• Quoting: This blog from time to time will quote various news sources, political blogs and so forth. The quoting of those various sources should not be constituted as a direct endorsement of their political positions, religious positions or other such related matter.
  • Fair Use: I claim all images used on this blog under the fair use clause of copyright laws.
  • Fair Game: I am a political blogger. I espouse my political opinions on this blog. I target Democrats and Republicans. I am the internet version of a political pundit. If you find yourself targeted and written about on this blog, it is because you are a public political figure and that makes you fair game. Remember this before you attempt to sue me and make a fool of yourself in court. Also, before you get a lawyer and try to sue me; please, read this and this here.
  • Ethics: In my 7 years of blogging, I have learned a bit. One of those things is that blogger wars and responding to ad hominem attacks are simply not worth getting my blood pressure up. I did this when I started blogging and it caused me a good deal of grief. So, if you think talking about me on your blog, forum or what have you is going to get a response out of me, please, save yourself the stress. Because I will ignore you. I have no vested interest in polishing my reputation. I know who I am as a person, and in Christ Jesus; and I have no wish to prove myself to you or anyone else.  Also too, I will never target anyone’s family, children or any other such thing —- I did that twice and both times, I was unaware of the personal situation and I felt horrible afterward for doing it. I am here to write about the people and policies in which I disagree; not about personal lives. I leave that the gossip blogs.
  • Ads: As you can see I do have a good deal of ads on my site. This is on purpose. I happen to think making lots of money is pretty darned awesome. I am not rich, not by a long shot.  However, I believe one should be allowed to make income from his writings. I do however, believe necessary to tell my readers of the following: I will not, ever, be held liable for products bought from any of the ads on this site. In other word, if you buy something from an ad that you clicked here, and it burns your house down — please, sue the manufacture, not the vendor or the person advertising it.
  • Ad Revenue: From time to time, I do post links to products sold by Amazon.com. I happen to make a little commission on those products sold. This does not result in an extra cost to the customer. However, I will let it be known, I do NOT, nor have I ever, nor will I ever, receive any sort of payment to endorse any sort of product at all. I happen to believe that it is totally unethical to do such a thing. I am for capitalism, but I am not for paid propaganda. This is not an infomercial blog. I will sometimes weave an advertisement into a blog posting, for some of the products that I list on my site; such as the gold companies that I feature on my site. But, I will always tell the reader of such an instance.
  • Blog Copyright: I do not have this blog copyrighted or established as a business. I loathe bloggers who do this, as it goes against the spirit of what blogging was truly about, especially political blogging. I am simply a single man, with a laptop, an internet connection and a whole darned truckload of opinion.  I do not mind if you quote my work, as long as you cite my blog as your source. I have zero tolerance for content scrapers. If you do this, I will tell your hosting service and ask them to tell you to remove it. It is unethical to do this, and I will not tolerate it.
  • Humor: I have a sense of humor and it shows around here, quite a bit. Please, before you hurt yourself, laugh with me, please. 😀