Is the murdering of the unborn the new normal in America?

I really dislike having to write things like this; but I cannot be silent on this issue. It, to me, is that important. As I have written in my blog’s long bio; my feelings about pro-life versus pro-choice are basically … Continue reading

The Friday Night Music Express, Special Memorial Edition Presents: Ray Stevens

This is for the children, that we lost. I’ll be back tomorrow. … Continue reading

Sick: Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood in Florida offers black friday coupon

This comes via LifeNews: A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in southern Florida is offering a black Friday discount — including $10 off a visit to the abortion center today. Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast offered the … Continue reading

Video: CBN NewsWatch: October 24, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 24: On the campaign trail Catholic vote not as cut and dry for candidates Ind. Senate candidate standing by rape remarks Monster energy drink blamed for five deaths ….and more. … Continue reading

The message in Tim Tebow’s tweet is about the power of God

Tim Tebow the famous Christian football player sent out a tweet which had some people wondering about what he meant. The Christian Post Reports:  Like it has been for much of Tim Tebow’s career, it was all about the numbers … Continue reading