Comment Policy

Update – 12/2/2013Because there seems to be an overabundance of people out there who just cannot seem to restrain themselves from making drive-by troll comments. I have decided to just put the comments back on moderate for the foreseeable future. I know that doing this discourages people from commenting; but having to go around and delete troll comments is a major pain in my butt and I just do not want to have to deal with it. Sorry guys, I tried being nice, I tried the hands off approach; and it did not work  Sorry, but the trolls messed it up for everyone else. 

No trolling or MOBY stuff.  What is a MOBY? See here and here, see here to see what I mean.

Don’t threaten the President either, or I will report you to the FBI.

I will explain this — I love comments, I love discussion; but I have zero tolerance for people who come to a blog for the sole purpose of being an idiot troll. You come here and insult me and act like an idiot? I’m going to ban your butt from commenting. Why? Because I can.  Participating on this blog is a privilege, and not a right

The posting of personal information of ANYONE in the comment sections is discouraged. The only exception will be when I actually ask for something of the sort, and it must be sent to me privately. Ultimately, I am the person who will decide whether something will be allowed to stand or not. Most usually, I will reject such things; but there some exceptions.  (Updated: November 23, 2012)

No ad hominem attacks, against me or anyone else. You do it, and you’ll be banned from commenting and viewing this blog.