UPDATED: 9 people killed in black Church in South Carolina, suspect is white is caught

Tragic. Via Fox News: Nine people were killed late Wednesday at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. after a white gunman walked in during a prayer meeting and began shooting. Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen told a press conference … Continue reading

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Obama’s world. Here is another horrible black on white crime that is being totally ignored in the main stream media. If the races were reversed; this would be a huge story in the media. Via Conservative Headlines: Jeremy … Continue reading

Special Comment: “You are too much of a p*ssy to shoot me.”

Those are the last recorded words of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black man, who decided that it would be cute to try to football tackle a Ferguson, Missouri police officer named Darren Wilson, who also happened to be a white … Continue reading

White reporter suspended and will be possibly fired for speaking the truth about blacks

Here’s the video clip in question: Via the Blaze.com: News 12 reporter Sean Bergin has been suspended after he argued on the air that the “anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities” is largely the result of “young … Continue reading

More Black on White Crime: Huntersville, NC

Multiculturalism at it’s finest. If the races were reversed on this story; it would be national news. But, because it is a white guy, being shot by thug blacks; there is nothing to see here, move along. 😡 The Story … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s drops plan to build store in Portland, Oregon because of black racism

No, this isn’t a joke. This story comes via TopConservativeNews.com, who notes the following: Notice that it is perfectly acceptable for black people to oppose the demographic change of their neighborhood. If the races had been reversed, the national media … Continue reading

Two White Gonzaga Students Face Possible Expulsion After Pulling Gun On Black Home Intruder

This is sick and sad; but because of the world in which we live; I might how this is going to turn out. The Story: On Friday a university discipline board decided to move forward with sanctions, including possible expulsion, for … Continue reading

More Black on White Crime: Boston, Mass

Is it just me, or has there been a major uptick in black on white crime, since Obama took office? 😯 This comes via Top Conservative News. Another one! Another white victim, and another hate crime; yet we White, Tea … Continue reading

More Black on White Crime: Charleston, West Virginia

This comes via Top Conservative News, who adds: A white man was attacked at random by a mob of black thugs in West Virginia. The local media is censoring all mention of race. If the races were reversed, it would … Continue reading

More Black on White Crime in Chester, PA

Another fine instance of black on white crime, this time in Chester, Pa. The Video: (H/T and Thanks to Top Conservative News) The victims: The Story via CBS in Philly: SHARON HILL, Pa., (CBS) — New developments out of Delaware … Continue reading

UPDATED: More Black on White Crime in Atlanta, Georgia

The Video: The Story via AJC: (H/T to Top Conservative News) Police identified the suspect as Sparkles Lindsey, 22, of Austell. Cobb jail records, however, identify her as Lindsey Sparkles Lashayla. She has been charged with murder and aggravated assault … Continue reading

Video: White Privilege: The Last Frontier of White Guilt

I am posting this here, because I happen to have been accused of this myself, by a black man, while I was in Indiana; and that was before I was sent home. This comes via American Renaissance (*): (H/T to … Continue reading

Here’s another black on white crime that you’ve never heard about!

Because our liberal media refuses to report about it. Via Examiner.com: (H/T to TopConservativeNews.com) Last week, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrested Lee Sanford, 53, after he reportedly went on a stabbing spree along the famed strip. In all, four people … Continue reading