Michelle Bachmann is keeping a low profile

Thank you baby Jesus….

Minnesota Public Radio reports:


WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann has built her political career by being outspoken. It has helped her raise tens of millions of dollars and go from obscure back bencher to presidential candidate in three terms.

In the six weeks since the election, Congress has been wrapped up with the series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes known as the fiscal cliff, Bachmann has gone almost completely silent.

She squeaked back into office last month with a margin of 1 percent in Minnesota’s most Republican congressional district, and ever since has not been on Fox News or the Sunday talk shows.

Bachmann gave one interview recently to “Understanding the Times,” a Maple Grove, Minn.-based Christian radio show that specializes in biblical end of the world prophecies. On the show, Bachmann claimed a cabal of Muslim countries was working with the Obama administration to squash free speech rights around the world.

Bachmann has limited her comments on the fiscal cliff to a few tweets and a handful of postings on her Facebook page.

The woman is a conspiracy theory kook. So much of one, that Michelle Malkin, of all people — had to call her out on her screwball stupidity on the Gardasil nonsense. The woman straight up LIED in the debate about some woman coming up to her and being in tears about telling her about her daughter supposedly being turned into a mental retard because of it or something. Which is something that Republicans are very good at today; lying.  The problem is, it never happened, at all. The video footage was reviewed and she lied about it.

Which is the crux of why I cannot stand people like her: Christians, who believe that lying for a good cause is just perfectly fine. Which is so typical of the squishy evangelical Christian world. “We believe in Jesus, but we think it’s okay to lie and drink a little wine, listen to Elvis and wear our skirts above the knee, even though we are married. Did I also mention that we can pray the faggot away too?” In other words: Pat Boone in a skirt.

Let’s not even get into the stupidity that she pulled recently with Hillary’s personal assistant. That little stunt was so bad that even the Republican leadership told the stupid woman to shut her pie hole or else. Yes, she was that bad and yes, that damned dumb.

So, as far as this independent political blogger is concerned, the longer this space case of a femi-nazi twit stays on the down low, the better. I surly will not shed a tear about it and I highly doubt the Republican leadership will either.

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