Eric Cantor loses in Virginia primary to Tea Party Candidate David Brat

This is huge. Politico has the story; and obviously, this is a huge blog story. AllahPundit calls this a political earthquake. Here is the official “The Americanist” analysis: This is a wake-up call to the Republican Party establishment. The business of … Continue reading

A perfect example of why I am not a huge fan of the GOP

Before you get any ideas about this, read what I write, before you pass judgement. But first, the story: LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder has added his voice to the chorus of criticism directed at Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema … Continue reading

Smart move by David Barton

I wrote about this before and it appears that David Barton has conceded to reality. Via the Corner over at NRO: Controversial Evangelical author David Barton just announced that he won’t challenge Senator John Cornyn in the 2014 Texas Senate … Continue reading

Memo to the Pro-Life Community: This is NOT how you defend your position!

Absolutely ignorant: As the House of Representatives gears up for Tuesday’s debate on HR 1797, a bill that would outlaw virtually all abortions 20 weeks post fertilization, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) argued in favor of banning abortions even earlier in … Continue reading

Racism at towards Detroit

A perfect example of which can be found below here: So what happened to Detroit? MLK’s “Dream” came true…America’s founding principles of liberty, equality, and democracy came true for black people, and full citizenship and civil rights were extended to … Continue reading

Two important quotes on the Republican Party Establishment

Pat Caddell: Pat Caddell, the Fox News Contributor and Democrat pollster who engineered Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential victory, blew the lid off CPAC on Thursday with a blistering attack on “racketeering” Republican consultants who play wealthy donors like “marks.”   … Continue reading

Has CPAC gone politically correct?

It appears so: For the last four years, Pamela Geller of and the American Freedom Defense Initiative have held events at CPAC featuring guests she invites to discuss the influence of Islamism on America. But this year, the American … Continue reading

GOP, Social Media and Democrats

Just a little comment about InstaPundit and Bryan Preston’s posting about Obama’s ground game. Instapundit Says: The GOP has some learning to do. Bryan Preston says: Obama’s personal political army posted it on the web and require a valid email … Continue reading

I hate to say it, but he does have a good point

A very good point: Obama won two elections giving voice to these policies, but within the neocon-dominated punditocracy and a Congress subject to pressure by the increasingly extremist American Israel Public Affairs Committee, they are akin to kryptonite. Hagel’s critics … Continue reading

It’s not the image, it’s the party of the stupid people

Two interesting pieces on this one here, first from NBC’s first thoughts: *** GOP goes off the image cliff: The clock is ticking over whether President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner can avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff … Continue reading