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The Price of Fascism

Please note: When I write this here, I am not doing it to bad mouth anyone at all. Least of all the UAW or the General Motors or Chrysler workers. It simply is not their fault that the companies that they work for were horribly mismanaged for many years and are now not doing so […]

Heh: GM’s electric car sales plummet, GM blames “inventory issues”

I hate writing stuff like this because my Dad is a GM retiree. However, the truth is the truth and the truth is, General Motors is lying out of their rather large derrieres.  The Story via The Detroit News — which is, by the way, a Conservative/Libertarian biased Newspaper: Sales of Chevrolet’s Volt fell in […]

GM’s jobs news is nothing more than a ruse

Great and wonderful news, right? Wrong.  Just another bogus headline from a company that is about ready for bankruptcy.  This story comes via MLive.com. General Motors Co. and the state are expected to announce today that GM will create 2,000 new jobs in Michigan, beginning with up to 1,500 at a new information technology innovation center […]