Nice Herman, but, No.

It seems that the Republican Party’s resident failed magic Negro is calling for a Third Party:

But on the other side of the fight, Herman Cain, the former presidential candidate who still has a robust following via his popular talk radio program and speaking tours, today suggested the most clear step to open civil war: secession. Appearing on Bryan Fischer’s radio program this afternoon, Cain called for a large faction of Republican Party leaders to desert the party and form a third, more conservative party.

“I never thought that I would say this, and this is the first time publicly that I’ve said it: We need a third party to save this country. Not Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites. No. We need a legitimate third party to challenge the current system that we have, because I don’t believe that the Republican Party … has the ability to rebrand itself,” Cain said.

Fischer, a social conservative leader, noted that he predicted this summer that if Mitt Romney loses, evangelical conservatives would start a third party. “If Barack Obama wins this election the Republican Party as we know it is finished, it is dead, it is toast,” Fischer said in September at the Values Voter Summit in Washington.

No Herman; what the GOP needs to do is stop letting one man minstrel shows like you run for President. I guess the skirt chasing business is getting a bit slow, come the winter time. Hee hee But, seriously, the GOP needs to STOP promoting and supporting carnival acts; like Cain, like Carrie Prejean, like Sarah Palin,  like Ann Coulter, who got famous for what — Leaking Documents in the Clinton scandal? Whatever happened to promoting people like Rush Limbaugh, someone who came from nothing, and was on track to being nothing —before he began in talk radio?

Furthermore, I believe the GOP needs to stop pandering to minorities. The majority of blacks and Latinos; and every other damned minority in this Country are going to vote Democratic. The reason is the Democratic Party is going to promise them stuff, it is the way it has always been and always will be. Also, I believe that the Republican Party needs to stop trying to pander the the middle class. The truth is the middle class in this Country are overwhelmingly Democratic voters. If the middle class are that stupid to continue to vote for a Party that continually wants to kick them in the teeth, then fine, screw them. We do not want their vote. A decision to go against the socialist mentality of the Democratic Party is a personal one and involves an educated voter, not a clueless one. We do not need the clueless voter, sorry. Let them vote for the other party.

Just as well, the Republican Party needs to stop apologizing. Stop apologizing for being white, stop apologizing for being the party of the financially successful. The liberals in this Country, over the years, have made the term “Rich” a dirty word. What with comics like “Richie Rich” and shows like “Archie Bunker”, the white business person has been made a mockery of and the stupid GOP has allowed it to happen and not fought back! The Republican Party needs to start saying, Yes, we are the party of the successful people! We are the party of people who built businesses from nothing and made them into something successful. There is no shame in that at all. Everyone wants to be financially successful, why try to hide it? There are two types of people, those who are content to be a wage slave, and those who actually want to be a free American. I chose to be the latter and I do not apologize for it.

The GOP needs to promote, support, and even glamorize the hell out of owning your own business! Business ownership has been demonized by the left in this Country for eons. I would love to get this small business of mine, off the ground and get it running to where it is generating some income. The problem is, that it takes a bit of investment capital to get it going, which I really do not have — and I am not interested in taking a loan out or taking a handout from the Government to get it going. The GOP needs to encourage investment into small businesses, not by the Government, but by private individuals who would be interested in helping others get started in their own businesses.

So, no, starting another party is not the answer. The answer is the GOP needs to stop with the stupid and get with the program!

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