1. OP UP

    Rothchild Romney COKE
    ———–and ‘BAR–Rockefeller’ Obama PEPSI

    Such is the ‘choice’ as the 4 decades ‘underway’
    Globalist handover to RED China ‘CON—solidates’
    and POST American takedown and incremental
    extermination —-proceed.

    Buchanan certainly KNOWS this to be true.

    • I really do not disagree with that at all. There are people who have a good deal more money that I will ever have; that are controlling this Country. Now you understand why I and this blog are really not that popular. Because I will not kowtow down to those people, and their defenders in the so-called “Conservative” blogosphere. They label me as a Anti-Semite and Bigot, because I just tell the truth about them.

      Anymore, the difference between left and right, is so small, the you have to really look to fine it.

      Big Government is bad Government to the NeoCons, when they are not controlling it.

      As for China: Yeah, that is happening too. Wait till this war with Iran starts. China is really going to be calling the shots then.

      Just my opinion.

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