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Bill Quick says, after linking to this here:

Obama’s entire Israel policy is predicated on the notion that “Never again” is a meaningless catch-phrase, and that Israel will meekly commit suicide because he desires it to do so.

As for the American Jews who blindly support Obama through thick and thin, they disgust me. If I could, I’d deport every one of them to Israel, so they can enjoy the full brunt of their feckless actions.

via Obama’s Isreal Policy: Hope They Suicide | Daily Pundit.

Like I wrote there:

Amen. Any Jew who votes for a Political Party that can’t even agree to support them, gets what’s coming to them. Deport them back to Israel and stop funding their battles with Palestine.

These same liberal leftist Jews will be the first one’s to holler “HELP!” when the shelling starts again, and believe you me, it will, sooner or later.

Ronald Reagan knew the truth about Palestine, and this is why he started the support of Israel, by the Republican Party. Way I see it, if the leftist Jews, and those who voted for Obama want that sort of leadership in America, then let them, and that Country go it’s own way and see how far they get.

Just my opinion.


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