A very true statement about yesterday’s shooting

Erick Erickson, who has slandered me in the past, makes a good point. Which is why I am quoting him here.

Erick Says:

The reality is that evil exists and we will never legislate it away. Bad things will always happen. Evil people will do evil things. We saw evil in Charleston. We saw evil yesterday. Unfortunately, too many are too blind to evil. Those who have eyes to see can see the evil in Planned Parenthood decapitating children and sending their heads in the mail making sure their eyes are closed. Those who have eyes to see can see the evil in the collapse of families and the rise of dysfunctional young people without a relationship with one parent or the other.

Evil exists. It exists in degrees. It is sometimes obvious and sometimes not. But it is here in the world. The only cure for evil is Jesus Christ. As our society becomes more secular and hostile to the things of faith, it will only get worse. Only the acts of evil will more and more come not in the form of violence but the in the form of conduct deemed acceptable and beneficial thought it is not.

Evil is always going to exist. It is never going to be exterminated by us. It will not be legislated away. But it will be exterminated on that final day. Until then all of us should work to be better neighbors with each other and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear should not shy away from pointing out the barbarous when the world itself turns a blind eye.

He’s right about that. When something happens like what happened yesterday, which was horrible thing, regardless of the motivation; the liberal progressive left wants to move to regulate everything. This is not the solution, the solution is to change the hearts and minds of the people of America. Now, personally, I find all of this talk about a Christian revival fruitless. I believe that the revival ship has sailed and judgement is coming to America.

However, Erick is correct, because the sin of mankind, which is due to what happened with Adam and Eve, these sort of things are going to happen.

BREAKING NEWS:White Virginia TV reporter and Cameraman Killed on live TV by black former TV reporter

This is every news reporters nightmare.

The video:

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The story via WDBJ-TV:

Two WDBJ7 employees were killed in an attack Wednesday morning at Bridgewater Plaza on Smith Mountain Lake.

This happened during a live broadcast around 6:45 a.m.

Police are looking for a suspect who apparently opened fire on WDBJ7 photographer Adam Ward and WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker.

Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce was also injured in the shooting. She is in surgery.

Adam was 27-years-old. Alison just turned 24.

Both were from the WDBJ7 viewing area.

Adam graduated from Salem High School and Virginia Tech.

Alison grew up in Martinsville and attended Patrick Henry Community College and James Madison University.


Law enforcement is on scene following an incident at Bridgewater Plaza.

The incident happened during a WDBJ7 live report.

Deputies from Franklin County and Bedford County are on scene.

Bridgewater Plaza is on Smith Mountain Lake.


It is being reported over on Fox News channel, that Virginia’s Governor is telling the media that the shooter is a disgruntled ex-employee of the TV station and is being chased by police at this time.

Update #1: AP is reporting the suspects name:

MONETA, Va. (AP) — The latest on the fatal on-air shooting of two TV station employees in central Virginia (all times local):

11:05 a.m.

An official has identified the suspect in the fatal on-air shooting of a reporter and cameraman from a TV station in central Virginia.

Becky Coyner with dispatch and records at the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect is 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II, of Roanoke.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has said the suspect’s arrest is imminent. He says police are in pursuit on the interstate, and he says the suspect is believed to be a disgruntled employee of the station, WDBJ-TV.

Update #2: It is being reported on twitter:

The picture of the suspect:


Brice Williams AKA Vester Lee Flanagan II

Hmmmm, I wonder what the #blacklivesmatter people have to say now? :roll:

Update #3: Guess not:

Update #5: Suspect is now dead according to Wapo.

Update #4: Obviously this is a huge story, here’s the blog roundup via memeorandum and MadiaGazerTalking Points Memo, WDAM-TV, WSET-TV, USA Today, Liberaland, Daily News Leader, Fox 59, CBS San Francisco, CBS New York, Refinery29, The Gateway Pundit, nepr.net, WREG-TV, KXAN-TV, FOX2now.com and Baltimore SunWSLS-TV, New York Times, Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, FOX2now.com and WISH-TVWashington Post, WTVR-TV, Talking Points Memo, EW.com, Fox News, The Daily Beast, ThinkProgress, ABC News, CBS DC, NBC News, BizPac Review, Fox News Insider, myfox8.com, Hit & Run, Hot Air, WISH-TV, Raw Story, New York’s PIX11 and Balloon JuiceThe Atlantic, Talking Points Memo, No More Mister Nice Blog and TowleroadBalloon Juice and MashableWDBJ-TV, WSLS-TV, The Roanoke Times, ABC News, The Daily Beast, @wdbj7,CBS News, Mediaite, Mashable, RT, WWBT-TV, Mediaite, @brianstelter, The Daily Beast,DCist, New York Times, Business Insider, Columbia Journalism Review, NBC News, CBS New York, Gawker, WTKR-TV, Poynter, New York Daily News, @moneyries, The Huffington Post,Hollywood Life, Salon, WRIC-TV, Poynter, Vanity Fair, Agence France-Presse, Fox News Insider, Quartz, The Daily Beast, Mirror.co.uk, New York Magazine, Mirror.co.uk, London Evening Standard, Chicago Tribune, National Post, The Independent, Reuters, CBC News,TIME, Business Insider, Metro.co.uk, WDBJ-TV, FOX2now.com, @elenacresci, FOX News Radio, @brianstelter, Washington Post, WCBD News 2, @reuters, U.S. : NPR, DW.COM, Al Jazeera America, Global News, The Hill, Mic, Newsweek, Reuters, The Daily Caller, VICE News, @petergreste, @journodave, Syracuse Post-Standard, @nickkristof, Washington Post,The Week, BBC, @tara_mulholland, WAFB-TV, WRIC-TV, WXII-TV, WSET-TV, Daily Mail, Fort Smith/Fayetteville News, Boing Boing, WGN-TV, WCBD News 2 and Fox17WHSV-TV, Mediaite, Washington Times, The Independent, VICE News,Guardian, @jonathanshainin, @tamerelg, @malachybrowne and @mikeisaac

Stay tuned for updates.

Dog-whistle racism at Crooks and Liars

Looks like the Democrats or at least progressives over at Crooks and Liars, which used to be a respectable left wing blog, at one time; are playing the ol’ “you ain’t a real nigga black man, if you are a conservative and get on fox news” game. Which is, as far as this writer is concerned, a bigoted statement. 😡

First, let’s watch the video, shall we?

You would think that this would be a normal video; which if you are being intellectually honest, is correct right? Not according to Heather over at Crooks and Liars:

Yep, it’s time for another installment of self-loathing. This time, we get a double dose with Fox ‘News’ resident Uncle Ruckus, Charles Payne and returning champion, Minister Jonathan Gentry who are both appalled at the Black Lives Matter movement.


I googled “uncle ruckus“, she’s basically calling these two, house negroes.  😯 😮

Do you need any further explanation as to why I quit voting for democrats? :roll:

The National Review misses the point on the Korean flare up

Once again, the National Review is speaking out of their bazoo again, this time about the Korean flare up:

This weekend, North Korea significantly increased its forward deployed artillery units and sent around 50 attack submarines out to sea. The submarine movement is especially interesting, because it’s not easy for North Korea to deploy subs; they are poorly maintained and expensive for the resource-starved regime to operate. In deploying so many simultaneously, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, clearly wants to make a point.And to some degree, young Kim’s submarine wager has already paid off. To counter the North’s deployments, the U.S. and South Korea canceled a military exercise originally scheduled to run until this Thursday. The North has also managed to get the South to the negotiating table at the Panmunjom “truce’ village.

Source: Deterring North Korea — American Strength, Chinese Pressure | National Review Online

Like I wrote over there:

This article totally misses the point.

The Norks are acting out, because the South Korean have set up loudspeakers, blasting anti-North Korean propaganda. Now, I am not a Nork Fan boy ok? Not by a long shot. But, if Mexico decided to set up speakers at our border and had them blasting anti-America propaganda; wouldn’t you think Americans and our Government would be a bit pissed? I’d say so.

If anything, the President should call South Korea’s President and tell HER to either stop the broadcasts with the speakers, or we will be removing ALL military personnel and we will wish them luck.

This is nothing like the Korean War of old. That was an invasion of the North; this is the south trying to provoke a reaction out of the North and they’re about to get it too.

Anyone that thinks anything other than this is either a misinformed person or a straight up neoconservative hawk.

Now, do not misunderstand me here; Communism is bad. But, putting loudspeakers at the border is not going to do anything to stop it. All it is going to truly do is cause a confrontation and I am thinking that is what this President of South Korea wants. If she is not really careful she might just get it. If she thinks that America is going to come to her rescue, when she gets in over her head; she is going to be in for a very big surprise. President Obama is no Harry Truman, not by a longshot.

The biggest line B.S. that I have heard at Hotair.com in a long time

This comes via Jazz Shaw, (who is too big of a coward to write under his real name) who once called me a “racist digbag” on twitter:

We’ve heard more than our share of complaints about the fact that Hot Air generally holds open registration periods which limit the pool of commenters and that there are strict rules on what can’t be said in the comments on penalty of the ban hammer. (Excessively foul language, threats of violence or to the life of public officials, etc.) Open enrollment always winds up bringing in some people who are only here to troll, but it’s actually our commenters who are faster and better than the editors in identifying them and they are generally removed. By the same token we wind up with any number of people who join up and vigorously espouse some views which run directly contrary to the general, more conservative tone of the site. But as long as they follow the above noted rules, they stick around and get into all sorts of verbal firefights with the rest of the commentariat.

Source: The end of the comments section. (No… not this one) « Hot Air

Pardon me a second:


*wipes eyes*

Oh man, that was just too rich. *snicker* *snort*

The truth is that if you are a warmongering, Neoconservative, establishment Republican, Israel loving, Bush Loving, Wilsonian, Trotskyite — you will do very well there. But, if you happen to disagree with that viewpoint, you will not last long there. Just ask the supporters of Ron Paul how long that they lasted there, just ask the Paleoconservatives, of whom I agree with, how long they lasted there. Better yet, ask Ed Morrissey about the Libertarian, who wrote of the errors of Wilsonian foreign policy there and basically was never asked to write there again, because it pissed off “the powers that be.”

The truth is, if you do not toe the line and you dare speak out against people like the Kristols and the Podhoretz’s and the rest of the neocon Klan (heh…)  you will not last long there at all. Believe you me; I know, I have been there and done that and got booted, because I DARED to challenge the inane, Trotskyite b.s. that flows from that site like water.

The sickening part? They pawn themselves off as libertarians! Sorry, no, they are not a libertarian blog. Lew Rockwell is a libertarian! Hotair.com is a neocon, establishment Republican blog with some window dressing.