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…and they call me a whackjob?

Man, if I was gonna kill myself over not getting laid not getting a woman; I would have been dead years and years ago! I mean, don’t get me wrong, Asian woman are awesome and all. But, but, this? 😮 😯 Go Read: Black Blogger ‘Mr. Talented’ Found Hanging in NYC, Wanted to Start Civil […]

9 Years Later

It was December 30, 2007 that I wrote this posting: This Blog will be for the discussion of Politics and News. With Any luck, it will be successful. via The start of something new… | Political Byline. That above was the first entry on my new blog political byline; after my first one, The Populist […]

Andrew Sullivan calls it quits

This is mildly surprising. One of the things I’ve always tried to do at the Dish is to be up-front with readers. This sometimes means grotesque over-sharing; sometimes it means I write imprudent arguments I have to withdraw; sometimes it just means a monthly update on our revenues and subscriptions; and sometimes I stumble onto […]

So glad that I am an only child

This was my thought after reading these three postings over at Protein Wisdom, ran by Jeff Goldstein Further updates Hello, peeps. What’s the rumpus? Yay, lawyers! Basically, Jeff’s brother is severely screwing his Mother, who is dying with cancer, over. I give Jeff credit, he is handling that little situation very well and with much […]

Responding to stupidity

I rarely, if ever, engage in Blog wars anymore. Because quite frankly, I think they suck and they do nothing, but cause problems for all parties involved. However, when I see that someone takes it upon themselves to make baseless accusations against me; I feel the need to correct the record. What I am referring […]