UPDATED: Anti-Ron Paul bile on full display at HotAir.com and Slate.com

I will fully admit, I do not agree 100 percent with Representative Ron Paul’s views. However, since watching the Wall Street meltdown and the economic downturn that followed; I have come to appreciate Ron Paul’s views on fiscal policy. Furthermore, I share Ron Paul’s views on Federalism.

Now I shall fully admit, that I somewhat disagree a tiny bit with Ron Paul’s views on foreign policy. However, I happen to be browsing over at HotAir.com and I saw something there that disgusted me quite a bit.

Over in the headline’s section of HotAir.com, which is biased quite towards Neoconservative Republicans and against anyone else who disagrees with them, I happen to see a Headline with a link to a Slate.com article about Ron Paul. The article was written by a one Dave Weigel, who is about as much of a Conservative, as I am a Homosexual. (…and I am not, in case you wondered.)

What really disappointed me about this, is the asinine bile posted in the comments section of HotAir’s headline section towards Ron Paul.  It is quite amazing me me, that people can make such asinine comments like that towards a American man, who dares to simple love his Country. What really steams me is this; if someone, like me were registered there and made comments like these towards Jews, Blacks or any other protected minority, we would be banned from commenting at that site —- as I have been in the past. Oh, and trust me, my comments were very mild compared to some of the bile that is in there right now about Ron Paul, one even saying he wishes Ron Paul to be dead. I am sorry, but that is over the line, as is comparing Ron Paul to a communist or worse.

Furthermore, David Weigel’s posting, which is written in the typical elitist snobbery fashion, that is his hallmark of a failed writer.

This, my friends, is why I will not for Mitt Romney in the General 2012 election. Because even I do not agree 100% with Ron Paul’s positions, I do respect the man for what he has done and stood for in the past. It is too bad, the other so-called Conservatives cannot do that same very thing.  – Update: The part that I have lined out, is no longer true. I do now support Mitt Romney for President. I have a good reason too. Please, click here to read why I have changed my mind.

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Update: I thought of this, after I hit publish. I know what some of you might be thinking. “Okay, why did you write this, if you recommended HotAir.com in a earlier posting?” Well, I have an answer for that question:

  1. Just because I recommend a blog, like HotAir.com, does not mean that I automatically endorse said blog’s political position or Conservative stance.
  2. I do not entirely lay blame of this sort of nonsense at the feet of Ed, Allah, Mary Kathy or even Salem Communications; I blame the ignorance of those who believe the idiotic tripe written about Ron Paul —- by those who have an agenda. This is why I removed my “Israel” banner, because of this sort of ignorance. Furthermore, I blame the state of America and of politics. We have become a more hateful Nation, since the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Update #2: It also seems that this terminally unfunny idiot is getting his digs in too. Too bad that SUV didn’t break more than his knee. Just sayin’. Hey, if they can hate, so can I. 😡

Update #3: Like clockwork, the mouthpiece of the biggest and most protected minority spews forth their bile towards Ron Paul. Question: What if someone, like me; spewed forth that sort of hate towards a Jewish Senator? I think you know the answer to that one.

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