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Another White Police Officer shot, this time in Houston, TX

What say you, #blacklivesmatter? From the AP: HOUSTON (AP) — A sheriff’s deputy in uniform was shot and killed Friday night while filling up his patrol car at a suburban Houston gas station, according to authorities. Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, was pumping gas into his vehicle about 8:30 p.m. Friday when a man approached him […]

Shaun King writes his defense

Well, it seems that Shaun King, the young man accused of posing as a black man, has written his defense; and boy is it ever something to read. I very highly recommend that you read it all too. Via Daily Kos: Over the past 72 hours I have been attacked with lies by the conservative […]

UPDATED: Confirmed: Shaun King is a white guy

Update: Shaun King has posted his defense. I wish I had never written this or the previous blog entry. Remember ol’ Shaun King? It’s confirmed, He be white. 😛 During a segment on #BlackLivesMatters activist Shaun King and the allegation he isn’t black at all, CNN host Don Lemon revealed that he had spoken to a […]

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Obama’s world. Here is another horrible black on white crime that is being totally ignored in the main stream media. If the races were reversed; this would be a huge story in the media. Via Conservative Headlines: Jeremy Cook, An 18 year old white male, had just moved to Toronto. He left his […]

I got nothing for this one….just…nothing

Source: A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say – BuzzFeed News Some music for the story: and, of course, the NAACP is going to let her skate. Others: Instapundit, Guardian, Ed Driscoll, neo-neocon, Hot Air, The Federalist,RedState, The Daily Caller, Shakesville, Althouse, Jamelle Bouie and protein wisdom,  The Daily […]