UPDATE” Responding to accusations brought against me


My attention has been called to the fact that someone is linking to this and another blog entry of mine, to prove that Zilla is lying. Okay first, this was written before I saw the video of her. I also wrote a retraction to the part about her faking her illness. You can read that here. I was only repeating what someone else told me. Which was a stupid mistake on MY part. I just was pissed because people did me dirty or I would have never repeated what I was told. So, stop linking to this posting. I will not pull the posting, as I want it to stay up, as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO, when blogging.

Anyhow, Zilla, sweetheart, if you read this, I am sorry these idiots a bugging you, again. Some people can really be jerks. ūüė°


I normally do not waste bandwidth on stupidity, but when someone goes out of their way to accuse me of stuff that I never did or said. I feel the need to set the record straight.

Responding to the accusations of Dan Collins on his blog:

  1.  I have never, nor will I ever use a proxy server to comment on a blog, ever. If I have something to say to someone; I will do it from my IP address. If it lands in the SPAM folder at that blog, which is usually the case; that is not my problem. I always comment under my own IP address. I have no desire to use proxies.
  2. The only thing I said about Zilla, was that I heard, from a good friend of mine; who is a Conservative, who gets paid rather well to blog; that Zilla was faking her illness. I know nothing about, nor have I ever said anything about her husband. If someone is saying anything about her husband, it is not me at all. Furthermore, I have never said anything about Zilla taking a trip anywhere either. If my friend was wrong and he could have very well been misinformed, so be it. But I simply told what I heard from what, I believe was a very good source.  I only really heard about this, because I was going to donate to this woman and I wanted to be sure that she was on the level; and I was told it might not be, so I decided against it. I would have never made my hearing about it public, but, when I saw that these people were being harassed, I said, how ironic, and was insulted and so, I told them what I had heard. Update Jan 8, 2013: SEE ABOVE! 
  3. I rarely comment on blogs at all. I rarely, if ever comment on Dan’s blog, Lonely Conservative’s blog or anyone else. I came ONE TIME and expressed how ironic it was that people, who had dissed me in the past, were being swatted and¬†harassed on Lonely Conservative Blog, Once. So, if someone is showing up at Dan’s Blog, or Mrs B’s blog, it sure is not me. If anyone wants my IP address, contact me here and I will happily provide it.

Again, I really do not feel the need to say anything about what is being said about me. But, I feel that need to defend myself, from false accusations. It is quite obvious that someone is stirring trouble; and it sure as heck is not me.

Update: I also want it to be known, that I did see what Zilla said to me on her blog. This tells me all I ever wanted to know about this woman. Even if she is sick, attitude is everything and if that is her attitude; I want nothing to do with her and I am very much glad that I never sent her a dime. Again, I am sorry she is sick, if she even truly is; but that sort of language tells me all I need to know — and it is not very good.

All of the above statements are true and I will be willing to testify in a court of law, if need be, under oath, what I have written above. So help me God.

-Charles Patrick Adkins


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