Video: Police State in High River, Alberta Canada

Could this be coming to America?

The Video:

Via Top Conservative News, who notes the following:

During the summer of 2013, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP] used the Alberta flood as cover to conduct a test run for a massive door to door gun confiscation.

Sun News says High River, Alberta was turned into a “Totalitarian Disney Land.”

RCMP ordered thirteen thousand residents of High Water to evacuate. Then they went house to house smashing in doors, and looting homes. Some residents say they smashed doors that weren’t even locked.

Over 1,900 homes were illegally entered. RCMP storm troopers stole legal firearms from over 100 of those houses.

Residents of High Water were barred from even viewing their homes for 26 days. Homes were allowed to become completely destroyed because residents were banned from starting the cleanup.

My friends, we must, at all costs, prevent this sort of thing from happening here in America.


Shootings in New York and Texas

Contrary to what some might want to tell the people; this is NOT a gun problem, this is a society problem.

The Stories are below….

Via CNN:

(CNN) — Gunfire erupted at a skating rink in New York City on Saturday night, leaving two injured, authorities said.

The shooting occurred at Bryant Park.

One victim was shot in the back and the second one in the leg, according to the New York Police Department. The victims’ injuries are not life threatening.

Megan Cutcher, a San Francisco resident visiting New York City, was having a drink with relatives at a nearby restaurant when the gunfire started.

“We sat down at one of the outdoor couches with a heater and ordered a drink,” Cutcher said. “Right after we ordered, we heard three shots. Initially, it just sounded like a pop gun, but then people started screaming, and we realized it was more serious.”

She grabbed her mother and pushed her under the table.

“We were at most 10-15 feet from the ice.,” she said. “Luckily, the couches we’d been sitting on blocked us from the view of the shooter.”

A few minutes later, the gunfire stopped and the restaurant staff ushered them into the kitchen for safety.

“I was able to calm down a bit, though my heart was racing,” she said.

Police ordered them to stay put while they searched the area. About an hour later, they got an all-clear to use a particular exit.

The shooter is still on the loose.

….and in Texas….

Via CNN:

(CNN) — A shooting at a house party near Houston left two people dead and 22 others injured, authorities said early Sunday.

The shooting occurred late Saturday night in the Cypress area, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

It started at a birthday party in a two-story home, where about 100 people were gathered, police said.

Injuries range from critical to minor. It’s unclear whether all the victims were wounded in the shooting or the scramble to escape from the home.

Police are searching for two shooters.

I realize that it would be easy to blame the guns on these sort of incidents; but it is simply too much of the scape goat mentality to do so. The guns did not get up and decide to shoot these people; someone used that gun to do so! Therefore, one can deduct that this simply a societal problem. A Nation that forgets God, views Christians and Christianity with contempt, runs its political and financial systems like Rome once did — should expect this sort of a thing.

Simply put, our system is nearing collapse and these sort of things should not be a huge surprise to we that actually read the Word of God. There are some, even within the Fundamentalist Christian circles who are actually silly enough to believe that some sort of a so-called “revival” in this Country will stop the madness which is enveloping this fallen world. This is foolishness; judgment is coming swiftly to this Country, get your house in order and above all, be ready to meet the Lord.

It Begins: DC Police Raid Businessman’s House Searching For Unregistered Ammo

This is crazy…


The Story:

A Washington, DC gun raid which involved more than 30 officers was not conducted at a known drug den or gang bangers’ hideout but at a respected businessman’s home – all to enforce a controversial city ammo law.

The shocking incident even included the man’s teenage son being pulled naked from the shower after the door was broken down with a battering ram.

In a nation where Americans supposedly possess the same Second Amendment rights, Mark Witaschek, a man without a criminal record, faces prison time for possession of unregistered ammo.

“Anyone who thinks the police won’t come to take your guns is naïve,” Emily Miller of The Washington Times wrote.

The DC law enforcement officers were searching for gun paraphernalia such as empty holsters, ammo, empty magazines, ammo receipts, and even gun cleaning equipment. Mark Witaschek’s entire block was locked down by Washington, DC officers. His 14-year-old daughter opened the door and was met with more than two dozen officers in full tactical gear. The men participating in the gun raid reportedly pointed their firearms at Witaschek and his girlfriend’s heads.

via DC Police Raid Businessman’s House Searching For Unregistered Ammo | Off The Grid News.

So, why’d this happen?

Washington, DC law mandates that all residents register all firearms owned with the police department and only registered gun owners can possess ammunition – even spent casings and shells.

The officers premised their search on a claim made by Witaschek’s estranged wife. The woman was reportedly able to convince a court clerk to issue a temporary restraining order against the father of her children because he had allegedly threatened her with a gun. A judge later ruled in favor of the husband.

…and what did they take?

A list of items found in the DC gun raid after Witaschek’s house was tossed for hours, as shared by the Washington Times’ Emily Miller:

  • One live round of 12-gauge shotgun ammunition — an inoperable shell that misfired during a hunt years earlier that Witaschek kept as a souvenir.

  • One handgun holster — which is legal, even in Washington, DC.

  • One expended round of .270 caliber ammunition — a spent brass casing.

  • One box of Knight bullets for reloading, according to police notation on the warrant. Except, Miller reveals, they aren’t for reloading; they’re for antique-replica, single-shot, muzzle-loading rifles.

Anyone that believes that we are not in a police state —– is a fool. 

Sherriff Nick Finch Acquitted

Remember Sherriff Nick Finch that I wrote about?

It appears that he has been acquitted.

The New American Reports: (H/T John Birch Society’s HQ)

Justice has been served.

Minutes after noon on Thursday, October 31, an eight-person jury acquitted Sheriff Nick Finch of both charges against him. Finch, the sheriff of Liberty County, Florida, was accused of official misconduct and falsifying records. Finch maintained that he was simply standing up for the right of the people to keep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment.

The jury agreed, reaching its verdict in fewer than 90 minutes. Within minutes of being found not guilty, Sheriff Finch spoke with Governor Rick Scott, who reinstated Finch within hours.

“Sheriff Nick Finch will be reinstated immediately,” said Governor Scott in a written statement. “I would like to thank the members of the jury in Liberty County for their service in this trial. I would also like to thank Interim Sheriff Buddy Money for his service to the state of Florida.”

It is ironic that Scott would thank the citizens of Liberty County for their service on the jury when it was Scott’s removal of Sheriff Finch in the first place that served to effectively disenfranchise those very citizens.


There is an additional disturbing aspect of the case not being commented on by other news outlets. Imagine that Sheriff Finch had released a man arrested and jailed for having openly preached Christianity in a public place. Would Governor Scott have been so hasty to remove Finch from office? Why would the rights protected by the Second Amendment be subordinate to those guaranteed by the First Amendment?

The protection of each of our God-given rights is as crucial to the perpetuation of liberty as any other. Freedom and self-government are threatened just as much by deprivation of the right to keep and bear arms as by a revocation of the right to exercise religion.

Governor Scott’s persecution and prosecution of a sheriff standing up for the Second Amendment rights of citizens of his county is particularly questionable given the hostile climate that threatens the right to keep and bear arms nationally.

It’s over now, though, and all is forgiven. The fact remains that Finch suffered substantial financial setbacks as a result of his removal and at press time, it was unclear whether Sheriff Finch would receive back pay for the four months he was suspended.

A defense fund was established to help Finch defray the cost of mounting a defense. It is a shame, however, that a good man, a duly elected, liberty minded lawman, was forced into this position by a few connected men and politicians eager to lean on an outsider.

“I am so grateful for all the support from patriots all across the country,” Sheriff Finch told The New American after he was acquitted. “I am thrilled to be back to work.”

I am glad to see that the court made a good decision. I was not sure about the details; apparently the Court didn’t see where the law was broken. I trust the decision. 

Mixed feelings on the Florida Sheriff Nick Finch case

I happen to run across this story and I am going to link to it; I am not going to quote it here, because it requires you to read the entire thing. The link below will open in a new window.

Please go check out Trial of Liberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch Begins at the New American. 

Okay, here is my feelings on what I just read. On one hand, I feel that the second amendment is an important thing, and I am fully aware of the attempts by the liberal left to suppress that right by means of local and state regulation; as well as federal regulations. I believe that to be unconstitutional.

However, on the other hand; I am also someone who believes in rule of law. If the person that was stopped and was carrying such guns —- and that person did not have the proper permits to own and carry said guns, then the officer who arrested and booked this man, was simply doing his job.  I do not believe that being a second amendment supporter and being a sheriff of a town, entitles anyone of any office to knowingly break the law. Because that my friends is corruption. Anytime that any one of public office uses their position to grant favoritism, that is cronyism and this case, this man was caught.

If Nick Finch and his supporters want to see the law changed; then they should pressure their local legislators to get the law changed. What they should not do, is use their office of power to make political statements, such as releasing someone on a legit charge; that is no way to make changes in a law.

There is right way and a wrong way to handle situations like this; and it seems to me, that this man did things the wrong way.

U.K. Telegraph reports that DC Shooter was an Obama supporter that blamed whites for his problems

Top Conservative News reports:

The Navy is 20% black and Washington DC is 50.1% black. Yet the spree killer killed no black victims. Of the 13 fatalities that have been identified, one is a very Caucasian looking man from India. The rest are white. All the fatalities are civilian workers, though some are Navy veterans. Being a heavily black area and a government agency known for aggressive affirmative action, it is reasonable to assume that a large percentage of the people on site during the shooting were black. Yet, so far it appears that none of the fatalities are black.

We also know that the spree killer was a liberal who supported Obama. We know know that he talked about race and blamed white people for his shortcomings.

U.K. Telegraph is the source for this information:

Mr Suthamtewakul, who runs the Happy Bowl Thai restaurant, described Alexis as being like his “big brother.” He told The Daily Telegraph: “I first met him at the Buddhist temple. He had been in the Navy but he was unemployed. I saw he was struggling with his finances, and I said why not move in and you can just pay the electricity bill? He was doing online school, something about electronic stuff and aircraft

“He never got angry with us. He was always very nice to us. He had a couple of issues with being black. He felt he hadn’t been treated right, not by the Navy, just generally. He didn’t have a lot of friends – me, my wife and family, and people from temple.”

So there you have it, a headcase black man who supports President Obama — that my friends is who killed all those people in that Navy Yard. I guess it is true what Dr. Michael Savage says, that liberalism IS a mental disorder. For that matter, so is blaming white people for all of your problems. That would be like me wanting to blame blacks as being the reason I cannot find a job. Both are just as stupid.

Oh and by the way; the media has really been trying to prove that the shooter used a AR-15 assault rifle. Sorry, no such luck. He used a shotgun, like Joe Biden said to use and a handgun. So much for that narrative. :roll:  Et tu, Mr. Morgan? Mr. Morgan?!

Video: Sorry, but this is NOT “standing your ground” in Florida

It’s not even close.

The video:

Notice how many shots rang out?

Now for what this mental midget did: (via Florida Today)

Attorneys for a man who police said shot three people at the culmination of a neighborhood feud have filed a motion demanding a jury determine whether William T. Woodward’s murder charges should be dismissed under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

The motion says Woodward had been the target of a variety of threats and “exercised his right under Florida law to defend himself and his family that night.”

“It’s probably best that you don’t make threats against people, they may take you seriously,” said Robert Berry, an attorney representing Woodward.

Officials say Woodward snuck up on a Labor Day barbecue and opened fire at about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 3, 2012. Police arrived and found Gary Lee Hembree, Roger Picior and Bruce Timothy Blake all had been shot. Hembree and Picior died of their injuries. Blake, who was hit 11 times, survived.

Woodward, 44, is accused of two counts of first-degree felony murder and attempted first-degree felony murder.

Before the incident, police had responded numerous times to the ongoing dispute, according to a release. Woodward and Hembree went to court to discuss the dispute before Judge John D. Moxley. Moxley did not issue an injunction.

The motion filed by Woodward’s attorneys says in the hours prior to the shooting, all three men were yelling at Woodward and that this type of behavior had been ongoing for over a month.

In the hours before the shooting, the men called him names, and said “Come on boys. We’re going to get him. We’re going to get him, all three of us.”

Florida law allows people to use deadly force to protect against “imminent death or…prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony.”

Basically, what happened was this: This dude snuck up on these people in full Military fatigues and opened fire on a family and some friends —- while they were eating. The only thing this slime ball piece of crap needs to be doing, is to become the resident “pivot man” at the prison circle jerk. :mad:

and that ain’t the worst of it, there is this too:

Woodward’s attorneys argue that an attack could have been expected based on the words of his neighbors. They go on to mention the “Bush Doctrine,” a concept that justifies a pre-emptive attack based on the need to defend from a threat.

The “Bush Doctrine”?!?!? WOW. Just…wow. :shock:

Of course, there is this:

Melbourne attorney Kepler Funk said it was “valid” that Woodward would want an independent jury to make this decision rather than a judge, but felt it was unlikely the court would convene one for this pretrial hearing.

“It’s novel for sure, and I’m all for thinking outside the box, so I commend him for that,” he said. “I don’t know the court’s going to grant the motion though.”

In other words, this idiot has a snowball’s chance in hell in getting his case thrown out. I do not give a flying flip what someone is doing to you; teasing you, calling your momma a hoe or whatever — you cannot just sneak up on someone and empty a clip on them. That is not how it works. What works is IGNORING the persons doing this or MOVE!

I swear, I am seriously starting to wonder about people in society today! :roll:

Photo: What happens when you try to attack someone with a gun


This right here is a picture of a black thug punk, who decided to attack and try to beat up a Latino man, who happened to be a legal gun owner. This photo ought to be showed in every classroom in this Country. This is what happens to a black man or anyone else, who decides that the “thug” lifestyle is a cool thing to live.  I have one thing to say about this photo:  Thank YOU JESUS for the second amendment and for the God-given right to defend oneself. Trayvon Martin thought it would be cool to try and attack someone; and he lost the bet. May others learn from this mistake.

Photo Credit: Gawker)