Taking a break

I have decided to take the next few days off from blogging. Unless major news breaks, I will return to blogging on Monday or Tuesday.

I have decided to do this for a few reasons. When I decided to get into blogging back to in 2006; it was not about me, at all, it was about blogging against what I felt was wrong. I still feel that is the case, however my enemies seem intent on making my blogging about me. This is not something I really like, and it tends to get on my nerves.

I also find it pretty ironic, that someone who claims to believe in free market principles; makes it his personal mission to destroy those who disagree with his idiotic, warped worldviews. You know who you are, you fat bastard freak. I hope you drop dead of a heart attack and a stoke too. I would not shed a tear, and I would, in fact, come up there and piss and crap on your grave. I mean that in the most Christian way I can muster, you fat freak chump. 😡

Plus too, I am getting tired of aggregating the news. It gets old, telling the same old, some old, over and over and over. Having an opinion is great — repeating yourself over and over and over… sucks.

I am angry, and to be quite honest; a bit bored of it all.

I will be back Monday, sometime or Tuesday; depending on how I feel then. If not, when I’m ready.

Until then, I got better things to do, than this.

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