Updated: New video shows Michelle Fields is lying about being yanked to the floor by Donald Trump’s campaign manager

Update #2: Since this video was shot, I have since retracted fully my support of Donald Trump, because of the smearing of Amanda Carpenter.

Update: I apparently was misinformed on what Michelle Fields actually said. plukasiak writes in the comments section:

“Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.”

While she also said “Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground”, there is nothing false about that statement, whereas the accusation that Fields said she was “thrown to the ground” is 100% false

My apologies, I may have misread her initial story.


Original posting:

Here’s my video on it too:

I knew something smelled fishy about this story and I was right. Here is a new video showing Michelle Fields being gently pulled away from Donald Trump; as you can obviously see in the video Michelle Fields was simply pulled back.

She was not thrown to the floor, like it has been reported. So this resignation from Breitbart and all this other nonsense is nothing, but a fabricated story to make Donald Trump look bad.

And without further Ado, here is the video that shows that Michelle Fields is, in fact, lying about her altercation with Donald Trump’s campaign manager:

(removed original video as the account was hacked)

A special thank you to vdare.com.com and Ann Coulter for highlighting this on Twitter, so I could actually write about it.

Video: My voting experience

As I wrote before, I went to vote. This is how things went:

As you can, it was rather uneventful. I shot this to prove to those who enjoy watching these undercover videos; that not all places, especially in Democratic Party “strongholds”, that in itself is a myth; voter fraud takes place. Now, it was early, but, around there, nothing happens, at all.