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I know, I have not been writing much here. Real life has kept me busy and plus, I have just been doing other things. Youtube videos and so forth. Sorry. Anyhow, here some links and my commentary on them. All links go to Memeorandum.

There’s more over at Memeorandum. But, most of it, is, in my humble opinion; stupid. I cannot wait till the general election.

Things that I should be blogging about

As I you might have noticed, I really have not been writing about politics as of late. I just am at the point of being sick and tired of the thing. The entire Republican primary has become, in my opinion, a clown show, as has the Democrat’s as well.

But, seeing that this is supposed to be my blog, here goes:

Business Insider: ‘I’m getting sick of it’: Sean Hannity blows up at Ted Cruz:

Conservative radio host Sean Hannity and Sen. Ted Cruz had a testy back-and-forth on the host’s Tuesday show, with Hannity telling the Texas senator at one point that he was “getting sick of” Cruz dodging “legitimate questions.”

The interview got off to a tense start. Hannity suggested that Americans were wondering about what role delegates play in the process of choosing a nominee, with talk of a contested Republican convention heating up.

Cruz sharply disputed this notion.

“Sean, with all respect, that’s not what people are concerned about,” Cruz said. “I’m campaigning every day. People are concerned about bringing jobs back to America. People are concerned about raising wages. People are concerned about getting the federal government off the backs of small businesses, and people are concerned about beating Hillary” Clinton.

Cruz said that the media “loves to obsess” about the process of choosing a Republican nominee for president. He said that what amounted to “whining” from Donald Trump’s campaign about the delegate process being unfair is “silly.”

Hannity came back at Cruz, telling him that he hears from people who tell him that they “find this whole process confusing.”

Trump has gone on a tear over the past several days, calling the delegate process “rigged” after a series of contests in which Cruz’s campaign outmaneuvered Trump in the battle for delegates. If no candidate reaches the required 1,237 delegates to lock down the Republican nomination, then many delegates who would be bound to Trump on the first convention ballot could vote for a different candidate on subsequent ballots.

Hannity pointed out that the Cruz campaign has focused on wooing delegates who might be able to switch their votes from Trump to Cruz on a second convention ballot.

“It’s more than a process question,” Hannity said. “It’s an integrity-of-the-election question.”

Cruz responded that the “only people asking this question are the hardcore Donald Trump supporters.”

Hannity told him that he had to “stop.”

“Senator, why do you do this every single time?” Hannity asked, cutting Cruz off as he was speaking. “You’ve got to stop. Every time I have you on the air, and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face. I’m getting sick of it. I’ve had you on more than any other candidate on radio and TV. So if I ask you, senator, a legitimate question to explain to the audience, why don’t you just answer it?”

Hannity is in the tank for Trump, and has been for a while. Make no mistake, Ted Cruz is a snake and a half; but, Trump? He is worse, much, much, worse. Having said that, it is good to see someone in the Conservative media hold Cruz’s feet to the fire and knock him off his talking points.

Q13 FOX News: AP: Ted Cruz now mathematically eliminated from clinching GOP nomination before convention:

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is now the only Republican candidate with any chance of clinching the nomination before the convention.

Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated Tuesday after Trump’s big win in the New York primary.

Trump won at least 89 of the 95 delegates at stake. John Kasich won at least three and Cruz was in danger of being shut out.

There aren’t enough delegates left in future contests for either Cruz or Kasich to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination. Their only hope is to block Trump and force a contested convention.

The AP delegate count:

Trump: 845.

Cruz: 559.

Kasich: 147.

But that won’t stop Cruz and Kasich from trying to steal the nomination from Trump.

John Podhoretz / New York Post: A sobering night for New Yorkers who fear Hillary vs. Trump:

We New Yorkers were excited by the fact that for the first time in 24 years (on the Democratic side) or the first time ever (on the Republican side), our votes were going to make a difference in the nomination of a presidential candidate.

And did they ever. Bad exit polls suggested Bernie Sanders was giving Hillary Clinton a race, but in a matter of minutes, it was clear they were wrong. She just walloped him.

This means New York’s Democrats have brought the Bernie insurgency closer to its inevitable end.

Here in New York, reality bit the Bernie bandwagon. He may deliver endless lectures about how money is everything in politics, but he outspent her in New York by 2-to-1 and she still romped. So give a listen in old Brooklyn-speak: Sometimes, money means bupkis.

Podhoretz hates Trump, because he is not a neocon; plain and simple. Plus too, Trump is king in NYC and NY in general. Hillary is too; Bernie’s VT socialism is not accepted nationally.

More on this at Memeornadum

Gabriel Debenedetti / Politico: How Bernie lost New York:

NEW YORK — Bernie Sanders had just arrived at the rally, and missed the incendiary remark entirely. Many on the senator’s campaign had never even heard of Dr. Paul Song, the speaker who had just commandeered news coverage of a massive Washington Square rally in New York by referring to “corporate Democratic whores.”

Nevertheless, by the next morning, the campaign was forced into full scramble mode. Cable coverage of the 27,000-person rally was eclipsed by reporting on the furor surrounding the comment, requiring a Sanders response. After first resisting an apology, the campaign settled on disavowing the remark with a tweet.

Another day, another lost news cycle.

Like I said above, Bernie’s style of politics is not nationally accepted. Especially calling woman whores; that doesn’t fly in National politics, let alone National LIBERAL politics!

More on this at memeorandum.

John Bresnahan / Politico: Paul Ryan’s House of woes:

Paul Ryan has had a tough couple of months.

The House GOP’s response to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is stuck, with a big May 1 deadline looming. The leadership’s 2017 budget plan is stalled. And legislation to overhaul the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t left the runway.

With all the attention showered on Ryan’s non-interest in running for president, it’s easy to overlook the new speaker’s troubles running the House these days.

Almost six months into the job, Ryan and his top lieutenants face questions about whether the Wisconsin Republican’s tenure atop the House is any more effective than that of his predecessor, former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Ryan has flattered the House Freedom Caucus and pursued promises to empower rank-and-file Republicans with reforms to how the House operates — yet it’s yielded little in the way of actual results.

Politics is a beach and sometimes, you’re the ball. Sucks to be him. Is it any wonder that Republicans are being told to avoid the convention?

More on this at Memeorandum

Looks like criminal charges are going to come down related to Democrat’s Flint Water debacle, finally.

A gay “pastor” tries to pull a gay slur hoax and fails, massively. Big surprise there. :roll:

There is much more over on memeorandum. Go check it out.

This is end, my only friend, the end….

This is so funny. The Establishment is feeling the butthurt:

Nothing can stop the Trump train….nothing. Not even Erik “whiny bitch boy” Erickson

The talks about how to deal with Trump’s ascendance took on fresh urgency on Thursday. Some were intent on keeping up the fight. Prominent conservative activists gathered behind closed doors at the Army-Navy Club in downtown Washington, just a few blocks from the White House, to discuss how Trump could be defeated — even if it means waging a third-party campaign to run against him. The meeting drew around two dozen figures, including prominent activist Erick Erickson, conservative columnist Quin Hillyer, South Dakota businessman Bob Fischer and former George W. Bush adviser Bill Wichterman.
Source: Anti-Trump forces contemplate the end – POLITICO

I believe this here is most appropriate:


Leftists show their true colors at the news of Nancy Reagan’s passing

This, my friends, is the true colors of the Democratic Party and the leftist base that supports them. This is why I quit voting for them. This is the sort of bile that drove me away from that Party. I was no fan boy of Bush and Co. But, this sort of bile is uncalled for. Which is why I stopped voting for them, supporting them and such.

Check out:  First 30 Minutes: Vile Tweets About Death of Nancy Flow On Twitter – Breitbart

There is no excuse for it, at all. This is why Ronald Reagan left that party.

Update: Seriously Wonkette? I hope the Reagan family sues the crap out of you for this bile.

Morning News Headlines

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s 7:09AM (EST) and I am up early. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and they are going to draw blood! 😯 ( 😥 )

So, here is a round-up of early morning news items:

CNN: Navy SEAL to receive Medal of Honor for hostage rescue

Fox News: ISIS double bombing of Baghdad market kills at least 73

NYT: Riots Break Out Along Greece’s Border With Macedonia

Fox News: Iran moderates win majority in clerical assembly

Politico: Joe Scarborough: Trump’s KKK ignorance ‘disqualifying’

ABC NEWS: Thai Police to Tighten Security After 4 Tourists Attacked

ABC NEWS: Slain Ohio Pastor’s Brother Arrested in Fatal Shooting

ABC NEWS: Abortion Case Returns to Supreme Court After Loss of Scalia

Reuters: U.S. Air Force vet one of first to face trial for Islamic State support

Reuters: Protesters hurl rocks at police after teenager shot in Salt Lake City

Reuters: Syria ceasefire task force to meet, France wants answers on violations

And Finally:

HotGas.Net: The Oscars Go Black Lives Matter

That’s all for now, I shall be doing more blogging after the doctor’s visit. Feel free to post links below!







Original Story:

This is quite sad, that these knuckleheads would actually do something like this in that area and not expect to get attacked.

The Story Via LA Times LA Now Blog:

Three people were stabbed, including one who was critically wounded, and several others were arrested when a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim erupted in violence Saturday, police said.

A small group of people representing the Klan had announced that it would hold a rally at Pearson Park at 1:30 p.m., police said. By 11 a.m., several dozen protesters showed up at the park to confront the Klan.

About an hour later, several men in black garb with Confederate flag patches arrived and were escorted by police around the edge of the park.

Violence erupted and some of the protesters could be seen kicking a man whose shirt read “Grand Dragon.” At some point, a protester collapsed on the ground bleeding, crying that he had been stabbed.

You see the protesters attacked first, not the Klansman. The thing I wonder is, who precisely were these protesters?  I would be willing to bet money that they were leftists that attacked these guys.

One funny thing that I saw in this article, is this right here:

Brian Levin, director of CSU San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said he was standing next to the man in the Grand Dragon shirt when a crowd of protesters carrying weapons swarmed the Klansmen.

A brawl broke out and one of the Klansmen was knocked to the ground and kicked. Levin said he later saw the man’s arm bleeding.

Levin said he pushed the Klan leader away as the violence continued and a protester was stabbed.

Levin said he asked the man, “How do you feel that a Jewish guy just saved your life?”

“Thank you,” the man replied, according to Levin

Honestly, I have to laugh about that quote there. I mean, what the heck did he expect him to say? “Go F**** yourself!”, or something worse? Media Bias is something humorous to behold at times. I still, however, would like to know who the protesters were. Anyone know? Maybe the skin color of those involved? …Or am I even allowed to ask such questions?

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