BREAKING NEWS: Another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas

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Live Video from media in the area: – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

UPDATE: Now a Memeorandum topic.

UPDATE #2: Rusty at The Jawa Report says

Given yesterday’s alert about a “Ft. Hood style attack” on military bases, then an actual attack at Ft. Hood you can see why terrorism was the first thing to suspect.

But if this turns out to be anything but terrorism? You can expect in the next few hours that the narrative will turn to PTSD. And
then the talking heads will begin to blame Bush.

Mark. My. Words.

Very true. I know, I know… I am a Paleocon; and I should be saying, “And they should too!” Well, surprise! I think Bush is about as responsible for this, as Obama was responsible for the major melt down of the economy. Now, his party’s polices, yes. But, Obama? Himself? Not hardly. :D

@MichelleMalkin whines again

It seems that Michelle Malkin is still whining about being mocked by Steven Colbert.

michellemalkinracecardI’m just going to write here on my blog, what I wrote at several places in the comment sections.

The only reason Malkin is who she is, is because her Neocon friends made her who she is. She’s been bought and paid for by those people for years. She’s nothing but a damned puppet and an hypocritical one at that.

As for her whining about being harassed, she sure wasn’t thinking about all that, when she was on the warpath against Graeme Frost and his family. Google it. What she did was vomit provoking. She gets what’s coming to her.

No wonder Bill O’Reilly dropped her and then Fox News let her go. She’s nothing but a shill and a terrible one at that. Not only that, she is a nothing more than a plagiarist; google “debbie schlussel michelle malkin” and you will see for yourself just what kind of person Michelle Malkin *really* is.


Just doing what the progressive protected minorities do…..

Malkin loves to drone on about how blacks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton play the “race card”. But, yet, she does the same very thing. She’s a hypocrite of the highest order. She needs to get over it or go back to the Philippines. This is America and we mock people. Get over it, suck it up or get lost.

Taking a page from the playbook of Al-Qaeda when it comes to freedom of speech is not a conservative way of doing things. Proving my point about that Femi-Nazi witch. She’s not a Conservative; but rather a progressive-lite. Like most neocons. .

B.S. ALERT!: ADP employment report says 191,000 jobs added in March

Signs on a economic recovery? Not so fast….

First the ADP Report:

Private sector employment increased by 191,000 jobs from February to March according to the March ADP National Employment Report®.  Broadly distributed to the public each month, free of charge, the ADP National Employment Report is produced by ADP®, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics. The report, which is derived from ADP’s actual payroll data, measures the change in total nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally-adjusted basis. …

Goods-producing employment rose by 28,000 jobs in March, slightly faster than an upwardly revised pace of 25,000 in February. Most of the gains came from the construction industry which added 20,000 jobs over the month; compared to an average of 16,000 during the prior three months. Manufacturers added 5,000 jobs in March, the same as February.

Service-providing employment rose by 164,000 jobs in March, up from the upwardly revised 153,000 in February. The ADP National Employment Report indicates that professional/ business services contributed the most to growth in service-providing industries, adding 53,000 jobs, slightly more than the 49,000 in February. Expansion in trade/transportation/utilities grew by 36,000, about equal to the 37,000 jobs added in February. The 5,000 new jobs in financial activities mark the strongest pace of growth in the industry since November 2013.

“The 191,000 U.S. private sector jobs added in March is slightly above the twelve-month average,” said Carlos Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of ADP.  “Hopefully, this could be a sign there is more growth to come.”

CNN Money pours cold water on the parade:

The job market is slowly perking up after a winter lull.

Private sector employers added 191,000 jobs in March, according to payroll processing firm ADP (ADPFortune 500). While it was the strongest job growth in three months, it’s not much to write home about.

After a slowdown in hiring, job growth is merely back to where it was prior to the winter. …

The report was slightly disappointing to other economists, who had anticipated an even bigger bounce back after the weak winter. Those surveyed by expected the report to show companies added 215,000 jobs in March.

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey offers a hot cup of sobering coffee:

Even 215,000 would not be cause for breaking open the bubbly. These are stagnation numbers, not any indication of explosive growth. The US economy needs to add 150,000 jobs each month just to keep pace with population growth at current workforce-participation levels (which are at generational lows anyway). Adding 191,000 barely puts a dent in the unemployment crisis, and it’s doubtful that the final BLS number will be even that high.

For the last five years, the media has calculated their reaction to these numbers by comparing it to their low expectations. No one’s talking about the kind of growth that’s needed to put the millions sidelined in the stagnant economy back to work. That doesn’t make the problem go away, however, and it won’t until we put pro-growth policies in place in the tax and regulatory spheres that unlock capital and create work.

Which brings me to my question about this piece of Government paid propaganda so-called “Report.” Does this report take into the people, like myself; who are long-term unemployed? I very might highly doubt that. I believe if the Government actually stopped hiring people to produce propaganda like this and started actually counting the ENTIRE number of people unemployed; the number that would come up, would most like send the stock market in an utter panic and there would be a massive crash. You think things are bad now? You let that happen and things are going to get really bad.

Ed’s right though, about the pro-growth polices; now, the Democrats method of dealing with an economic downturn, of their own creating, is to tax the very people who create the jobs. It is an idiotic method of crisis management. Some would argue that it is the very thing that the socialists want; cut the number of people actually working, to have a society dependant on Government.

The problem with that simple-minded utopian vision is that sooner or later, the bank runs dry and the system itself crashes. It happened in Greece, it happened in ancient Rome and sooner or later; it will happen in America — sooner or later. This is, of course, if we Americans wake up out of our lazy stupor and actually elect people who will uphold the intent of our founding fathers.


On the Stephen Colbert flap #CancelColbert

This is not a blog posting to defend Stephen Colbert; I am not a fan of his show at all.

However, it is a posting to basically point out some obvious things here. I am sure you all have heard about the flap that Colbert has found himself in. You can read more about that, as well as the blogging reactions by clicking here.

I also notice that Michelle Malkin is one of the people, on the so-called “right” that is leading the charge against Colbert. Allow me to say here, what I said over at The American Spectator in the comments section there:

Michelle Malkin is a NEOCONSERVATIVE. Neocons are just like Democrat progressives. They like freedom of speech — just as long as it is inline with THEIR worldview. They are right up there with the progressive Democrats; as they are progressives themselves — when it comes to issues of so-called “offensive speech.”

In the old days, Neocons were called communist conservatives, and for a very good reason.

Hence my reason for ID’ing myself as a paleoconservative, like Pat Buchanan. A former “blue-dog” Democrat tuned Paleoconservative. Because the neocons are not much different than the progressive left, just a new label and not much else.

Did you notice some of the comebacks to the so-called offensive tweet, were actually anti-white? That’s not by accident. Most Progressives and most progressive conservatives AKA neocons are also anti-white. Michelle Malkin is one of those types. Praise the white man, until he does something that is out of bounds on the progressives reservation and then, BAM! Turn on him, like a rabid dog.

That’s the progressive way —- left or right.

Take it from someone who knows the drill; and very well, I might add.

Now, was Colbert’s tweet and segment offensive? Of course it is, snarky satire usually is. But, is that any reason to be going around trying to get Colbert’s show cancelled? No. It is not. If anything, Colbert’s show ought to be cancelled, because his show is quite unfunny. His show, basically, is a send up of Bill O’Reilly’s show; and believe me that little parody got stale eons ago.

As for the protected minorities; they need to seriously look at getting over themselves. Minorities need to stop with the radical Islam approach to freedom of speech. The whole idea that if you insult them, you will be attacked, marginalized and even threatened; is a page right out of the Al-Qaeda playbook. It is called intolerance and it is the antithesis is what America is truly about; and that is freedom of speech.

LOCAL NEWS: Detroit homeowner fatally shoots 2 suspected home invaders

More homeowners in Detroit are finally discovering that guns stop crime cold.

The Story:

Detroit — A homeowner on Tuesday fatally shot two men who’d broken into his west-side house — the latest in a string of self-defense shootings this year.

The incident happened on the 14800 block of Dexter, Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said, although further details were not immediately available.

“Investigators are on the scene as we speak gathering information,” Woody said.

Pastor Barak Holmes of Diverse Deliveren stared across the street from the scene, where the two bodies of the suspected home invaders laid behind a pickup.

“I was sitting in my office, and I heard four shots, and I didn’t think much of it,” Holmes said. “It’s horrific what’s going on in the city, where people have to defend their homes with guns. We have to pray for our city.”

via Detroit homeowner fatally shoots 2 suspected home invaders | The Detroit News.

This is why Detroit homeowners are having to do this:

There have been several home invaders shot or fired upon in recent weeks, and the city has had at least 10 justifiable homicides in 2014.

Detroit has traditionally had a large percentage of the nation’s justifiable homicides by citizens. In 2012, for instance, the last year for which national figures are available, there were 25 justifiable homicides in Detroit, which made up 8 percent of the 310 seen nationwide. Last year, there were 15 justifiable homicides in the city.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference last week that in his 37-year career, he’s never seen as many homeowners defending themselves by shooting intruders. Craig told The News in January he felt the crime rate could be lowered if more “good Americans” were armed, because he said criminals would think twice about attacking them.

“It does appear more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered,” Craig said. “More and more Detroiters are getting sick of the violence. I know of no other place where I’ve seen this number of justifiable homicides.”

It is a simple, undeniable fact: Guns stop crime. Period, end of discussion.

A list of recent examples of this:

■On March 7, a woman in her 50s shot and killed a man trying to break into her home in the 22000 block of Grove Street. She heard noises at her rear window and shot the intruder in the chest.

■On Feb. 22, two home invaders were killed: At 2 a.m., two men broke into a house on the city’s southwest side; the homeowner shot both men. A 21-year-old man died and the other man escaped.

■Earlier on Feb. 22, at 12:30 a.m., a woman who was surprised by a gunman when she pulled her car into the garage was able to reach for her own gun and fatally shoot the man.

■A woman on Feb. 17 opened fire on three teens who kicked in her door. The alleged intruders, ages 14, 14 and 15, were caught by police, and charged with home invasion.

I wonder what people like Dianne Feinstein would say about this?

Exit Quote:

“People who are faced with a dangerous situation are taking matters into their own hands,” Craig said. “We’re not advocating violence; we’re advocates of not being victims. We’re advocates of self-protection. We want people to be safe.

“This should be a message to those who continue to perpetuate violence on Detroiters that enough is enough. You’ve got to be concerned about good Detroiters who aren’t going to stand for it,” Craig said.

“Detroiters are fed up and they are taking action.”

Good for them; Americans have a God-given right to protect themselves against criminals. People like Democrat Dianne Feinstein want to take this right away from you as an American citizen — remember this come 2014 and 2016, and vote accordingly.