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Tennessee mother who fled police in New Mexico indicted for high-speed chase

Remember that crazy black woman who fled from the police twice? Well, a grand jury indicted her. The Story: A Tennessee woman arrested after leading police officers on a high-speed chase through Talpa in a minivan with her five children last month appeared in court Tuesday (Nov. 12) for arraignment on a grand jury indictment. Oriana […]

Stupid black woman gets pulled over, tries to run from the police and then complains when her van gets shot at!

This is un-freaking-believable! The video: The story: Several New Mexico police officers are under investigation for a routine traffic stop that devolved into a chaotic car chase last month. In their attempt to apprehend an uncooperative driver, the officers smashed a baton through the woman’s car window and fired several bullets at the children-filled vehicle. […]