No, President Barack Obama is not going to enact martial law

It is things like this here; that make me want to stop writing about politics. However, because I want try to stop mass PANIC! I will address this.

Now, about this order signed by the President on Friday.  It is a big nothing burger. It has been around since the 1950’s and has been updated ever since. So, no, Obama is not going to impose martial law or a police state.

But, as usual, the usual suspects starting ringing alarm bells, either motivated by a genuine concern for the Country or maybe because we have a black socialist President — or both.  Anyhow, they started hollering from the rooftops about this order. Now, let me say this; I am not calling everyone that wrote about this racists, okay? Admittedly, some of the writings are a bit paranoid. However, some of the actions of the President do give cause for everyone on the right to be on a hair trigger and a bit overly cautious.

People — Relax. The big-eared Democrat is doing something right for a change!  Protecting the Republic, which is what America truly is; which happens to be a part of what Barack Obama’s duties are, as President of the United States.  For this, he should be praised, not condemned. Again, more of that brain-stupidity that has invaded the Conservative movement and the Republican since 2008.

The MUST READ Blog postings on this are found at, Ace of Spades HQ and Legal Insurrection.

So, everyone chill out. Like Eugene Volokh said in his posting about this subject; if there was a power grab, it was made decades ago; most likely when President Obama was still riding his tricycle — and possibly long before that.

Just to be clear; I do not fault anyone, especially everyone on the right; for being watchful of the President, that is a good thing. However, in this cause, this is just routine Government stuff. Obama is just doing his job —- and for once, that is a good thing.

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Also too, all the people above mean well; they just panicked over the language of the Executive Order.

One thought on “No, President Barack Obama is not going to enact martial law

  1. Yes, looking through the order and the previous two versions, the differences are few. Still, the extension of coverage to “non-emergency” times is a little off-putting.

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