UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds is wrong

I saw this last night and I did not care to blog about it. But, for the sake of having something to blog about; I will.

Glenn Reynolds lost his credibility with me, when he posted this rather idiotic screed saying that he should resign because law enforcement came to the man’s house who produced the now infamous video.  As much as I understand the concept of freedom of speech, and as much as I understand the fallout from it. Also, as much as I know President Obama’s handling of the situation was horrible and how bad it is that embassies had no Marine protection. The point is this: Obama did not create this entire mess at all. Obama did not shoot that video and he did not mock the Muslims; someone else did. In fact, it was a Coptic Christian with a bug up his rear about Muslims.  This same Coptic Christian had audacity to attempt to pawn himself off as a Jewish person as well; which was, in the word of a well-known Jewish blogger, a blood libel.

What happened here was nothing more than a classic case of Muslim-Baiting. Muslim-baiting is the same damned thing as race-baiting. Saying something horrible offensive about a black or other sort of minority and then when that black or other minority has a negative reaction to that; the person hurling the insult, sits back and says, “See how crazy they are?” It is the classic setup and smear. White Republicans and Conservatives do this to blacks and other minorities all the time and it is wrong. In fact, there a few Conservative blogs that are dedicated to that very purpose.  (I fully admit, I played that game for a short time over on my old and this new blog; for hits and after a while, it began to bother my conscience and I stopped it)

To blame Obama for this whole thing is simple-minded and reeks of desperation to pin the blame on the Democratic and Obama White House. When in fact, the blame should be put at the feet of this idiotic Coptic Christian, who, it appears, to have broken the terms of his violation and could end up back in jail for it too. It appears that Mr. Reynolds has forgotten the concept of rule of law. Which is something, as a Conservative myself, I happen to support. I am all for the idea of freedom of speech, however, I am not for the idea of breaking the law to make that speech. Plus too, the man did that, knowing darned good and well that he would be putting people’s life in danger by doing it. He also lied to many people to get it done as well. This is simply called blatant dishonesty, not to mention breaking the law to insult a Muslim.

I understand Glenn’s feelings about Muslims and the Religion of Islam, believe me, I do.  However, in our quest to make people see the truth about Muslims, the Democrats and Socialism, we must not engage in this sort of simple-minded gutter sniping. Especially at the President of the United States of America. I mean, come on; unless you are one of the idiotic Alex Jones crowd members; you would not seriously believe that Obama actually wanted this to happen. Yeah, I know, the Coptic Christian donated to Obama — big deal. Many people did.  This means absolutely nothing and has no bearing on what the man did. if anything he will get treated better by the Government. UPDATE: Oops. My bad, I didn’t read that entire piece at the link. No thanks to Breitbart’s deceptive headlines, I got taken. Anyhow, I still do not believe the blame should be put on Obama, at all. The man who made the Movie is at fault, not the President. Although, I do not believe he ought to go to jail or anything. The Muslim world needs to learn tolerance, it’s just that simple. Again, sorry about the error. But, if Breitbart would get off the silly deceptive headlines; none of this would have happened.

In closing: I think that sometimes that my fellow bloggers on the right need to just sit back, take a couple deep breaths and think, before they hit publish. Just my thoughts and I welcome yours here. Just remember the rules, please.

Here’s a round up blogger reactions here.

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