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Why I will never be a Keurig addict

I happen to read this very funny posting by Ed Morrissey over in the “green room” at HotAir.com. For the record, Ed owns one of these. I, on the other hand; could not become to addicted to something as small as that. Why? Behold, my coffee “cup”: So, I think the Keurig would be out […]

“Stay the hell out of Syria!” Says, HotAir.com?!?!?!??!

I happen to be checking out one of my many blogs that I read on a daily basis here,  and I happen to see the following: From a strictly strategic point of view, why not let Hezbollah fight al-Qaeda affiliates and let them drain each other of strength?  That has to be a better outcome […]

Noted cowardly anonymous blogger slams Detroit

It’s a pretty provocative headline. But, it’s sorta true and sorta not. I have written before about Detroit’s problems, so, I know full well of what goes on around here. I also happen to know that Detroit’s Auto companies sales are up too. Anyhow, I guess Governor Snyder, in between supposedly bringing in jobs for this state, […]

Ed Morrissey leaves the North American Radio Alliance Network

This one stopped me in my tracks. Ed Morrissey, who is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the better Conservative writers out there; is now leaving the NARN, after almost nine years on the air. Ed explains why: So why leave? I’ve decided to take on some new pursuits, especially in catechesis and service within […]