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The American Conservative Magazine’s writers are Anti-American

The American Conservative Magazine’s writers are Anti-American published on 1 Comment on The American Conservative Magazine’s writers are Anti-American

In this day of 16 trillion dollar debt, our standing in the world being what it is, our Military being treated like utter crap and these bastards cannot even agree that a vote for Mitt Romney is imperative to the survival of our Republic?

Let me just say it; I publicly accuse the editors and writers over at The American Conservative Magazine, a poorly named political rag at that; of being treasonous Anti-Americans in the spirit of people like this here, and the Hollywood 10.

Furthermore, I find it absolutely appalling that these bastards are so ate up with Jewish hatred and of Hatred of Israel as a state; that they would actually go against everything that they have been taught as Americans and as Conservatives and vote for some idiot, who is not on all the ballots and or, goes against the very principles that they believe in — or worse a rant Marxist, who is actually a BLACK NATIONALIST!

It is anti-American and it should be called out as such, by those of us, who have American’s greatest interests in mind.  Call me what you want to call me, I could care less; Neo-Con, Nationalist, whatever — I really do not care. These bastards are traitors and they should be treated as such.


I will never understand that one, never. Anyone who calls themselves a Conservative and does not vote their principles, during this election is a traitor to America and should be treated as such.

Again, I call treason and I question their patriotism and their loyalty to The United States of America!

Can you tell, that I am just a bit damned ANGRY? 😡

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