Owner of blog “Advance Indiana” found DEAD of so-called “suicide”

From what you can see in the video below, which comes via infowars.com, this blogger was an exposor of corruption and he was found dead of a suicide in a stairwell where he lived at.

I don’t know about you guys. but, this doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m thinking this guy got too close to something and they took him out. check out the video below:

Something stinks here and I mean bad.

A very good point on conservative blogs

I saw this and I have to say, I agree with it.

Doomberg over at HotGas.net writes:

March 11 was a really bad day, for a lot of rea­sons, but the main one was hav­ing to watch the GOP cheer and gloat as their own frontrunner’s rally was attacked by a vio­lent, dan­ger­ous mob, and then watch as many peo­ple such as Ted Cruz, and blogs we once liked and trusted —  I don’t think I need to name names, here — encour­age or make disin­gen­u­ous excuses for this vio­lence. The prox­i­mate excuse we’re hear­ing from GOP hacks and shills is that a Bre­it­bart reporter was “vio­lently assaulted” at a Trump rally (despite the story now qui­etly chang­ing to “may have had her arm grabbed”) and that since this is clear evi­dence of “fas­cism,” that vio­lence against Trump sup­port­ers is now accept­able and even moral. The argu­ment we’re hear­ing from the MSM is that all this seething “fas­cism” from Trump erupted into sort of a spon­ta­neous mob event.

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Stir crap, Draw flies

Updated to Add:

I’m seeing a lot around here on Twitter and on other blogs, that conservatives are the only ones who have had their account suspended by Twitter. Let me say emphatically that this is not the case at all.

I happen to know about a user who is a Hillary Clinton supporter who had his account suspended in 2008, during the Clinton/Obama primary, because he dared to say critical things about Barack Obama. His twitter username is @shoq and I sure he can tell you all about Twitter’s repression the freedom of speech towards liberals.
Original posting:

This is exactly how I feel about this little story here. This is why I have, for the longest time now, avoided blog wars and twitter fights and for very good reasons; and when they started trolling me, that being liberals and yes, some so-called “conservatives” too; I just blocked them. Because I do not wish to get into it with the other side, at all.

Datechguy writes about it:

Before there was Milo Yiannopoulos there was Robert Stacy McCain. A chain smoking, beer drinking, coffee guzzling hard nosed reporter who rather than simply going with the flow and repeating the conventional wisdom dared to go out into the field and actually see and report for himself.

And when he didn’t have a spot in the MSM to do it anymore on a regular basis he began his web site The Other McCain (named to differentiate himself from his distant cousin John in the Senate) and with funding provided by his readers (and sometimes without it going places on a wing and a prayer) he would travel the country from Alaska to New Hampshire from Nevada to New Orleans to cover stories that the MSM would not.

And when Bill Sparkman’s death became a national story and there were cries of “Send the Body to Glenn Beck” it was Stacy McCain who was the boots on the ground who actually went to Kentucky and investigated the story finding no evidence of murder and was vindicated when his death was revealed to be a suicide staged to appear like a murder.

He has managed to do all of this while raising a family of six which now includes two grandchildren who are his joy (although they have considerably slowed down his travels, after all family comes first).

Bottom line though not a rich man Robert Stacy McCain is an American Success story he has built a nationwide, dare I say worldwide following presenting his viewpoint and highlighting the public viewpoints of others who would rather keep their actual words and opinions under the radar because Robert Stacy McCain is loyal to his family, his God, his friends and the Truth.

I know this because I’m proud to say he is my friend. I’ve learned an awful lot from him the most important thing being there is no substitute for actually being there, gathering factual evidence, seeing for yourself and reporting the truth.

Look, I am just going to be blunt, okay? Because that is how I just do it. I do not make my opinions based upon my political stance. Some do in the blogosphere and I think it is cheap, dirty and downright stupid. The truth is that I have observed Robert Stacy McCain engage in behavior on twitter that some, not all, would consider to be harassment. So, there, that is my feelings on it. Anyone that does not like that, can kiss my all-American white behind.

My point is this right here:  If you do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention on twitter or anywhere else for that matter; then do not do stuff that will attract the wrong kind of attention. You would not smoke a joint while driving a car. (Well, most of us anyhow!) You would not walk around in public with your penis hanging out of your pants. So, why do idiotic stuff like what McCain was doing on twitter?

The reason McCain was doing what he was doing is this: McCain is a downright publicity whore, just like Gene Simmons. McCain was doing it, to promote his blog and, by proxy, himself. McCain was also doing it to win favor with the Conservative crowd. He would routinely get on twitter, hassle these women and then print their reactions on twitter and on his blog. Well, I guess twitter got tired of it and suspended his account and they will most likely suspend the other one too, should he start using that other account for the same purposes.

I will admit, I have had issues with Mr. McCain in the past; but that is not why I am saying this at all. I am saying this, because it is just the truth. Now, as for Mr. McCain, he is taking it in stride, as you can see at this link here. I believe mainly because he knows that he is guilty of the charge!

To be clear, I have no side in this issue at all. I also know that twitter does have a right to regulate their usage of their servers and service itself. I also see some conservative saying that the investors, mostly stocks, should divest themselves of twitter stocks. My question is this: Is that not the tactic of the left? Did not liberals do that to Firefox, when the President of Mozilla come out against gay marriage, which resulted in his resigning from that company? Why is it that conservatives always copy the tactics of the left, when they are feeling somehow persecuted?

My point is this, when it comes to the progressive left, I follow the words of advice from the Holy Bible:

“But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.” – 1 Corinthians 14:38 King James Version

This advice quoted above has served me well, as a believer in Christ for the last 35 years, which is how long I have been a born-again believer in Christ. I have not always followed that advice, much to my detriment at times! But, I digress. The point is folks, progressives are usually progressive for a reason. Same goes with feminists — and all the poking, harassing and other such activities, will only serve to reinforce that worldview. So, it is best to let them be content in their own ignorance and move on.

I hope this is received in the spirit of which is intended to those who wish to receive it. 🙂


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HotAir.com takes the first step to closing its comment section

Update: Blogger roundup: Editorial Times, Legal Insurrection

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Original Post:

This, I think, is going to prove to be a very bad move for this blog:

For almost ten years, Hot Air has utilized a proprietary, members-only comment system. In 2006, this kind of system made much sense, but Internet standards and technology have moved beyond this kind of system. Beginning tomorrow, Hot Air will move from its present proprietary closed-comment system to Facebook comments. At that time, native commenting functions will cease, and all comments will come through the Facebook interface. — Via: Hot Air to move to Facebook comment system « Hot Air

Let’s just be real folks; HotAir.com is huge and I mean really huge. I have been to sites that use a strictly Facebook commenting system and I do not believe that I would be exaggerating one bit, if I said that those places are nothing more than pure troll dens. This is usually the first step; first they will use the Facebook commenting system and then, things will get too bad and then they will close the comments sections for good.

I feel that once a site kills the comments section, it becomes nothing more than just another website. I for one, will never go to an external comment system, ever. I tried Disqus and it frankly sucked major donkey doo doo. They should call it disgust, because that’s how you will feel after trying to set it up — Disgusted!

As for HotAir.com, I think they are simply trying to be more inclusive and not have to work their tails off, in the upcoming election. While that might be a good idea for them, it might prove to be quite destructive for the site. Because the trolls will run the regulars off and the site will get a reputation among its core audience. Another thing that I feel will run people off is that Facebook’s founder is a known flaming liberal and there are many conservatives who will not use Facebook because of this fact. So, they will lose those people.

For the record here, I will never, ever, go to a closed commenting system, nor Disqus or Facebook; or any other commenting platform. The only system I will ever use is WordPress Native system which allows you to comment using your Facebook or other identities you choose to use.

I wish HotAir.com the best, because, Lord knows, they are going to need it.

…and they call me a whackjob?

Man, if I was gonna kill myself over not getting laid not getting a woman; I would have been dead years and years ago! :roll:

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Asian woman are awesome and all. But, but, this? 😮 😯

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9 Years Later

It was December 30, 2007 that I wrote this posting:

This Blog will be for the discussion of Politics and News. With Any luck, it will be successful.

via The start of something new… | Political Byline.

That above was the first entry on my new blog political byline; after my first one, The Populist was hacked, either by hackers in some foreign country or by neocons, who were pissed at me over something I had written.  Either way, I lost of years worth of work; due to some crappy hosting that I was really not even paying for. The hosting company folded, for what that is really worth.

2006 and 2007, feels now like an eternity ago. How things have changed! Bush is gone, Iraq is over; and now, it’s blew up again. Al-Qaeda is now taking a backseat to a group called ISIS; and they ain’t playing either! Obama has come and is about gone. The Tea Party rose, got exploited, and fizzled out. Ron Paul retired and now, his kid Rand is running for President. Hillary Clinton Ran, got defeated, by a black man and now, tomorrow is going to announce, again. New names: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker. It is all rather strange.

When I started in 2006, social media was non-existent. Trackbacks were the lifeblood of blogging. New names: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest. Cell Phones or smartphones, as they’re called now; basically rule us. Before I got this silly Galaxy S4, the last phone I owned was a Sanyo (I think?!?!?!) flip phone —- Egad, remember those? Now, apps are a big part of my life; I have 8 screens of them on my phone! In the days before smartphones, the first thing I would do, when my eyes opened in the morning, was go take a leak; now, I check my phone.

In the old days, if something big happened, my Mom would IM me or I’d hear about it some other way. Now, if a big story breaks; my phone goes nuts with alerts. I do everything from set my alarm to wake up to timing hamburgers on the grill with this thing. I even usually call in my refills for prescriptions with this thing. I don’t even have to climb the stairs anymore, except to grab my daily three square meals or take a leak.

The funny thing is, the Galaxy S4 is old technology now. They have a Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 edge now. Jebus, can we slow down, just a little? I’m just getting comfortable with this phone and now, its old hat. :roll:

9 Years. That’s a long time. I’m still that kid from southwest Detroit; an analog kid, living in this digital world:

…and everything has been good…..so far:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 😀