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AllahPundit makes a very good point about Donald Trump

Hate to say it, but he is very much correct: One more thing: In the unlikely event that Trump does sweep to the presidency, I think some historians will begin reconsidering what the Reagan revolution was really about. Was it a conservative revolt against the Great Society, Nixonian welfare-state management, and Carter-era exhaustion with liberalism, […]

BREAKING MICHIGAN NEWS: Two Michigan State Republican Senators, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat exposed in adultery scandal, used offices to cover affair

This is a big scandal in Michigan and it was exposed by the Detroit News, which is a right-leaning newspaper here in the Detroit area. Via the Detroit News, where you can hear the recordings made: Lansing — State Rep. Todd Courser planned the distribution of a fictional email alleging he had sex with a […]

My thoughts on the Fox debate

Here are my thoughts on the Fox News debate tonight. Please keep in mind that I am dictating this using voice to speech on my telephone. So, if the punctuation is bad or the wording sounds a little odd that is why. Number 1: Donald Trump bombed, horribly. He came off as an arrogant a-hole. […]

Is the DNC trying to stifle the Democratic debates?

It sure seems that way. The neocon Weekly Standard writes: Bill Hyers, a senior strategist in the Martin O’Malley presidential campaign, is calling the new Democratic debate schedule “less democratic.” “By inserting themselves into the debate process, the DNC has ironically made it less democratic. The schedule they have proposed does not give voters—nationally, and […]

Mixed feelings about Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain

First what “The Don” said: (via Youtube) Now, the reactions: Montel Williams: Jazz Shaw at HotAir: I will not pretend to know what’s been up with Donald Trump from the beginning of this road show he’s currently on. Perhaps he truly wanted to be President. Perhaps it was all part of his ongoing circus. Only […]