Interesting Reading: How the U.S. Bankrupted the Big 3

A man by the name of Curt Brockhaus sent me an email about a book that he has written. It’s a web book and it has a good deal of video and pictures about the history of the automotive industry in it. It makes for very interesting reading, especially for history buffs like me.

Please, click here to check out How the U.S. Bankrupted the Big 3.

Anti-Union blowhard Senator Bob Corker “I am Anti-UAW”

This blowhard son-of-a-bitch makes my skin want to crawl. 😡

The Video:

The Story via the Corner:

The United Automobile Workers’ failure to form a union at a Chattanooga, Tenn., Volkswagen plant after two years of organizing efforts was a result welcomed by Senator Bob Corker. Corker, who vocally opposed unionization throughout the process, has been the target of criticism by pro-union activists for weighing in on the situation. On Wednesday, he continued his outspokenness on the matter.

“I’m not anti-union — I’m anti-UAW because of all the destruction they’ve done to jobs in our country and what they’re about,” Corker, who previously served as mayor of Chattanooga, told Fox News. “This was all about money.”

Last week, workers at the Volkswagen plant rejected joining the union. Had it been successful, it would have been the first foreign-owned plant to have been organized by the UAW.

As the son of a General Motors worker and UAW Member; I happen to think that the citizens of the great State of Tennessee need to become Anti-Corker. Because anyone that thinks that the UAW was the sole cause of Detroit’s decline, or is solely responsible for the decline in American manufacturing, is obviously too stupid to drive a car, much less be a Senator in Congress.

The “Ford is adding jobs” story is a fraud

This story here is nothing more than a big, fat, fraud:

Dearborn — Ford Motor Co. plans to add 5,000 U.S. jobs in 2014 as it prepares to launch 16 new vehicles in North America, the most in any one year of the automaker’s 111-year history.

About 3,300 will be salaried positions in the Southeast Michigan area. The remaining 1,700 will be hourly hires spread out throughout the country. Seven North American plants will add capacity or get a new product next year.

Ford will introduce next-generations of its F-150 pickup truck and Mustang car and add a compact Lincoln MKC to its lineup in 2014, along with a new Transit van.

Ford had five North American vehicle launches in 2013.

via Ford to add 5,000 jobs in 2014 | The Detroit News.

Okay, here is why this story is nothing more than a big, fat, fraud. One reason is because before they allow any new hires in, the union will tell Ford; “You have to bring back any laid off people, before you hire from the outside.” Second of all, if you do not have a high school diploma, or at least a 2 year degree; you will not get hired at all. Actually, Ford likes to see at least 2 years of manufacturing experience before they will even remotely look at your application.

So, the idea that Ford is just going to hire people off the street is a nothing more than a big, fat, propaganda lie. How do I know this? My Father is a retired G.M. worker and they have been doing the same thing for years.

Nice try though.

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Again, whoever you are I think you very much and I hope you send people links to my site more often on your page.

Liberal Brookings Institution: Cash for clunkers one big massive FAIL!

Heh…. I love it when bloggers like myself are vindicated! 😀 (H/T JBS)

The Story:

The left-leaning Brookings Institution admitted in an October 31 report that the Obama administration’s Car Allowance Rebate System, or “Cash for Clunkers” program, was an almost complete waste of billions of taxpayer dollars. The report, entitled “The Car Allowance Rebate System: Evaluation and Lessons for the Future,” concluded that the 2009 subsidy for new car buyers had no measurable long-term impact on economic growth and cost $1.4 million for every “job-year” that was created under the program.

When even the schoolmarm of American liberal think tanks admits government “stimulus” spending programs are a failure, that’s a singular event. The Brookings study flatly contradicted the Obama White House claims immediately after the program began. The administration had argued that it had economic benefits to the auto industry over nearly three years.

“The program led to a minimal increase in employment of roughly 2,050 additional job-years from June 2009 through May 2010,” study authors Ted Gayer and Emily Parker concluded of the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) pushed by President Obama and Detroit automobile company executives, commonly called Cash for Clunkers. Gayer and Parker noted that “The CARS program created 0.7 jobs for each million dollars of program cost, resulting in a cost of $1.4 million per job created.” Note that Brookings concluded the program spent $1.4 million for each “job-year,” not per job. For every year someone worked in the auto industry because of the program, the federal government shelled out $1.4 million taxpayer dollars in subsidies. In essence, the American taxpayers would have been better off if the U.S. government had simply issued $1 million checks randomly to 2,050 unemployed persons.

via Liberal Brookings Institution Admits: Cash for Clunkers a Failure.


A Thinking Americanist EXCLUSIVE: UAW gearing for a major battle with Detroit’s big 3 automakers

UAW is gearing up for a major battle!

This is an exclusive scoop right here on Thinking Americanist.  You will not read this anywhere else, and I am giving this scoop, because I believe people have a right to know.

I was at the union hall today with my Father, today was the retirees meeting and I received some information from someone who is very much in the know of what is going on internally with the UAW and it’s goings on.

Basically, what my source told me is this: The UAW is gearing up for a major protracted battle with the big three when it comes to contracts and benefits for the active and retirees with GM and the other two major automakers. Basically, it boils down to this here; as we all know the big three went through some financial hardships a few years ago. Well, now the hardships are over and the big three are now selling vehicles again and doing rather well for themselves.

What is happening is this here; every time the UAW approaches the big three and asks them about restoring the previous benefits, they are giving the attitude of, “You guys ought to be glad we are still in business and did not just file for bankruptcy and cut you all out of the loop.” Well, needless to say, that is not going to work for the UAW and its members.

So, as you can very well imagine the UAW is gearing up for a majorly huge battle for better contracts and the restoring of the former benefits and they are also going to push for all these new workers to get wages on par with the workers who have been there for years. The stuff I heard was that the UAW is prepared to walk out and strike to get what they want and they are not afraid to make it a long-term thing either.

I will refrain from my normal commentary on stuff like this; because quite simply; I just want to give you all the facts of what I heard.

However, I do have an open message to the UAW: I hope you all know that what it is that you are doing; and please, whatever you do, do not do what the union that represented Hostess employees did. That was nothing more than unmitigated foolishness.  My Father worked for General Motors for 31 years, and for him to lose his pension over something, like a union’s obstante stupidity is inexcusable. Please, choose wisely.


Good News: Detroit automobile sales are up!

As a son of retired General Motors worker, this always strikes me as very good news:

DETROIT- General Motors Co. announced today that it sold 224,314 vehicles in the United States in February, up 7 percent compared with a year ago.

Retail sales and fleet sales were both up 7 percent. The fleet mix was 25 percent of total sales, equal to a year ago, officials said.

“The housing sector has now joined auto sales in propelling the U.S. economy forward,” said Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales operations. “More importantly, the recovery in new home construction is reinforcing the underlying improvement in auto buying conditions, especially for pickups.

All four GM brands posted higher year-over-year sales: Cadillac was up 20 percent; Buick was up 15 percent; GMC was up 10 percent, and Chevrolet was up 5 percent.

via GM: Cadillac, Buick lead to 7% February sales increase |

This is great news. I just hope the Detroit can keep up the sales and help spur the economy back to what it was, or at least as close as we can get it.


The Price of Fascism

Please note: When I write this here, I am not doing it to bad mouth anyone at all. Least of all the UAW or the General Motors or Chrysler workers. It simply is not their fault that the companies that they work for were horribly mismanaged for many years and are now not doing so hot.

As much as I like the fact that my Father did not lose his retirement from General Motors and gets his medical benefits via the UAW’s program that they set up for him. I must acknowledge the truth and the truth is that General Motors and Chrysler were bailed out by the United States Government. One of the tenets of fascism is, in fact, the mingling of private industry and Government.

When the mingling of private industry and Government take place a price is paid. First of all, a company loses its freedom to conduct business as it sees fit. Second of all, the people of said Country usually pay a price in their wallets. Such as the case with General Motors, which happens to be because General Motors was and still is a poorly managed company.

The story via The Detroit News, which is a Conservative/Libertarian slanted newspaper:

Washington — The U.S. Treasury has begun selling the remainder of its 19 percent stake in General Motors Co.

On Jan. 18, the Treasury filed a written trading plan to sell its remaining 300 million shares of stock in the Detroit automaker. It plans to exit completely by March 2014 and said it could immediately begin selling small numbers of shares on the open market.

In a report to Congress, the Treasury said it had net proceeds of $156.4 million in January for the sale of GM stock during eight full trading days.

GM’s stock price ranged between $27.61 and $29.16 during the period, meaning Treasury sold at least 5.4 million shares, depending on the prices it received.

On a quarterly basis, the Treasury plans to disclose how many share of GM stock it has sold and will report monthly its proceeds from the sale.

In December, the Treasury sold 200 million shares of its GM stock to the Detroit automaker for $5.5 billion, or $27.50 a share.

But, of course, there is a cost:

The government needs to get $72 per share for its remaining shares to break even on its $49.5 billion GM bailout. It initially held a 61 percent stake before selling about half of its shares in GM’s November 2010 IPO at $33 a share.

At current prices, the Treasury would lose more than $12 billion on its GM bailout.

Last week, the Treasury Department said its estimate of losses on the $85 billion auto bailout fell by 16 percent, or $4 billion, in large part because of a rebound in General Motors Co.’s stock price.

The Obama administration said in a report to Congress that its projected auto losses fell to $20.3 billion, from its prior quarterly estimate of $24.3 billion.

The Treasury in 2009 initially forecast it would lose $44 billion on its bailout of GM, Chrysler Group LLC and their finance arms. That forecast fell to $30 billion by the end of 2009 and fell as low as $14.3 billion in 2011.

The Treasury still holds a 74 percent stake in Ally Financial, the Detroit-based auto finance firm, as part of a $17.2 billion bailout, but hopes to eventually break even. Ally is shedding its foreign operations as part of its efforts to repay taxpayers.

I bolded some parts of the quoted text above to give you idea of what I am talking about. Up there where it says, “The Treasury”, that means really “The American Taxpayer.” Anytime the United States Treasury is involved in any sort of bailout of private industry, your tax dollars are being used to bail out said company. That is not hatred of President Obama or the Democrats, that is the honest reality of the situation.

Again, this has not about having an axe to grind with the UAW, GM or Chrysler. This is simply a explanation of what happens when Government gets involved with the rescue of two auto companies that were in fact, headed for bankruptcy. The truth is that the American people lost on this deal and lost bad. As much as I respect the history of the UAW and of General Motors, in regards to my family — I must write the truth and this my friends, is the ugly truth.

Heh: GM’s electric car sales plummet, GM blames “inventory issues”

I hate writing stuff like this because my Dad is a GM retiree. Sad However, the truth is the truth and the truth is, General Motors is lying out of their rather large derrieres. Hee hee

The Story via The Detroit News — which is, by the way, a Conservative/Libertarian biased Newspaper:

The Chevy Volt. A $39,145 green energy boondoggle that no one can afford to own. Except for Barack Obama’s rich liberal friends.

Sales of Chevrolet’s Volt fell in November, following the vehicle’s best sales month in October, while less expensive electrified vehicles gained ground on Chevy’s range-extended plug-in hybrid.

Chevrolet sold 1,519 Volts in November, a 33 percent rise over the same month a year ago. But that was only about half the record 2,961 vehicles sold in October and 2,851 in September.

Don Johnson, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet sales and service, attributed the fall in Volt sales from its record-setting tally in October as an inventory issue, felt particularly hard in California.

“Dealers are just clamoring for more,” he said of the California market, where GM sells about 34 percent of Volts and where it recently had just an eight-day supply of the vehicle. Inventory is now up to 23 days for California and about 60 days for U.S. supply, which Johnson described as “ideal.”

Volt sales through 11 months this year totaled 20,828.

Now for the real reason sales of the Chevy Volt have truly dropped:

It’s difficult to tell whether expiration of favorable sales incentives also led to the fall in Volt sales. Without special incentives, the Volt costs $39,145 before a $7,500 federal tax credit. That’s more expensive than the base prices for Toyota Motor Corp.’s Prius plug-in ($32,000), Ford Motor Co.’s C-Max Energi plug-in ($32,950) and Nissan Motor Co.’s all-electric Nissan Leaf ($35,200)

Talk about burying the lead on that story! The truth is that this is what happens when car manufactures seek money for the United States Federal Government and then proceed to capitulate to the demands of a left-wing socialist ideologue, who would rather strangle the US economy in favor of a green energy boondoggle. Basically folks, what this means is that you and I, the American people; are on the chain; not only for rescuing a failed auto company, but also a failed green energy automobile that was priced so high, that the average American could not even afford to buy the silly thing.

My friends, elections have consequences and this here is one of them. My Father will now most likely lose his pension, when GM finally does fail. All because General Motors could not bear the thought of going through a managed bankruptcy. Instead GM went to the hog trough of the United States Government and invested in a green energy boondoggle, which now, as it seems is another idiotic failure.

Please, for the sake of Liberty, next time; vote different.

GM’s jobs news is nothing more than a ruse

Great and wonderful news, right? Wrong.  Just another bogus headline from a company that is about ready for bankruptcy.  This story comes via

General Motors Co. and the state are expected to announce today that GM will create 2,000 new jobs in Michigan, beginning with up to 1,500 at a new information technology innovation center in Warren.

The automaker and the Governor’s Office are expected to make formal announcements later today.

It’s unclear where GM would add the other 500 jobs, but the state says the innovation center is the first of three projects the company will announce.

GM will invest $300 million combined for the three. The state said GM plans no major investment spending on the information technology center; it will be housed in an existing building undergoing renovation on the Warren Tech Center campus.

The center will hire 1,500 new employees within four years and will add to information technology employment already in Warren, Randy Mott, GM’s vice president of information technology and chief information officer, said in a Friday interview.

via GM to add 2,000 jobs in Michigan | The Detroit News |

This is where I am going to get accused of sounding like a Democrat or something worse.

This headline is the biggest stinking joke, since the election Barack Obama. These jobs above here? There are not jobs that anyone could do, you know, like me? These jobs are one that would need some serious degrees —- none of which I honestly have at all. So, these are not 2000 jobs for the public, like labor jobs; as the labor jobs are protected by the unions. These are tech jobs that will end up being filled by immigrants, legal or otherwise from foreign countries; who have the degrees to get these jobs. The rest will go to protected minorities, who happen to have those degrees as well.

I just have to ask aloud; how much of this investment, came from the taxpayers dollars that ended up bailing out this failed business? I really do not know if I really want to know the answer to that or not. However, what I will say is this here; the local Detroit media needs to stop with the dishonest headlines and get out of tank for the big three.  I mean, do not get me wrong, I want to see General Motor succeed, as their success personally affects my family, namely my Father, who retired from that company after 31 years. But, when I see dishonest headlines like this, it disgusts me. People scanning through, think GM is mass hiring workers for the plants. Which they are not, they are hiring salaried employees, that they really do not need and doing this, will most likely make them go broke again.

It is time, that the local Detroit media started telling the complete truth about the big three.

I’m Back!

Please note: When reading this, try to imagine someone speaking in a slight southern accent; like I do. It will help to make it sound funnier. 

As I told you all, I went out with my Dad today. I went with him to his retirees meeting at the UAW Local that he is a member of. It is in Southwest Detroit, where I grew up; a bit closer to downtown Detroit, than where I lived. However, because I want to continue to live in this house, I will not get into the specifics of what happened down there.

What I can tell you is this:

  • It rained. As in, it rained hard; by the time we got to the union hall, I thought we were going to have to ditch the truck and grab a canoe! My Dad was nice enough to drop me and Dad’s friend Irvin off at the door; and you should have seen me come out of that truck! I come out of that truck, like a lost cat that realized that he had wandered into the dog section of the animal pound —- around lunchtime. Yes, it was like that. Ever watch Scooby Doo? You know, when he stumbles upon a ghost and get the wits scared out of him? Yeah, like that. It came complete sound effects too, with “ooh’s eek’s and aah’s.” Oh, it was a wonderful time. I also, when I made it inside, kindly informed the people in the office that whomever was doing the rain dance, really needed to stop. Because the rain was here, in buckets!

So, finally the meeting was over. My Dad stopped at Vernor Coney Island and picked up some Coney Dogs for lunch for Him and Me and rest of the family here. So, I grabbed me a Diet Pepsi out of the fridge, came back down here to what my Mother calls my dungeon, and proceeded to devour me a couple of coney dogs and catch up on what was happening in the political world, while I was out cavorting with the organized labor movement. (Please Note: When I say cavorting, I don’t mean screwing. Hell, they were a bunch of grey-headed old people. Mostly men, and I do not swing that way, sorry. 😉 I mean hanging around them. It is an attempt at humor. Please, laugh. 😀 )

So, anyhow; I ate my dogs and fiddled around, and putted around and read a little here and little there. The next thing I know, an hour had passed and I realized that I was getting rather tired. So, I figured I would grab me a little nap; and nap I did….:

For Six Long Freaking Hours! 

I woke up, and rolled over at looked at the iPod touch and said aloud, “7 o’clock?!?!” I got up, and stumbled around; and went up stairs. Mom was fixing TV dinners. My Father, ever the funny man; greeted me with the normal greeting: “Well, Hello there, Sleeping Beauty!” I grinned, mumbled a little and went to the bathroom. Six hours of sleeping adds up to lot of urine storage. (Yes, I know, yuck. But, hey, it’s all true.)

So, there you have it. What I have done for most of the day. I hope you have enjoyed this rather funny story, as much as I have writing it. It is all true; my parents will verify it. I like going out with my Dad and his friend Irvin, I could write a book, about those two, when they get together. As well, as the funny stuff that goes on, when my Dad and his fishing friends, get together. Someday, I might write about that stuff. now, I live here, and I do not really want to get sued.

Till next time!






Detroit’s Autorama is in town

Now here is something that makes me get a bit nostalgic:

Now that Detroit has had a month to bask in the future of what the automotive industry has to offer, the Motor City will now take a look at its past.

The 60th annual Autorama begins noon Friday and runs through Sunday at Cobo Center, One Washington Blvd. in Detroit.

Around 100,000 people are expected at the annual car event, which will feature about 1,000 exhibits with celebrities, attractions, beer and — of course — more than 700 hot rods, classic cars and customized vehicles.

via 2012 Autorama Detroit: Motor City revs up for ‘America’s greatest hot rod show’ |

When I was a little kid, my Father and I would always head to Cobo Hall in Detroit every year to go to this show.  It was like a year religious pilgrimage for us.  Some years, like back in the 80’s, my cousins, my Mom, and her sister and hubby would trek down to the show.  Back in the 80’s stars from shows like “The Duke of Hazzard” would be there.  People like Tom Wopat, James Best — who played Roscoe P. Coltrane — were there.  What I remember the most, was the walking; we would walk that entire show, all rooms, upstairs and downstairs of that hall and look at everything.  We used to go to the auto-show as well; it was fun time.  I remember getting my picture taken in the car from the T.V. Series “Knight Rider,” You know K.I.T.T.?  I got it taken in the car from the first season and I believe the second season.  It was a Polaroid, and it cost my Dad five bucks.

My Dad, because he worked at General Motors, used to get free tickets to all of those shows.  I miss those old days; they were the “magic years” for me as a kid.  Sadly, we stopped going to those shows, mainly because it was such a pain in the rear to get down there and the walking was not easy on my Dad or me, as we both got older.  In addition, in addition, we started hearing about incidents happening at those show, shootings, robberies, and so forth, so we just quit going.  I went to an Auto Show once, by myself, back in the days when I was actually working.  I actually found a good parking spot on the roof of Cobo, I went inside, and the place was heavily crowded.  I went and looked at a few cars, fought my way through the crowd; and finally got disgusted and left.  After that, I never went back.  In addition, people were rude, and one person even hurled a racist remark at me, for simply being in his way.  Naturally, he was black and I was white; so in that City, this was considered normal.  This was, for what it might be worth, in the 1990’s.  Things changed in 10 years, I suppose.

The bottom line is this; if you do not mind crowds, rude people and want to see some nice classic cars, this is the show to see.  The cars, of course, come from an era when Detroit was on top of its automotive game.  Like good, moral women —-they just do not build them like that anymore.