1. monitor2112

    You might have spooked him. It’s hard to tell though since Neal is constantly deleting things he put on the web. There is not always a rhyme or reason behind it…unless you want to subscribe to the conspiracy theories he usually spins when he pops back up.

    I am also going to reply to your comment to me from the other day in your article about possible FBI involvement. I completely agree that bringing family into it is WAY to far.

    I’m also not sure this is 100% a political issue. Sure, the different sides are on the right or left, but the beginnings of the whole thing came about simply because a LEFT wing blogger started writing about Kimberlin and his past. Kimberlin sued that left wing blogger, and Walker provided some free law advice to that left wing blogger. It is at that point Kimberlin went after Walker and the sides became left/right. Walker describes it as a freedom of speech issue and I tend to agree that is what it really is all about.

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