Video: On the transgender bathroom issue and other stuff

I haven’t posted one of these in a while and posted here in a while either. Sorry. 🙁 Just ain’t been feeling like writing.

But, here’s a video:

Video: “Park it anywhere!”

It’s all fun and games, until someone hits the deck…..or in this case, the dock.


The story via LA Times:

A tourist’s video posted online shows the confused, then panic-filled moments when a whale-watching ship rammed into its dock at San Diego’s Embarcadero, injuring seven passengers, Thursday afternoon.

The 49-second YouTube video shows the 150-foot ship coming in to dock but failing to stop until it smashes into the dock’s wood planking and a railing with a thunderous crunch.

As the Adventure Hornblower approached the dock and a line of new passengers watched, waiting for the next tour to board, light-hearted chatter can be heard on the video.

“Park it anywhere!” a person shouts to laughter.

But a moment later, the man shouts something else: “I wouldn’t stand in front of it guys!”

The ship blasted its horn and then smashed into the dock, its hull digging several feet into the structure.

Seven passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. Of those, three were sent to hospitals with neck, back or leg injuries, said San Diego Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief David Gerboth. The others were treated by medics and released.

There were 144 people aboard the ship at the time, although it was not clear whether that included the crew members.

Mike and Deb Ellis, from the Phoenix area, had come to San Diego to celebrate her 60th birthday. During the cruise Thursday they said they saw two waterspouts and a lot of dolphins. Deb Ellis was in the rear of the boat on the top deck when it crashed.

“It felt like we were coming in a little hot,” she said. “Then the boat hit the dock. The next thing I heard was four blasts of the horn …. We hit pretty hard.”

Mike Ellis said that people waiting in line at the dock ran to get out of the way as the bow slammed into the walkway.

Tables, chairs and people on the top deck of the boat fell down.

Also on the top deck were Osmond DeSousa, his wife and teenage son, who were visiting from New Jersey.

“I saw it coming in fast. It hit the dock, bounced off and continued too fast to stop. The woman next to me fell, she was hurt pretty bad,” DeSousa said.

“The crew were walking on the deck yelling, ‘Brace yourselves or hold on to something.’”

Allow me to make a mental note:  If I, by some miracle, I happen to find myself in California and someone asks me to go for a boat ride; say no way and run like heck in the other direction. 😆