Comment Policy

Thou Shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain in the comment. If thou do this, thy comment shall land in the spam folder.

Thou shalt not use vulgarity in the comments section, thou do this, thy comment will end up in the spam folder and shall be edited by the owner of this blog. (Namely me!)

Thou shalt not troll nor MOBY.  What is a MOBY? See here and here, see here to see what I mean.

Thou shalt not threaten the President, or I will report you to the FBI.

Thou shalt not insult thy host of this blog. If thou do, thou shalt not comment here any longer.

Thou shalt not post personal information of ANYONE in the comment sections, unless I ask for it. The only exception will be when I actually ask for something of the sort, and it must be sent to me privately. Ultimately, I am the person who will decide whether something will be allowed to stand or not. Most usually, I will reject such things; but there some exceptions.

Thou shalt not conduct hominem attacks, against me or anyone else. If thou do, thou shalt feel the wrath of this blog’s owner and it won’t be pretty either.

There will be no comments here that bash people of ethnical backgrounds. Yes, I have issues with some of them, see here and here for details.  However, this blog is NOT neo-nazi, white nationalist, or any other sort of thing. This is not, nor will it be ran as such. This is simply a paleoconservative blog Classic Constitutional Conservative Blog that happens to be ran by an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible believing Baptist; nothing more, nothing less. If you feel a need to get your bigotry on somewhere, do it elsewhere.

The reason for the change is this: For a while, I was writing about black on white crime; and as a result, I started attracting a crowd that I really do not support. While I believe that black on white crime is a very important issue, I simply am not too keen on having white nationalists commenting here. This is because most White Nationalists are liberals in disguise and too, they just hate, just to hate. Most times, their reasoning is….simple. If you know what mean.

While this blog is run by an Independent Fundamental Baptist, who happens to be a someone who’s a King James Bible believer — it is not to be considered a “Christian Blog” or a “IFB Blog” or even a “Baptist Blog”. While I am a believer in Christ, I simply do not believe that I am even remotely qualified to blog about such matters. I also too, find myself in disagreement with some of the Baptists and Christians out there. So, if you come here to comment; remember this is a political blog and not a Religious or Christian or Baptist Blog at all. In other words, don’t come here carping on about Biblical doctrine or anything of the sort. Because, most likely, I will disagree with it and it also causes arguments and I do not want that on my blog at all. We all have our take on the Bible and its doctrines. But, this is not the place to discuss it. There are plenty of websites, forums and blogs for that sort of thing. Find one!