Noted cowardly anonymous blogger slams Detroit

It’s a pretty provocative headline. But, it’s sorta true and sorta not. I have written before about Detroit’s problems, so, I know full well of what goes on around here. I also happen to know that Detroit’s Auto companies sales are up … Continue reading

Jazz Shaw and AllahPundit–Porn Peddlers?

Whoa! ……and here I thought AllahPundit was just a closeted homo beta male. As for Jazzshaw…. No Comment. But Seriously, Kevin over HillBuzz, reacts to this piece by JazzShaw saying it might not be over on November 6. For the … Continue reading

Tea Party Candidates Target, Ron Paul?

I start this entry out with a very funny quote by AllahPundit: I’m officially confused. Heh! What else is new? I kid, I kid! Allah’s a good ol’ fellow, when he’s asleep. 😉 He would be an even BETTER fellow, … Continue reading