Tennessee mother who fled police in New Mexico indicted for high-speed chase

Remember that crazy black woman who fled from the police twice? Well, a grand jury indicted her.

The Story:

A Tennessee woman arrested after leading police officers on a high-speed chase through Talpa in a minivan with her five children last month appeared in court Tuesday (Nov. 12) for arraignment on a grand jury indictment.

Oriana Ferrell will face charges of intentional abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer and possession of drug paraphernalia following the Oct. 28 pursuit.

The attorney representing Ferrell, however, suggested during her arraignment that the case would “go nowhere” and argued that law enforcement officers were the ones who had endangered the defendant’s children when they fired on her vehicle in an attempt to stop the minivan.

“There was no reason at all to chase her down,” lawyer Alan Maestas told Eighth Judicial District Judge Jeff McElroy, referring to the pursuit that began when Ferrell allegedly drove away from a New Mexico State Police officer during a traffic stop.

An officer stopped her on State Road 518 near Talpa for driving in excess of the speed limit, according to a statement of probable cause filed in Taos Magistrate Court.

After being issued the citation, the officer wrote that Ferrell proceeded to drive north in her Kia Sedona minivan after declining to pay the fine or return to Taos to contest it before a judge.

The officer followed the 39-year-old Memphis resident for about one half-mile at which point she pulled to the side of the road. A struggle ensued, the officer wrote, as he attempted to remove Ferrell from the vehicle and was confronted by her 14-year-old son.

Two other officers arrived, according to court documents, and the family locked themselves inside the vehicle. The arresting officer wrote that he smashed the passenger side window with his baton before Ferrell drove away again. A colleague fired three rounds at the rear tires “in an attempt to keep the vehicle from leaving,” he wrote.

The officers pursued Ferrell down State Highway 518 before turning north on State Highway 68 and proceeding at speeds of up to 100 mph, according to court documents.

Ferrell brought the minivan to a halt in front of the main entrance to Hotel Don Fernando, the arresting officer wrote. Ferrell and her 14-year-old son were then arrested at gunpoint without incident.

via Tennessee mother indicted for high-speed chase in Taos County – The Taos News: News.

Stupid black woman gets pulled over, tries to run from the police and then complains when her van gets shot at!

This is un-freaking-believable!

The video:

The story:

Several New Mexico police officers are under investigation for a routine traffic stop that devolved into a chaotic car chase last month. In their attempt to apprehend an uncooperative driver, the officers smashed a baton through the woman’s car window and fired several bullets at the children-filled vehicle.

The incident was recorded by a police dashcam video, which was released last week to KRQE News 13. According to a report from Taos News, the incident started when a New Mexico State police officer pulled over 39-year-old Oriana Ferrell for speeding 16 mph over the limit on a state highway.

The officer (whose name has not been revealed) approached Ferrell’s minivan in what appears to be a calm manner and told her to wait while he returned to his vehicle. Ferrell then sped off, starting a chase. When she pulled over again, the officer returned to the driver’s side window visibly agitated.

via Cop Fires Shots at Minivan Full of Kids After Mom Flees Traffic Stop – Hit & Run : Reason.com.

A few things to point out here:

  1. She ran, she could have gotten her ticket, kept her mouth shut; and everything would have been fine. But, no, she started arguing with the cop and then on top of that, she takes off —- twice! You cannot do that and not expect the police to get pissed off!
  2. She had her kids attack the police; if that had been me; that 14-year-old would have ended up in a body bag when I shot him!

I think it is important to point out; she is black. Which basically means that she will most likely get a slap on the wrist and will file a lawsuit and get a bag full of cash; and live high on the hog. Because some evil, racist white police officer actually decided that he was going to do his job. (and yes, that is sarcasm…)

Sorry, but Reason magazine is full of crap on this one; this woman broke the law and paid the price for it. The only person that is to blame for this woman’s kids getting shot at; is Oriana Ferrell and that is the only person who should be blamed.

Like my earlier posting’s video said; blacks seem to believe that they can do as they damned well please, because the actions of white men 300 years ago and it is never, ever their fault; it is the fault of the evil white man and society. :roll:

Police State? Not on this one. More like a stupid black woman. 😡

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