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Every person who is on the fence on guns should read this! #p2 #tcot #guns

Every person who is on the fence on guns should read this! #p2 #tcot #guns published on No Comments on Every person who is on the fence on guns should read this! #p2 #tcot #guns

This is a very good article!


Every time a tragedy like the recent one in Roseburg, Oregon takes place there is a knee-jerk reaction to blame the gun. Right on cue there are calls for more gun control, more background checks, and more arguments by politicians aiming to convince you that disarming law abiding citizens will stop senseless acts of violence. What you rarely hear in the media are the stories of people who have used guns to protect themselves.

Not “gun nuts” as some would like to call them, but regular, average, everyday people. People who at one time believed because they lived in a small town they were safe. People who grew up with a dad as a police officer and believed the police could always protect them.  People who never really even wanted a gun in their home. People like me.

Yes, it’s true; as a new mom I never really even wanted a gun in my home. That all changed several years ago.

Go read the rest, it is that good.


Yeeeessh………..again? published on No Comments on Yeeeessh………..again?

This is starting to become a regular thing. 😡

Another “lone wolf” has howled and his name was John Russell Houser.

The stories:

Medium:Lafayette Theater Shooter Fan of Hitler, Neo-Nazis, and Antigovernment Conspiracies

Associated PressThe Latest: TV host says theater gunman advocated violence

David Weigel / Washington Post: TV hosts remember alleged Lafayette gunman as anti-tax, anti-feminist ‘gadfly’

Saeed Ahmed / CNN: Gunman kills 2, then himself in Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater

*sigh* I just do not understand it, I really do not. :(

Look, I am as ardent of a gun supporter as they come. However, people with issues like this guy’s, the mental stuff, I mean —- who will not take their meds, should not be allowed to own guns, period, end of freakin’ discussion.

The rest of it is pointless, until we do that.

Others: Salon, NBC News, Talking Points Memo, The Mahablog, Towleroad,Addicting Info, Mediaite, American Everyman, Refinery29, Joe. My. God.,ThinkProgress and Hit & RunTalking Points Memo, Washington Post, Mediaite and The WeekNBC News, Raw Story, Right Wing Watch, The Gateway Pundit,Hullabaloo, Mediaite, The Week and Boing BoingSlantpoint, The Frisky and GuardianNewsBusters, CNNMoney, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Talking Points Memo, Salon, American Everyman, WKRG-TV, The Daily Banter,American Spectator, KTLA, Addicting Info, RedState,, WHNT-TV, KFOR-TV, PoliticusUSA, The Advertiser, WTVR-TV, Refinery29 and Business InsiderWJBF-TV, Raw Story, NBC News, The Daily Freeman, No More Mister Nice Blog, Guardian, The Gateway Pundit, The Daily Caller and American Everyman

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada published on 3 Comments on More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada
Jeremy Cook, An 18-year-old white male, had just moved to Toronto to pursue a carpentry career, ended up being gunned down in a parking lot Sunday, by 3 black men — while trying to track down his lost cellphone.

Welcome to Obama’s world.

Here is another horrible black on white crime that is being totally ignored in the main stream media. If the races were reversed; this would be a huge story in the media.

Via Conservative Headlines:

Jeremy Cook, An 18 year old white male, had just moved to Toronto. He left his cell phone in a taxi cab and was using GPS to track it. At 5:15 am the GPS led him to a group of black males. Instead of giving him his cell phone back, they decided it would be more fun to shoot and kill him.

Police say the perps are black males aged 18 to 21.

The story via the Toronto Sun:

Police are searching for three suspects after a teen who recently moved to the city to pursue a carpentry career was gunned down in a parking lot Sunday while trying to track down his lost cellphone.

Officers arrested three men in a cab soon after the deadly shooting of Jeremy Cook, 18, but they were released after it was determined they weren’t involved.

“We had reasonable grounds at the time to arrest these individuals because at the time there was reason to believe they were responsible,” Const. Ken Steeves said Monday.

Cook was originally from Brampton, Ont., but recently moved southwest to London. He had never been in trouble with the law in London and didn’t know his killers, police said.

So far the investigation shows Cook accidentally left his cellphone in a taxi earlier that morning or the previous night. He used a device to track the phone to an address, police said.

Cook and a relative went there and approached a silver Mazda sedan with three men in it at about 5:15 a.m. Sunday.


Notice that the race of the perps in this story is not included with the story? Notice also that the police actually let the people, that were suspected in the murder go? Notice how this story is not all over every news channel here in America and in Canada? That is because the story does not fit the liberal agenda and message, therefore it is ignored.

Another thing too; if this man had been armed, maybe he would have survived this little incident. This is why I believe that anyone, who does not carry a firearm, in this day and age is a open target. I believe that everyone, who is able to do so; should register themselves and take a good gun safety course and own a firearm. This is not the 1950’s anymore, we live in a very dangerous society now, it pays to carry.


Liberal Progressive bloggers exploit tragedy for political gain

Liberal Progressive bloggers exploit tragedy for political gain published on No Comments on Liberal Progressive bloggers exploit tragedy for political gain

To surmise, a tragic event took place in Florida; where a man, who had too much to drink, shot a woman in the forehead and she died. The original story is here. Here is the video report:

Well, the classless and uncouth progressive left is now exploiting this tragic event, for all it is worth for political reasons. Check out what the sleazeball leftist troll site, “Americans Against the Tea Party” wrote about this:


Just another “responsible gun owner™!”


It is unknown what his defense will be, if any. However, as this is Florida…all he really needs to do is say he felt threatened when she slapped him

Liberaland, which is owned by Fox News’s Alan Colmes covered it too; but without the idiotic and stupid snark.  But, just the same, the reason Colmes reported it, is because every time that there is some sort of accident involving a gun or a crime involving a gun; the liberal left just loves to link these stories and holler, “Lookie lookie lookie, another GUN crime; we need to outlaw them and get rid of the NRA!”

It is classless, it is uncouth, it is cynical and it is toxic. This mentality is precisely why I stopped voting for the Democrats. This mentality is not that of a fringe group; it is, in fact, the depraved mentality of 90% of the people in the Democratic Party anymore.  This is an Anti-Gun, Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalism and Anti-American mentality. The Democrats mentality is, “Never let a crisis go to waste” or “Always exploit to make a political point.”

The truth is that the only real thing that is responsible for the shooting of Jamie Lee Martin is Elliott William Orsborn. Mr. Orsborn chose to possess a firearm, despite the fact that he had been convicted of a felony. Mr. Orsborn chose to carry his firearm, despite the fact that he was intoxicated. So, the blame lies with him; not the NRA, not Guns, and certainly not the Tea Party and its supporters. Of course, normal, clear minded people know these simple things. But, the left, who collectively have the minds of 2 year olds for the most part; do not understand such things.

Which is why I will NOT vote for them any longer. Because, quite frankly, stupid people should not be allowed to govern anything — much less be allowed to drive or run a computer.


Oops published on 2 Comments on Oops


FREMONT TOWNSHIP, MI — A 51-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the face after she slammed the butt end of a shotgun on the floor, causing it to discharge, the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department reports. 

Deputies were called about 10 a.m. Monday, July 14, to a house on Waterman in Fremont Township for a report of a gunshot victim. 

Upon arrival, deputies found that a family dispute had taken place and the victim, a 51-year-old woman, told officers that she had taken a shotgun out to “make a point.” 

She told police she slammed the butt end on the floor, the gun discharged, and she was shot in the face. 

FlightCare transported the victim to St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw, and she is expected to recover, police said. The complaint remains under investigation. 

The Mayville Police Department, the Mayville Fire Department and a Mobile Medical Response ambulance crew and Mayville ambulance crew assisted the sheriff’s department. 

via Police: Michigan woman pulls out shotgun ‘to make a point,’ accidentally shoots herself in the face |

I wonder what her point was? 😉 😛 😀

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