UPDATED: 9 people killed in black Church in South Carolina, suspect is white is caught


Via Fox News:

Nine people were killed late Wednesday at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. after a white gunman walked in during a prayer meeting and began shooting.

Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen told a press conference early Thursday that the gunman, described as a clean-shaven man in his early 20s, was still at large and “extremely dangerous.”

“This is a tragedy that no community should have to experience,” Mullen said. “It is senseless and unfathomable in today’s society that someone would walk into a church during a prayer meeting and take their lives.”

“The only reason that someone could walk into a church and shoot people praying is out of hate,” said Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley. “It is the most dastardly act that one could possibly imagine, and we will bring that person to justice … This is one hateful person.”

Again, Horrible and Tragic. However, Jeremy Cook and my cousin, Michael Landon Hill were unavailable for comment.

Basically, my point is this here; you let a white man, step into a black Church and kill 9 black people; it is national news. But, you let 5 black men shoot and kill a white guy and it is nowhere to be found in the media. I would would be willing to bet money, if a black guy, say into Detroit or one of the ‘burbs, stepped into a all white Baptist Church and killed a bunch of people — there wouldn’t be a peep about it in the media. Except, maybe, for the local media and/or newspapers. Media Bias and Media Hypocrisy are such tragic things. 😡

Another point to be made is this; people that don’t carry guns in Church are asking to be targets.

Here’s a book that I recommend:

Update: Suspect is a white guy and is caught. Wanted to start a race war. How dumb. :roll:

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada

Jeremy Cook, An 18-year-old white male, had just moved to Toronto to pursue a carpentry career, ended up being gunned down in a parking lot Sunday, by 3 black men — while trying to track down his lost cellphone.

Welcome to Obama’s world.

Here is another horrible black on white crime that is being totally ignored in the main stream media. If the races were reversed; this would be a huge story in the media.

Via Conservative Headlines:

Jeremy Cook, An 18 year old white male, had just moved to Toronto. He left his cell phone in a taxi cab and was using GPS to track it. At 5:15 am the GPS led him to a group of black males. Instead of giving him his cell phone back, they decided it would be more fun to shoot and kill him.

Police say the perps are black males aged 18 to 21.

The story via the Toronto Sun:

Police are searching for three suspects after a teen who recently moved to the city to pursue a carpentry career was gunned down in a parking lot Sunday while trying to track down his lost cellphone.

Officers arrested three men in a cab soon after the deadly shooting of Jeremy Cook, 18, but they were released after it was determined they weren’t involved.

“We had reasonable grounds at the time to arrest these individuals because at the time there was reason to believe they were responsible,” Const. Ken Steeves said Monday.

Cook was originally from Brampton, Ont., but recently moved southwest to London. He had never been in trouble with the law in London and didn’t know his killers, police said.

So far the investigation shows Cook accidentally left his cellphone in a taxi earlier that morning or the previous night. He used a device to track the phone to an address, police said.

Cook and a relative went there and approached a silver Mazda sedan with three men in it at about 5:15 a.m. Sunday.


Notice that the race of the perps in this story is not included with the story? Notice also that the police actually let the people, that were suspected in the murder go? Notice how this story is not all over every news channel here in America and in Canada? That is because the story does not fit the liberal agenda and message, therefore it is ignored.

Another thing too; if this man had been armed, maybe he would have survived this little incident. This is why I believe that anyone, who does not carry a firearm, in this day and age is a open target. I believe that everyone, who is able to do so; should register themselves and take a good gun safety course and own a firearm. This is not the 1950’s anymore, we live in a very dangerous society now, it pays to carry.


I got nothing for this one….just…nothing

Rachel Dolezal – A wigger’ette?

Source: A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say – BuzzFeed News

Some music for the story:

and, of course, the NAACP is going to let her skate.

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UPDATED: White texas teacher forced to apologize for speaking her mind about McKinney incident

Most likely, this woman will lose her job; like the police officer did, who was simply doing his job. Out of control my hind leg.

The Story via AJMedia, which appears to be very anti-white:

A Frenship teacher said she apologized after writing a Facebook post saying she was “almost to the point” of wanting segregation regarding a racially charged police issue in McKinney.

Karen Fitzgibbons, a teacher at Bennett Elementary School, told A-J Media she deleted the post Wednesday evening — a day after writing the publicly viewable post on her Facebook page.

Asked about the post, a Frenship ISD spokesman said such matters are “taken very seriously.”

This is what this woman posted:

You speak the truth, while being white, you pay the price. This is Obama’s new America. The Frankfurt School has reaped the worst in America.

This is what she looks like:

Karen Fitzgibbons guilty of thinking while white.

…and now, she has to pay the piper:

She added: “I apologized to the appropriate people,” declining to identify those people.

With the post deleted and her apology made, the teacher said she hopes the issue is resolved.

Asked if she’d been in contact with Frenship ISD officials regarding the post, Fitzgibbons declined to comment.

Presented with the post, Andy Penney, director of public relations and information at Frenship Independent School District, said in an email all FISD employees are subject to local policies defining employee standards of conduct and electronic media practices.

Frenship’s policy states that employees will be held to the same professional standards in their public use of electronic media as they are for any other public conduct. The policy specifically mentions social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“If an employee’s use of electronic media interferes with the employee’s ability to effectively perform his or her job duties, the employee is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment,” the policy states.

Late Wednesday, Penney briefly commented on the situation.

“Matters such as this are taken very seriously regarding our employees’ social media use,” he said. “That’s the whole reason we have policies and procedures in place.”

He confirmed Fitzgibbons remained a fourth-grade teacher at the elementary as of Wednesday but declined to comment further on her status or possible action by the district, citing personnel issues.

Frenship board President Brad Draper did not return a call requesting comment early Wednesday evening.

Fitzgibbons’ FISD profile page states she has worked 20 years in education, including 16 for Frenship.

Which basically means, either retire now or we will just fire you — and you won’t get your pension. So, she will retire and get her salary for the year and keep her pension.

What is worse, is that liberals; like this fat middle aged housewife, who asks, “How many of them are they?” Alot more than you think Lady. A whole bunch more. 😡

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2015 AT 8:50PM: …and just like that, She’s fired.

This is why I moderate my comments

Because I am not about to ever get myself in this sort of a position, ever.

Check it out:

The Justice Department has issued a federal grand jury subpoena to Reason, a prominent libertarian publication, to unmask the identity of commenters who made alleged threats against a federal judge.In the June 2 subpoena, first published by the blog Popehat on Monday, the Justice Department orders Reason to provide a federal grand jury with “any and all identifying information” on the identities of commenters who mused about shooting federal judges and/or feeding them through a wood chipper.A May 31 article on Reason’s blog about the prosecution of Silk Road founder Ross “Dread Pirate Roberts” Ulbricht spurred the anonymous commenters’ vitriol. Ulbricht pleaded for leniency, but a federal judge sentenced Ulbricht to life in prison without parole for setting up the illicit online drug market.“It’s judges like these that should be taken out back and shot,” one Reason commenter wrote.“It’s judges like these that will be taken out back and shot,” another responded.“Why waste ammunition? Wood chippers get the message across clearly,” a third wrote. “Especially if you feed them in feet first.”Another comment suggested shooting such judges on courthouse steps instead.Other comments flagged by the Justice Department were less violent, such as one that wished for “a special place in hell reserved for that horrible woman.”In the subpoena, the Justice Department says it is seeking evidence regarding possible violations of federal laws against interstate threats. — Source: Justice Department Subpoenas Reason.com To Unmask Commenters – BuzzFeed News

There is an argument and a counter-argument to be made here. The Conservatives are most likely saying that this is just more of “Obama’s America” at work and that, “This sort of thing did not happen during the Bush-era.” Well, there is a good reason for that.

President George W. Bush served in office from 2000 until 2008. Blogging really took off in 2003 and especially in 2004. Back then, TypePad was king, Blogger, which was owned then by Pyra Labs; was second and WordPress was just getting started. Blogging was being done, mostly by a few enterprising people, who saw potential in this new medium. Back then, the Government mostly viewed blogging as a novelty and rarely paid attention to it. Back in those days, the comments section on blogs, were like the “Wild West” as was most of the internet back then.

Well, things have changed. Blogs are now lumped in with this new buzzword: Social Media. They are a small part of it; because it is now dominated by Facebook, Twitter and the rest. But, it is still there and as a result; the Government is actually paying attention. Also too, I think Bush didn’t allow for the Government to do stuff like this, is because Bush did not, especially after 2006, want to be perceived as using the Government to stifle freedom of speech, especially among his harshest of critics.  More than anything, I just happen to believe that the Government is simply paying more attention, especially seeing that we have a black President.

Another thing is simply boils down to, is this here: Don’t threaten Government employees, like judges. That is just plain common sense. Judges do not make laws, they simply enforce them and make decisions based on case-law and the constitution and laws passed by the lawmakers. They are simply just doing their jobs. Just like them so-called racist white cops that I keep hearing about all the time.

Again, this is just all good common sense; something that in this politically polarized society that we live in today, is in dreadfully short supply.

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The Neocons are wrong about Obama losing Iraq

I keep hearing this on the neoconservative Fox News channel that Obama lost Iraq and that somehow or another Iraq’s failure was Obama’s fault. Which is largely because of politics of convenience, and also too, because of nuanced racism on the neoconservative right. (After all, neocons are former Democrats, who held on to their warmongering ways, and democrats are the ones who fought to keep slavery.)

Anyhow, the National Interest, has a very good break down of the bogus accusations and the truth about what happened in Iraq. I hate to over quote this, but it is really good:

Obama failed to get an agreement to leave troops in Iraq past the 2011 deadline. Wrong.

Obama’s hands were tied by the agreement President Bush signed. Obama withdrew American troops from Iraq in 2011 according to the timetable that President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki had agreed to in December 2008, when the UN mandate that allowed the United States to occupy Iraq after the 2003 invasion expired. And even though President Obama was willing to leave between 5,000 and 10,000 American troops in Iraq, the Iraqi Parliament was not willing to modify Bush’s withdrawal agreement to allow this residual force.  Malaki even claimed that “we have repelled the invaders.”

The current woeful state of the Iraqi military is Obama’s fault—wrong.

By the time U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq at the end of 2011, the Iraqi military was in pretty good shape. Not perfect, but over $25 billion in training and eight years of U.S. training had done a lot to build up a credible, functional armed force.

Even before the American forces left, Prime Minister Maliki had begun to systematically undermine the Iraqi military, by placing his Shiite cronies in key leadership positions. Salaries have gone unpaid while “ghost” soldiers collect salaries, maintenance has been neglected, weapons sold off, and Sunnis have been pushed out. Over the past three years, the Iraqi army has unraveled. Witness the comments made by soldiers who are now on their second or third round of training the Iraqi Security Forces—they have been shocked at its current state.

And while his successor, Prime Minister Abadi, has made promises about being more inclusive, arms shipments to Sunni fighters are still not getting to the Sunni fighters. Thus, it was not surprising that these forces fled from Mosul last August, or Ramadi this month.

The rise of ISIS is Obama’s fault—wildly wrong.

The real blame for the rise of ISIS in Iraq falls both on Malaki and on President Bush. Even aside from the original sin of invading Iraq under false pretense, there were a number of early mistakes whose impacts are still being felt. After the initial overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s government, President Bush did not send in enough troops to stabilize the country after overthrowing the government. Notably, he fired then Chief-of-Staff or the Army General Shinseki, who when pressed, said in testimony that the United States would need to have hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the ground. Bush compounded the problem by disbanding the Iraqi government and the military through a misguided attempt at de-Baathification, leading thousands of newly-jobless Sunnis. Finally, the selection of Maliki, who had spent his exile years in Iran, as the country’s first prime minister, ensured that sectarianism would play a dominant role in Iraqi politics.

These steps all but guaranteed that ISIS and Iran would become influential in Iraq. Al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, was an obscure cleric who became radicalized when the United States arrested and imprisoned him. And many of his troops and leaders were former members of the Iraqi government and intelligence services.

Similarly, ISIS itself is an offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which only came into Iraq to exploit the chaos that followed the U.S. invasion. And while it was driven out of Iraq temporarily in 2007 thanks to the strategic arming of the Sunni tribesmen in the Sunni Awakening, it regrouped in Syria and came back with a vengeance in 2014.

It’s Obama’s fault we didn’t nip ISIS in the bud in Syria: hypocritically wrong.

In the summer of 2013, towards the beginning of the Syrian civil war, President Obama asked Congress to approve U.S. bombing in Syria. In the midst of the chaotic civil war, it was already apparent that ISIS—then one of several Islamist rebel groups in Syria—was more ruthless, systematic, and disciplined than any of them. Congress, as has become typical, dithered and delayed. More worried more about political points being scored against them in their next re-election campaign than in having a serious debate about the extent of the threat. Cowed by Senator Ted Cruz’s hyperbole that bombing in Syria would turn the United States into “Al Qaeda’s air force,” the resolution never came up for a vote in the Senate or the House.

Sending more U.S. troops into Iraq is the answer—historically wrong.

here is already a robust U.S. presence in the Gulf—35,000 troops in the region—and in Iraq, where some 3,000 service members are on the ground, re-training the crippled Iraqi army.  U.S. forces have conducted over 4,000 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The real issue is whether the Iraqi forces are willing—and able—to fight for their country. Adding more U.S. troops without real Iraqi commitments to both defeating ISIS and working to heal the sectarian rifts in the country would be as foolish as sending more U.S. troops into South Vietnam in 1975.

Now, let me be clear; I am about as much as Obama fan boy, as Patrick J. Buchanan is a George W. Bush fan. But, the facts are the facts. Obama did not create this problem in Iraq, Iraq did. So, we really should stop with the stupid accusations and get with the facts. Is it a dangerous situation? Yes Indeed, one that could very well involve the United States. But to sit and blame one person, because he happens to be a Democrat, is simple-minded and foolish.