggest you go read the rest of that; this spells out exactly why I have basically decided to say to hell with the Republican Party and the Conservative movement as a whole and now just call myself an independent. My family comes first; and this jackass declared war against them, namely my Dad.

Some encouraging news for my Dad

Some good news for my Dad.

(Reuters) – The proposed Michigan “right-to-work” law will not apply to existing union contracts, a leading sponsor of the proposal said on Friday, which may blunt its immediate impact on the huge auto industry in the state.

Michigan Republicans pushed through the state legislature on Thursday a law making the payment of union dues voluntary in the private sector. The state Senate also voted to apply this to the public sector except for police and fire unions.

Republican lawmakers, who hold majorities in both chambers of the legislature, could give final approval to the laws on Tuesday and Republican Governor Rick Snyder could immediately sign them, Amber McCann, spokeswoman for state Senate Majority Leader Richard Richardville, said on Friday.

“Right-to-work” could be signed into law within a week in the cradle of the U.S. auto industry, a stunning blow to organized labor in the United States.

The law would actually take effect at the end of March, Richardville said on Thursday.

But the legislation has a so-called “grandfather” clause exempting existing union contracts until they expire, said Republican state Senator Arlan Meekhoff, a sponsor of the plan.


“I don’t think this will hurt the UAW with the (Detroit automakers) as much as it will hurt unions trying to organize nonunion companies in Michigan,” Schwartz said.

via Michigan right-to-work law exempts existing union contracts | Reuters.

Just the same, the whole idea of Government essentially blocking Union organizing rights is asinine. Which is why I no longer will be supporting the Republican Party.

This is pretty much spot on

This is from a progressive blog, but man is she ever right:

I don’t really care why Snyder folded; the problem is that he did. Now Lansing has triggered all kindsa turmoil that we coulda shoulda avoided. Here are just a few of the ramifications of what one shitty nerd did yesterday:

1. Snyder ruined his own reputation as a moderate. Mind you, those of us who pay attention already knew he was a right wing loon. Now everyone else finally knows too. Here’s hoping we see no more of those bullshit editorials by the NYT on how Mr Snyder breaks the mold. I’d like to say I toldja so but if you are receptive to that message then you are already kicking yourself.

2. Snyder demonstrated that his “word” is worthless. We all know the difference between what he said and what he did. ’nuff said.

3. Snyder has cemented his legacy as a Dictator Governor. Removing local governments, pepper-spraying protesters, locking people out of the Capitol. Detroit will probably riot again. Rick Snyder brought us civil unrest.

4. Snyder’s agenda will stall. Though since he’s never been honest about what’s on it, this may be hard to measure.

Those are just some of the consequences to Snyder. I’m not making any predictions on his re-election, though I am pretty confident that he just lost. Here are some of the consequences for the rest of us:

1. People are going to get their asses beat in union shops. Say what you want about union thugs, I know you will anyway. But if you join a union shop and you take union benefits and let the union people take all the risk and you refuse to help, someone is going to fuck with you. If you understood the history of labor, you would understand the violence. If you don’t like it, you’ve got the freedom to work at a non-union shop. Sayonara, leech.

2. Discrimination against union members will increase. Union busting shops will offer better wages and benefits to the folks who refuse to pay union dues. Some of the right wingers will use this as evidence that unions aren’t needed, but that’s because they’re stupid. Once the union goes away, so will the incentive to offer perks.

3. Recalls will begin. Targeted recalls against House and Senate members will begin as soon as possible. That’s not me organizing them; there were already talks underway. The interesting thing about recalls this time is that the people who generally do not support them are actually in favor of them now. I predict we will take out 2 House members and 1 Senator, and we will take over the legislature in 2014. Some of those House seats we might not be able keep because they’ll be in Republican territory, but a conservative Democrat might be able to hold them. (Snyder will not be a target of a recall)

4. Gerrymandering reform will begin this decade. If you have to lie about your intentions and lock people out of the Capitol, you know you are going against the wishes of the people. The way to fix that is to fix the gerrymandering system that allows the Republicans to keep control of our government even though they are the clear minority in the state.

5. The right to steal law will be repealed. We’ll have this fight all over again, and we’ll win. And it will be easier because we’ll be in the majority.

via And the republican party accelerates its decline into nothingness.

Spot on….

Chuck Baldwin minces no words about Paul Ryan

I have to like Chuck Baldwin, he does not mince words:

It has happened again. We go through this every four years, and every four years the vast majority of “conservatives” fall for it. This is such a broken record. What did Forrest Gump say: “Stupid is as stupid does”? And wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”? Well, here we go again.

Neocon RINO George H.W. Bush picks “conservative” Dan Quayle. “Conservative” G.W. Bush picks neocon RINO Dick Cheney. Neocon RINO John McCain picks “conservative” Sarah Palin. Now, neocon RINO Mitt Romney picks “conservative” Paul Ryan. As long as there is one “conservative” on the ticket, mushy-headed “conservatives” across the country will go into a gaga, starry-eyed, hypnotic trance in support of the Republican ticket. I’m convinced that if Lucifer, himself, was the GOP Presidential candidate, he would get the support of the Religious Right and Republican “conservatives” as long as he selected a reputed “conservative” to join his ticket. And, by the way, the notable “conservative” wouldn’t think twice about joining such a ticket, either, I’m convinced.

Let’s just get this on the record: since 1960, there have only been two Presidential nominees (from the two major parties) who were not controlled by the globalist elitists. One was a Democrat, John F. Kennedy; the other was a Republican, Ronald Reagan. Kennedy was shot and killed; Reagan was shot. Every other President, Democrat or Republican, has been totally controlled, which is why none of them have done diddly-squat to make a difference in the direction of the country. On the issues that really matter, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are just more of the same!

via Chuck Baldwin — Paul Ryan: More Of The Same.

He goes on to say that Ron Paul is the only one; and I disagree with that. However, I will say this; he is right about Romney and Ryan. Which is I am voting for:

Goode/Clymer in 2012

He will not win the election

But voting for anything else is simply Anti-American

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Detroit’s fiscal chickens come home to roost

I really hate having to write blog entries like this; I really do.  For those of you, who actually read here; I was born and raised on the southwest side of Detroit. I left Detroit, with my parents, in 1989. Our house was burglarized by a family member’s friend and yes, he was involved too.  As much as it greatly pains me to say this; the city and that part of the city, where I grew up, is not what it once was. I have very fond memories of growing up in Detroit; hanging with my buddy Joe, who now lives in Lima, Ohio —- going to Church over on Military Street off of Vernor Highway —  just a good place to grow up. I realize some of you might find it hard to believe, that growing up in Detroit was a good thing; but, believe me it was. I would not trade my childhood for nothing at all.

The reason why I do not like writing blog entries like this, is because it just makes the City of Detroit and Michigan look bad. I always get my feathers in an uproar, when people, who do not even live around here, begin writing articles about this area, like they are some sort of expert on this area.  The way I see it, if you have never lived here, worked here or worshiped here; you ought to just keep your mouth shut. I know, it sounds a bit gruff; chalk it up to a ghetto attitude, a Detroit attitude or just someone who is not to keen on outsiders running their mouths, when they ought to just keep out of the city’s business.  Whatever it is, when I see the mostly woefully uninformed criticism, my defenses kick in.  Yes, I know who runs and controls Detroit now; I do not like it anymore than anyone else. But to say that skin pigmentation has a thing to do with the city of Detroit’s problems is asinine at best.  There seems to be a bit of that, on the right, at sites like this one here.

The Nation is in a horrible recession, some would even say a “double dip” recession. This is the thing that is causing Detroit’s fiscal problems; it  is what is known as “kicking the can down the road.” America as a Nation, has done it for decades. Detroit has done it since about the 1970’s; and now they are at the point where the road that they have kicked said can down —- is at the gates of hell and they are now trying to figure out a method of escape. Sort of like what is happening in Washington DC at the moment.

So when I see this story in the Detroit Free Press, a very liberally biased paper; I have to smirk a bit. Because now, the socialists who have controlled Detroit for years are now at place of, “Where did all the money go?”

Quoting the Paper:

The emotions of labor leaders and city workers were eclipsed Monday by the harsh reality that there appears to be little that can stop a 10% wage cut and major changes to employment terms for Detroit’s unionized workforce.

During a nearly three-hour Detroit City Council meeting, Mayor Dave Bing’s administration laid out its case for $102 million in savings through cuts, including reduced pensions and higher out-of-pocket health care costs, in addition to wage cuts.

Officials painted a dire picture: Without savings from what the city now is calling employment terms, Detroit could run out of cash as early as October.

It really should not be of any surprise to anyone, but the usual gang of suspects are now lining up with the grievances; complete with class warfare and so forth:

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said Bing’s administration made no effort to bargain with Detroit’s 48 unions as the city charter requires and is balancing the city’s debts on the backs of its workers.

Watson said she wants to see as much effort put into restructuring Detroit’s debt as Bing has put into reworking city labor contracts.

“You all want to get tough with the working people, but you don’t want to get tough with the Wall Street bankers,” she said.

As much as I hate to make a funny, at someone’s expense; but, did someone relocate Wall Street to Detroit? I do not recall the notice that stock exchange was leaving New York. Funny nonsense aside, I know the point she is trying to make, a rather moronic socialist argument, that somehow or another businesses in Detroit ought to be punished for the idiotic management of a socialist city. Which is essentially that same stupid argument that President Barack Obama is making as well. It is a flawed mentality and one that usually bankrupts a city and eventually a Nation. America’s clock is ticking and eventually, we are going to end up like Detroit — broke. Some would say that we are already broke and China is our real masters.

As always the Unions are having their say as well:

Al Garrett, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 25, the city’s largest union, said city officials “have gone too damn far,” and urged the council to reject the contracts and force Bing and the financial advisory board to impose them.

“It’s the only influence you have,” Garrett said, addressing the council. “Otherwise your sitting there serves no purpose. Please don’t vote for it. … Stand up and be accountable for the seat.”


Gerald Thompson, president of the AFSCME Local 1220, representing city clerks and security guards, criticized the council for approving a fiscal stability agreement with the state that left the council powerless to stop draconian union cuts.

“This is what happens when absolute power corrupts,” Thompson said. “This is not fundamental fairness in democracy. It’s tyranny.”

Mr. Thompson? You want to see tyranny? Try looking in the White House; if that is not a text book example of power corrupting someone, I do not know what is.  Furthermore, I find it absolutely amusing that a socialist liberal would cry “Tyranny!” when the odds are not in his favor. It is a totally partisan hack move and I believe it should be condemned by the Mayor of Detroit. But, of course, we all know that will never happen.

Finally, in this story, a bit of sanity:

Chris Brown, Bing’s chief operating officer, acknowledged that the contracts, expected to be imposed no later than next month, were crafted with no union input.

“Things are not the same,” Brown said. “We’re not going to sit here and say we collectively bargained. We didn’t. It may not be fair, but it’s necessary.”

I highlighted that one, because I am amazed that someone in Detroit sees the trees, in spite of the forest around him. I pray that Detroit is able to steer itself out of the mess created by the downturn in the economy. Because as goes the City of Detroit; so goes the rest of the state and eventually the Country. I believe we can make it out of this mess, there just has to be some adults in the room. I just wish some of those adults were in the room in council chambers in Detroit.


Gov. Rick Snyder sells out to the Republican establishment

I voted for the man, I now regret that choice.

In a Detroit News op-ed today, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced his support of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the contest for the GOP presidential nomination.

Romney, who is campaigning in Michigan ahead of the Feb. 28 primary here, faces a tough challenge by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Ahead of a Grand Rapids visit Wednesday, Romney’s campaign announced a list of endorsements from other Michigan Republicans.

via Rick Snyder: ‘Mitt Romney is the man for the job’ |

Good luck in your reelection bid Mr. Governor. You certainly do not represent my views. I will not make that mistake again. Here is hoping that you will be voted out.  Just more living proof that the so-called “Tea Party” was nothing more than an abject failure that really did not change a thing. At least not in the Republican Party.