Yes! Someone smart comes out and says it

I have been thinking along these same lines.

Via The Christian Post

WASHINGTON – An evangelical professor who was part of a summit on foreign policy held at Georgetown University believes that evangelicals should avoid “Muslim-baiting.”
David Gushee, founder of the organization Evangelicals for Human Rights and professor at Mercer University, told The Christian Post that evangelicals should not participate in projects like the anti-Muhammad film that sparked violent protests in the Middle East.

“We certainly need to have no participation in what you might call ‘Muslim-baiting.’ If we know that attacks on the character of the prophet Muhammad evoke predictably violent reactions, it’s just foolish and unwise and immoral,” said Gushee.

“You want to avoid such things from happening and we need to quarantine out of our community this kind of Muslim-baiting that is happening on our fringes.”

Gushee also told CP that the violence by reactionary Islamic mobs in Libya and Egypt should never be considered justified in their actions.

“We also need to say that random killings of westerners or Americans or Christians because some foolish person somewhere made a film about Muhammad are wrong too,” he said. “Outbursts of randomly directed violence against people who were not involved with the provocation are unjustifiable and must be condemned.”

My feelings about the religion itself aside; the fact of reality is that there are peaceful Muslims here in America and putting these videos out does nothing provoke overseas Muslims to rage, which in turn makes American Muslims look horrible.

It is a sticky situation at best. The question is how does one respond?

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