Noted cowardly anonymous blogger slams Detroit

All Racism, All the time?

It’s a pretty provocative headline. But, it’s sorta true and sorta not.

I have written before about Detroit’s problems, so, I know full well of what goes on around here. I also happen to know that Detroit’s Auto companies sales are up too.

Anyhow, I guess Governor Snyder, in between supposedly bringing in jobs for this state, is appointing an emergency manager in for the City of Detroit. Quoting the Detroit News, a right-leaning newspaper, by the way:

Snyder said the city has not been able to solve its financial crisis and that outside help is needed. Today “is a day to call all hands on deck… to say there’s been too much fighting, too much blame, not enough resources, not enough people working together. The key answer I believe all of us want to get to is growing the city of Detroit.”…

The review team found Detroit’s cash-flow deficit is nearly $100 million. That’s on top of an accumulated deficit of $327 million. The city also has $14.9 billion worth of unfunded pension and employment retirement liabilities, according to the review team report. In five years, it needs $1.9 billion to begin making payments on the debt…

Greg Bowens, a political expert and former press secretary for former mayor Dennis Archer, said an emergency manager would be a devastating blow for the morale for the people of Detroit.

“In the end, it means the governor does not have the faith in the people of Detroit to govern themselves in a responsible manner,” Bowens said.

So, yes, Detroit has a cash flow problem and now the Republican statist is now going to try to solve those problems. Ah yes, fake conservatism at it’s finest.

That’s not what’s half bad about it; you have this anonymous coward blogger, from the state who’s mayor wants to ban everything that is good and enjoyable by its people. Said coward writes:

Why … yes, that’s what it means. I can’t believe there’s any serious constituency outside Detroit that would disagree, and Detroiters themselves would disagree only out of pure pride. The city’s a byword for terminal liberal sclerosis. How can this be a blow to their morale when their morale’s already reached this point? Look no further than their statuary to see that they’re desperate for a savior to ride in and impose order on a dystopian nightmare.

Yeah, and I suppose your little city up there is a capitalist utopia too right, Jeremy? Please. :roll:  The only reason why the Communist Party of America is not running New York City is because the citizens of the suburbs would not allow it and the Republican Party of New York State would stage a massive revolt. I suppose the only thing the City of Detroit’s people should do is just hang their hands and allow an outsider come and run roughshod over the City and impose his Faux-Republican style of Nanny-State Government. What a moron! :roll:

What’s more: Check out some of the racist comments over on HotAir, now:

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I got two words for AllahPundit of

Fuck You.

The entire damned thing was staged for the cameras, they pulled down the tent themselves.

So, there, Jeremy — Why don’t you try reporting the facts, instead of the stupid bullshit that the corporatist pigs and crony capitalists tell you to report?

…and by the way, how’s life treating you in queens these days? Heh.   You obviously are living large, seeing you are getting paid to spout corporatist bullshit.

I’m just asking… and let me tell you something else; there will be blood and lots of it. The first time one of them free-loading motherfuckers steps into a union shop and tries to get hired. The union guys will stomp fucking piss out of them; and people like me, will cheer. You don’t cross union lines, when you do, you get your ass beat or worse. That is how it is. It has been that way for years and it is not about to change anytime soon. Least of all because some paid corporate shill got his ass beat or when some pussy motherfucking anonymous blogger writes false bullshit about a story either.  He is lucky, he didn’t get shot or stabbed to death. Which really should have happened.

In the name of my Father…..


Jazz Shaw and AllahPundit–Porn Peddlers?

Whoa! Surprise

……and here I thought AllahPundit was just a closeted homo beta male. Rolling on the floor

As for Jazzshaw…. No Comment. Dont tell anyone

But Seriously, Kevin over HillBuzz, reacts to this piece by JazzShaw saying it might not be over on November 6. For the record, I hope like heck that Jazz is wrong too Kevin. Praying

Quoting Jazz:

I suppose I should feel a little bit guilty for saying it, particularly on the pages of a politically oriented publication, but I’m pretty tired of this election. It’s been going on roughly since Christmas of 2008 – or at least it feels that way. The GOP primary was actually pretty good this year and it revved up both my interest and enthusiasm far more than the parade of munchkins on both sides four years earlier. But once it was done, the whole thing began to feel like one, long tedious slog through the summer and an exhausting swamp march to just get it all over with.

I felt that way in 2008, and a bit like that this time too. Although, it seemed a bit less lengthy this time around. More substance and less, well…. Parade?

Either way, it is the 28’th of October. We have nine days to go. Hopefully, things become a bit smoother, Romney wins by a huge margin and everything; outside of the left’s usual losing sorely —- gets back to some sort of normalcy. There are reports of people threatening to go ape-poop, if Obama loses. However, the realist in me, suspects that nothing is going to happen, people will vote and accept the results.

I just hope I am right about that “accepting the results” part. NailbitingWorriedPraying

Uncertainty at

I saw the following over at The topic is rather serious, AllahPundit’s take in it, was very funny.


Via the Weekly Standard, I can’t decide if this is newsworthy or not. It’s like when O says he wants to close Gitmo. On the one hand: Hmmm! On the other hand: Meh. It’s not happening, so who cares?

I admit it, I let out a laugh, when I read it. Hmm! Meh and who cares? All in one posting! :lol:

Pick a position please… Before the election, preferably!