Photo of the Day: A Place at the Table: 1942

I would have posted this earlier, but, like everyone else on Thanksgiving — I zonked out asleep after all that turkey! I hope everyone’s thanksgiving was a good as mine. 😀

A Place at the Table: 1942
July 1942. “East Montpelier, Vermont. The Charles Ormsbee family and his widowed mother, Mrs. Myrtle Ormsbee, at dinner.” Happy Thanksgiving from Shorpy! Photo by Fritz Henle for the Office of War Information.

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Photo of the Day: Rosie the Router: 1942

Rosie the Router: 1942
December 1942. “Mary Miller, operator of a router at the Boeing plant in Seattle, drills holes in a part for a new B-17F (Flying Fortress) bomber. The Flying Fortress, a four-engine heavy bomber capable of flying at high altitudes, has performed with great credit in the South Pacific, over Germany and elsewhere.” Photo by Andreas Feininger for the Office of War Information

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Photo of the Day: Some pretty wild pictures of NYC

Here’s one:

Hurricane Sandy wreck havoc on SoHo’s power grid

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I could not imagine anything happening like that here in Detroit and hopefully it never does. Worse thing we have to contend with around these parts, is snow and lots of it; about 3 months out of the year. I will tolerate that, in exchange for earthquakes, forest fires and crazy stuff like what goes on in Texas, Louisiana and the rest of the southern states —- and occasionally in New York.