Nobody would have voted for him anyhow

I found this mildly amusing:

Were I to run for the Senate, it would be a terribly nasty campaign. It’d actually be really awesome, but it’d be really nasty. I have a seven year old, a soon to be four year old, and a wife who does not like being anywhere near a stage. I’m not putting my family through that when the best outcome would mean a sizable pay cut and being away from my kids and wife all the time huddled in a pit of vipers often surrounded by too many who viewed me as a useful instrument to their own advancement.

I appreciate all the support. I really do. In the past week I’ve learned who real friends are and are not. It has been eye opening. I had been all along very, very dismissive of running. But given the efforts of several and the financial pledges of support, I figured I should actually take the time to seriously and prayerfully consider it out of respect for those who asked and offered to help.

via Self-Awareness Matters | RedState.

That is slander blogger Erick Erickson cutting and running from a Senate bid. The real translation of the above is this:

Because I am a complete schmuck, and a bit of an self-absorbed a-hole, nobody would vote for me anyhow. So, I am not going to waste my time and anyone else’s money. (Because I really do not have any of my own, which is why Eagle Publishing owns this site.) So, I will just continue being this overrated schmuck and partisan hack.

End of translation.


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