Hillary doesn’t deserve the black vote, says The Nation

I saw this on Memeorandum and my eyes bugged out. 😯

Via Michelle Alexander at The Nation:

Hillary Clinton loves black people. And black people love Hillary—or so it seems. Black politicians have lined up in droves to endorse her, eager to prove their loyalty to the Clintons in the hopes that their faithfulness will be remembered and rewarded. Black pastors are opening their church doors, and the Clintons are making themselves comfortably at home once again, engaging effortlessly in all the usual rituals associated with “courting the black vote,” a pursuit that typically begins and ends with Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required.

Hillary is looking to gain momentum on the campaign trail as the primaries move out of Iowa and New Hampshire and into states like South Carolina, where large pockets of black voters can be found. According to some polls, she leads Bernie Sanders by as much as 60 percent among African Americans. It seems that we—black people—are her winning card, one that Hillary is eager to play.

And it seems we’re eager to get played. Again.

It gets better, go read this one. She spares no expense in gutting the Clintons. It’s that good.

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Chris Christie to bail, Maybe?

Getting alot of conflicting reports on this one.

First the Video, via Fox News Insider:

The Story via FNC Insider:

As results showed Chris Christie on track for a sixth place showing in New Hampshire, the New Jersey governor said that he would be heading home to evaluate his campaign, instead of continuing directly to South Carolina.

Christie said: “Mary Pat and I spoke tonight and we’ve decided we’re going to go home to New Jersey tomorrow and we’re going to take a deep breath, see what the final results are tonight. …

“We’ll make a decision on our next step forward based on the results.”

Watch the statement above.

UPDATE, 11:00am: The Christie campaign says no decision has been made on whether to end his presidential bid.

However, HotAir.com shares this tweet here:

So, who is right here? I don’t mean politically! I mean, about the story. 😉

Either way, I predicted this would happen in my last video that I shot last night. Sorry to see him go; I think Christie could have done well; if he had not had that bromance moment with President Obama. It might not have been what Christie had in mind; but in politics, image is everything and if you do something like that, it will come back to haunt you.