Old Blog

From  December 30, 2007 till October 31, 2011, I ran a blog called Political Byline. It was at first, a centrist blog; then as time went on, it shifted, politically speaking, more to the right as time went on. During that time, I blogged about Politics, the rise and fall of the Tea Party Movement and the Obama Administration. On October 11, 2011; the host that was providing my service, which was through a good friend of mine, that I happened to meet while blogging; decided to starting being jerks and shut me down for causing “instability” on their servers.

So, I pulled the plug and was going to quit for good. Well, it seems that I had fans and that included my Mother. So, a few months passed and I took some Christmas money that I received and bought some reseller hosting and put the blog back up and imported the one that I started on blogspot.com/blogger and here I am today.

So, if you would like to check out my archives, please: