Andrew Breitbart RIP

I feel like a guitarist, who is standing on a stage and has sudden realized; he has forgotten the chords to the song he is supposed to be playing.

I mean what words can be written about the man that has not already been written already somewhere else?

I am referring, of course, the passing on Conservative Lion, Warrior, and Publisher Andrew Breitbart, who died last night around midnight at the age for 42.

He was only three years older than I am; this is why this hits me so very hard.  I wake up around my normal time and grabbed my iPod, to see what is going on the world and this comes up.  I let out a rather loud, “Yeah Right!” and figure it is another one of this man’s pranks.

It is not a prank.  (At least I like the think that it is not a prank…)

I did not always agree with his tactics, I did not like what he had to say about Ted Kennedy when he died, I blogged about that on my old blog.  I thought it was morally wrong and I told him so in a tweet once.  I was so incensed about it that I blocked him on twitter for a very long while.

However, the man could not be and would not be ignored; at least not by me.  He took risks; he always had the uncanny ability to dig up some of the best stuff on the left and literally would use it against them.  I admired him for that; because you realize, I used to vote Democratic Party and I knew and still do know about how they pit race against race, class against class — all of that — and Andrew knew it and played it for every damned bit it was worth.


In this section here, I had some thoughts about Andrew’s death. After thinking about it; I have decided to remove them, out of respect for the family.


The bottom line is this; the Conservative world has lost its “Merry Prankster.”  It has lost its warrior and nobody will ever fill those shoes, not even bloggers; because Andrew took the risks and was willing to stick his neck out to expose the left and its misdeeds.

Andrew will be missed by many, including me.

My Prayers go to the family and his wife and Children.

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