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So, I decided to give this twenty fifteen a whirl and see how well it works. I think the text on it is a bunch better than the former theme that I was using. Not to mention the fact that the customizing features are great too. I had to lighten the background and header photos; so that everyone could see the name of the blog and the stuff in the sidebars. This should make the reading experience a bit better for everyone.

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Did Obama threaten to shoot down Israeli jets if they attacked Iran?

Update: Roger Simon over at PJ Media says don’t bet the farm on this story; because you might lose your cow. ;) (Thanks to Felix in the comments section.)

This doesn’t sound right….

Via israelnationalnews.com:

The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Following Obama’s threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reportedly forced to abort the planned Iran attack.

According to Al-Jarida, the Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Al-Jarida quoted “well-placed” sources as saying that Netanyahu, along with Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon, and then-Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, had decided to carry out airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program after consultations with top security commanders.

According to the report, “Netanyahu and his commanders agreed after four nights of deliberations to task the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Benny Gantz, to prepare a qualitative operation against Iran’s nuclear program. In addition, Netanyahu and his ministers decided to do whatever they could do to thwart a possible agreement between Iran and the White House because such an agreement is, allegedly, a threat to Israel’s security.”

Sorry, but I don’t buy this one at all. For one, this news service is not really that trustworthy. As they are not above reporting false information to further propaganda. Furthermore, the report is too anonymous. Not only that; if Obama had actually threatened Israel in this manner, do you really think that Bibi would have remained silent about it? I think not. :roll:

I really think that someone somewhere is really itching for a military fight between Israel and the United States; and they are not above planting silly stories like this one here for the sole purpose of stoking anti-Obama rage in Israel. It is a cynical, sick and disgusting thing; and it shows you the state of politics here and in Israel as well.

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Hmmmmmm: Did Osama Bin Laden have ties to Iran?

Neocon propaganda or fact? I report, you decide.

The Story:

This week, prosecutors in New York introduced eight documents recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan as evidence in the trial of a terrorism suspect. The U.S. government accuses Abid Naseer of taking part in al Qaeda’s scheme to attack targets in Europe and New York City. And prosecutors say the documents are essential for understanding the scope of al Qaeda’s plotting.

More than 1 million documents and files were captured by the Navy Seals who raided bin Laden’s safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May 2011. One year later, in May 2012, the Obama administration released just 17 of them.

While there is some overlap between the files introduced as evidence in Brooklyn and those that were previously made public in 2012, much of what is in the trial exhibits had never been made public before

via New Docs Reveal Osama bin Laden’s Secret Ties With Iran | The Weekly Standard.


The Mahablog says:

They don’t quit. The neocons at National Review — including Stephen Hayes, who will insist on his deathbed that before 9/11 Mohamed Atta did too meet with agents of Saddam Hussein in Prague — now are flogging documents that “reveal”Osama bin Laden had secret ties to Iran.

Yes, and I’m Shirley Temple’s zombie.

If you keep reading the articles, it turns out that these documents say nothing about secret ties to the Iraniangovernment, just that a small number of al Qaeda operatives had been in Iran, somewhere, doing something, including “training.” But for all we know their long-term plans were to set off bombs in Tehran, not attend parties with the ayatollahs.

The documents were among those recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound and were introduced in court in the trial of “a terrorism suspect.” I believe they are referring to Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa, a Canadian national currently on trial in Brooklyn for murdering five U.S. servicemen in Iraq in 2009. However, for some reason, the National Review propagandists are not calling this suspect by name or imagining he has secret ties to Iran. I guess they have no beef with Canada. Yet.

No Quarter Says this:

Fox News is busy today carrying water for the NeoCons and the Netanyahu crowd with the claim that the Obama Administration is sitting on intel recovered from Osama Bin Laden’s porn palace in Abottabad 5 years ago that shows Iran and Al Qaeda are working together.

Horseshit!! We’ve seen this play before. Remember the hot insistence by many of these same characters in late 2001 and thru 2002 that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were working in tandem? Laurie Mylroie, who allegedly had been involved romantically with a senior Iraqi military guy, was the go-to gal for people like Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney in “proving” that link.


Iran and Al Qaeda are not ideologically nor theologically soulmates. They are diametrically opposed. Al Qaeda is a radical Sunni entity. They despise Shias. There was a time about 20 years ago when Bin Laden, in a visionary move, sought to build ties with the Shia and Iran. That is true. But, over time, AQ became more sectarian and more opposed to all things Shia.

The current effort to link AQ and Iran has one purpose–derail and/or thwart any potential agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. Just keep this in mind as the propaganda floods the networks on the eve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress next week.

Only blogger who is saying basically, “Yeah boy howdy! We gotta nuke Iran!” is this guy here. Not mention posting racist photos like this here:

Neocons, racist?

No wonder the war party got sacked in the last election. :roll:

You know, I am just going to say this; it is pretty freakin’ bad, when a Paleoconservative, like myself, has to point out the fact that those who support the Neoconservatives, are stooping to racism of this low-brow sort. In case this knucklehead above has forgotten; the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln and they should start acting like it. Instead of the racists of the old Democratic Party. But, then again; are not neocons former Democrats? Why, Yes! Yes they are! …and they brought their Wilsonian foreign policy and their ugly bigotry with them.

I could see running into something like this, on, maybe, Stormfront. But, on a so-called Conservative blog? Come on. :mad:

Why Rand Paul is never, ever going to be President

Because who in their right mind is going to want someone, whose Father says stuff like this, to be President of the United States of America? Not me.


The Story:


Former Republican Rep. Ron Paul, the father of potential presidential candidate Rand Paul and a former presidential candidate himself, said the Congressional Black Caucus does not support war because they want that money for food stamps.

“I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others did not—they are really against war because they want all of that money to go to food stamps for people here,” Ron Paul told Lew Rockwell in early February during a discussion on sanctions.

via Ron Paul: Black Caucus Only Against War Because They Want That Money For Food Stamps – BuzzFeed News.

As much as I dislike the neocons of the Kristol and Podhoretz stripe; they have a point about Ron Paul and to a lesser degree Rand Paul. This above is just straight up bigotry. I mean, the N-Word was not used, okay? I see that. However, Ron Paul basically said that all the blacks ever want is hand outs from the Government.

Sorry, but, that is nothing more than blind bigotry.

I mean, between this and Rudy; we’re screwed for 2016. :mad:

Police State Video: Chicago has it’s own CIA-type black site

The shocking video:

…and the story, via the Guardian:

The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.

The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.

Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

  • Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
  • Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
  • Shackling for prolonged periods.
  • Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
  • Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.

At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead.

Brian Jacob Church, a protester known as one of the “Nato Three”, was held and questioned at Homan Square in 2012 following a police raid. Officers restrained Church for the better part of a day, denying him access to an attorney, before sending him to a nearby police station to be booked and charged.

This, my friends, is what a police state looks like.

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Fox News Channel’s Facebook bigotry problem.

I really hate to be the one to report this, but, because I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, who abhors any sort of true and honest bigotry towards anyone, I must.

I came across this on facebook, now keep in mind; this is not an official Fox and Friends facebook page; but, rather, a “fan page” of the show.

The screenshots will tell the story.

Now this is what I said in response to the above and you can go read the replies to that reply of mine.

My reply:

Charles Patrick Adkins Okay it’s time for me to say something here. I am conservative, I am also a christian of a 32 year vintage.

I’m about this far from being a left wing liberal democrat as can be.

But the comments in this posting absolutely disgust me. yes I grew up in southwest detroit, I grow around blacks, I grew around whites and ‘specially I grew up around latinos.

I lived on the southwest side. Not that I agree with obama’s politics. But when i see people here accusing him of being a muslim accusing him up hating america accusing him a being some sort of pseudo terrorist; I’m sorry that’s nothing but straight hateful bigotry and should not be allowed on this page.

If you don’t like Obama’s politics, I understand that I don’t either; but let’s keep the anti black & bigoted comments off of here. Because its giving the left the ammunition that they need to defeat us in 2016.

The responses to what I wrote, were typical of the crowd that truly hates the President. I think Fox News channel needs to seriously clamp down on this one Again, go look at it, don’t take my word for it. I am going to do it; and I think everyone else, who reads this, should go to facebook and report this group as being a hate group.

I have written in the past to how this sort of bigotry is not compatible with true Conservative Christianity and more specifically Paleoconservatism. I will say this too, something needs to be done. This sort of hatred, has zero place in the Conservative movement, period. Whether it be paleoconservatives or neoconservatives and especially within the Republican Party. Furthermore, it saddens me that Fox and Friends, a fairly decent show, is being associated with that sort of vitriol towards the President of the United States.

The Republican Party and Conservatives are the party and people of Lincoln; it is time we started acting like it again.


Why I don’t watch Kennedy on Fox Business

Is because of stupid statements like this one here:

Dumb redhead of the day!

Fox host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery suggested getting rid of the nation’s public schools during a discussion on Thursday’s “Outnumbered.”

Kennedy’s comments came during a segment about an Oklahoma bill, approved by a House committee, that seeks to eliminate AP US History. The bill asserts that the current iteration of the course doesn’t show “American exceptionalism,” instead highlighting “what is bad about America.”

“There really shouldn’t be public schools, should there?” Kennedy said. “I mean we should really go to a system where parents of every stripe have a choice, have a say in the kind of education their kids get because, when we have centralized, bureaucratic education doctrines and dogmas like this, that’s exactly what happens.”

via Fox Host: ‘There Really Shouldn’t Be Public Schools’ Anymore.

The reason why I don’t watch this woman, is because of stuff like this here. Plus, too, because of her bigoted comments about Christianity on her former show called the so-called “Independents” which, by the way, was cancelled; because it sucked so badly. To save face and because she still had a contract, they gave Kennedy her own show and when her contract is up, they will not renew it — or so I am told.

How does Rudy Giuliani get away with saying stuff like this?

The Video:

The Story:

NEW YORK — Rudy Giuliani went straight for the jugular Wednesday night during a private group dinner here featuring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker by openly questioning whether President Barack Obama “loves America.”

The former New York mayor, speaking in front of the 2016 Republican presidential contender and about 60 right-leaning business executives and conservative media types, directly challenged Obama’s patriotism, discussing what he called weak foreign policy decisions and questionable public remarks when confronting terrorists.

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Giuliani said during the dinner at the 21 Club, a former Prohibition-era speakeasy in midtown Manhattan. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

via Rudy Giuliani: President Obama doesn’t love America – Darren Samuelsohn – POLITICO.

The proper answer is that Rudy is a part of a protected class of people, who can basically say and do anything that they like. If anyone says anything to criticize it; they simply yell, “Anti-Semite!” and the debate is over.  Update: Sorry, I was mistaken; Rudy is an Italian and his daddy was involved in organized crime and did time in prison. My apologies for getting that fact wrong.

However, Rudy is a neoconservative, a former Democrat, who brought his warmongering ways with him.

Will Rudy be banished from the Media, will Rudy be banished from the Republican Party? Will Rudy be banished from conservative circles? Nope! Because Neocons can engage in this sort of dog-whistle nonsense and nothing will be done….. ever.

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Just how scared is the Democratic Party Establishment of Scott Walker?

They are scared of enough of him to start dredging up old college transcripts of him.  Here’s the hit piece in the Washington Post:

Scott Walker was gone. Dropped out. And in the spring of his senior year.

In 1990, that news stunned his friends at Marquette University. Walker, the campus’s suit-wearing, Reagan-loving politico — who enjoyed the place so much that he had run for student body president — had left without graduating.

To most of the Class of 1990 — and, later, to Wisconsin’s political establishment — Walker’s decision to quit college has been a lingering mystery.

Not even his friends at Marquette were entirely sure why he never finished. Some had heard that a parent had fallen ill, or maybe there was some financial strain. Others thought he had simply had enough of school.

Walker clearly liked college politics more than college itself. He had managed to line up 47 campaign endorsements, including ones from the ski team and the varsity chorus, but he had trouble showing up on time for French.

Funny, as Joe Cunningham at Redstate rightly points out, Nobody was interested in Obama’s College years at all; and they really should have been. Not to mention, where he really born.  (H/T HotAir)

Either way, this is what happens when a political party is a deep doo doo and really knows it; They do this sort of thing. In fairness, Republicans do it too. But, usually, when they do it, it is like at the end of an election, like a day before voting; is when they really begin to sling the crap against the wall to see what sticks. Democrats are doing it early, way early.

This, my friends, is a sign of something that is happening. It is a sign that the Democrats know that they are in trouble with the electorate. They ran a man on a change platform and he delivered absolutely nothing in return and in fact, made things worse for the American people. Because of this, they are going to do everything that they can to discredit the other side.

The next year is going to be an interesting time to say this least for we bloggers. It is going to make for some great blog fodder and content. :P

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Video: Mushroom Cloud in Eastern Ukraine

This is from Yesterday, but it comes via Before It’s News:

If think this doesn’t affect us, think again. It will, sooner or later. Perhaps not with this President; but it will with the next one. Russia would love nothing more, than to draw the United States into a full scale war; and Neocons will do that, in a heartbeat. You watch and see.

RIA Novosti and RussiaToday have more in Russian, might want to use Google Translate to view it in english.

Yeah, right : Katy Parry claims to “gotten a Word from the Lord”

This is too rich:

Before taking the stage at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, singer Katy Perry told TV host Ryan Seacrest that she believes she heard from God just moments before her performance at last week’s Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

“I was praying and I got a word from God and he says, ‘You got this and I got you,’” Perry said. “And then I was on top of the lion and a guy — a  random guy — looked at me with a headset that I’d never communicated with before. He looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘You got this.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s God confirming I can do this!’”

The singer, who inexplicably donned devil horns at moments during the Grammys, also described the process of preparing for the coveted Super Bowl performance, noting that she practiced the act at least 40 times before officially taking to the stage during the half-time show

via Singer Katy Perry Was Praying Just Moments Before Her Super Bowl Performance When She Claims She ‘Got a Word From God’ | Video | TheBlaze.com.

As an Independent Fundamental Baptist; I tend to think that the only thing that the Lord would like to say to Katy Perry is, “Please Stop!” and “Accept my Son’s love gift and truly serve me!”

Just my opinion.


AG nominee Loretta Lynch involved in massive coverup

This could be big:

NEW YORK – Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch could be facing new confirmation problems in the U.S. Senate after being tied to the world’s biggest banking scandal, involving HSBC, which used its power to temporarily shut down WND.com as the news site was breaking a series of stories on the mega-bank’s money-laundering practices – practices that resulted in more than $1.2 billion in fines

According to court papers filed Wednesday, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice appears to be stonewalling the release of documents that could implicate Lynch in a massive cover-up of Obama administration involvement in international money-laundering of Mexican cartel drug money

via AG nominee eyed in massive Obama cover-up.

The federal reserve bank lashes out at Rand Paul

Looks like the masters of that little universe are not going to give up their power:

The Federal Reserve is lashing out at Sen. Rand Paul’s plan to give Congress more oversight over the central bank, a proposal that could gain traction in the new Republican-led Congress.

The Kentucky Republican reintroduced his “Audit the Fed” legislation last month with 30 co-sponsors, including other potential 2016 GOP hopefuls, Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Marco Rubio (Fla.).

The proposal — once championed by his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) —would subject the central bank to an audit by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). 

Regional bank presidents from around the country are decrying the plan, which they argue could damage the economy.

via Fed fires back at Rand Paul | The Hill.

Of course, we Paleoconservatives know what or more specifically whom controls that Federal Reserve and we also know that they are not going to give up control of that little gold mine. So, it looks like this is going to be a bit of a pitched battle. If only more Americans would wake up to the fact that these people are controlling our money system.

Take a look at the Chairmans of the Federal Reserve; notice anything similar about all of them, since 1974? Same goes for the Presidents as well. We know who controls them, and Americans need to step up, speak out and fix that little problem.

NBC’s Brian Williams gets caught in a HUGE lie

The video:

The Story:

WASHINGTON — NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a false claim that has been repeated by the network for years.

Williams repeated the claim Friday during NBC’s coverage of a public tribute at a New York Rangers hockey game for a retired soldier that had provided ground security for the grounded helicopters, a game to which Williams accompanied him. In an interview with Stars and Stripes, he said he had misremembered the events and was sorry.

The admission came after crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.

via NBC’s Brian Williams recants Iraq story after soldiers protest – U.S. – Stripes.

There is one thing, that is an unwritten law in the world of journalism; and that is that you never, ever, lie. Brian Williams broke that law. His career is over. Say goodnight Brian! It is no wonder that the suits at that liberal outhouse are making changes, hopefully they will do the right thing and fire all of the idiot liberals over there and put real thinking Americans to work, that report the news and stop with the advocate journalism. Well, a guy can dream, right?


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Conservative talk radio host Michael Medved is battling throat cancer

The Video via CBN.COM:

Via Michael Medved’s site:

Michael and Diane Medved on January 11th, 2015

All those who listen regularly to my radio show know how much I value the privilege of speaking to this eager, enlightened audience every weekday, year-round. I have been unapologetically fanatical about broadcasting whenever, however I can; in eighteen years of national syndication, I’ve never missed more than four days in a row of regularly scheduled broadcasts.

I always knew that it would take something serious to keep me away from the microphone I cherish for an extended period of time. As it turns out, Iam facing something serious. It’s called cancer.

To be more precise, I was diagnosed in the middle of December with stage three throat cancer. I began medical treatment immediately at one of the finest cancer centers in the country and my prognosis for full recovery is very good; in the great majority of cases, this is a highly curable form of cancer. In fact, given my fierce desire to keep doing the show I managed to broadcast every day while completing more than half of my daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments. I would go to the hospital first thing in the morning then make my way down to our Seattle studios to do the live show. The doctors warned me that this would become increasingly difficult.

My best to Mr. Medved during his time of recovery. Cancer is a tough cookie; but they have made great strides in treating cancer, since my grandfather died from lung cancer in 1979. Back in those days, cancer was basically a death sentence. Thankfully, that has changed in a big way.