Mitt Romney was not the problem, Republicans and Conservatives were the problem

I hate to be the one to say it, but, sadly, it is true:

It was two weeks before Election Day when Mitt Romney’s political ­director signed a memo that all but ridiculed the notion that the Republican presidential nominee, with his “better ground game,” could lose the key state of Ohio or the election. The race is “unmistakably moving in Mitt Romney’s direction,” the memo said.

But the claims proved wildly off the mark, a fact embarrassingly underscored when the high-tech voter turnout system that Romney himself called “state of the art” crashed at the worst moment, on Election Day.

To this day, Romney’s aides wonder how it all went so wrong.

They console each other with claims that the election was much closer than realized, saying that Romney would be president if roughly 370,000 people in swing states had voted differently. Romney himself blamed demographic shifts and Obama’s “gifts”: ­federal largesse targeted to Democratic constituencies.

But a reconstruction by the Globe of how the campaign unfolded shows that Romney’s problems went deeper than is widely understood. His campaign made a series of costly financial, strategic, and political mistakes that, in retrospect, all but assured the candidate’s defeat, given the revolutionary turnout tactics and tactical smarts of President Obama’s operation.

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You see, there used to be a time in this Country, when the Republican Party and the Conservative movement actually stood for something; and that is a Constitutional Republic.  A Constitutional Republic is what The United States of America was founded as, and not a Democracy as is parroted by some of the idiots on the left and some of the idiots on the so-called “Right” as well.

The Republican Party and the Conservative movement in this Country used to stand for social, economic and military restraint. Nowadays, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party both stand for unlimited spending, hippy-style social policy, high taxes, totally ignoring the United States Constitution and runaway military. This is why the American people did not vote for Mitt Romney or any of the so-called Republican “Players” during this election.  Because all they saw was Democratic Party, and Democratic Party Lite.

American’s economy is in shatters, and the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are both to blame for it. Instead of being adults and making the tough calls, on what needs to be done. Like ripping out the so-called “free trade” agreements and putting back in place the tariffs that would pay down our debt, and fund our social safety net — the Republicans are refusing to allow taxes to be raised on anyone making over a million dollars a year and the Democrats are squabbling over any and all cuts made to the social system.

As for Americas economy, why it is totally in shambles is because of the idiot transformation that took place during the Nixon years. America essentially ended the The Bretton Woods system and began a system of Keynesian economics. This caused America to print more money, than they had to back it up in gold. Which causes inflation and devaluing of the US dollar. Again, this was done, by both parties and is why we are where we are today.

Instead of actually fixing Americans problems through sound policy; the Republican Party would rather pick a fight with AFL-CIO and the UAW to try to crush the labor movement in this Country. After doing this, they really actually expect to be elected in those Union friendly states. My friends, something is horribly wrong the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election for one simple reason: Romney allowed himself to be framed by the liberal media as a rich, out of touch, elitist who could have honestly cared less about the middle class in this Country. Mitt Romney might actually be a very moral person and a very capable leader. But, when you have the money he has, you get painted in that fashion.

Another thing that is wrong with the Republican Party and the Conservative movement was written about by Patrick J. Buchanan in his 2005 book, “Where the Right went Wrong.” Since that time, the Bush Presidency has ended and it was thought for a time that the neoconservatives in this Country would be relegated to the backwoods of politics for a very long time.

However, Kristol, Podhoretz and the rest of that neoconservative clan had other ideas.  They spend a good deal of money in foolhardy plans to try to bolster Mitt Romney’s bid for the White House. Which ultimately caused Mitt Romney’s loss in the election. Which makes one wonder if possibly the neoconservatives were a bit worried that Mitt Romney was not the defense hawk that they truly wanted in the White House and actually were trying to kneecap his Presidency.

The war in Iraq should have been a wakeup call to the media, to Americans and to the Conservative movement that unilateral war without proper constitutional authority was a disaster. Instead the Conservative movement and the Republican Party just buried Bush and his failures and are now making the case for all out war with Iran.

In closing: My friends, Mitt Romney was not the problem; the problem is that the Conservative movement that was, and the Republican that was, of long ago; has been replaced with a Democratic Party Lite. This is not an American Conservative movement. But, rather a horrible fraud. This is why the Republicans lost the election of 2012 — nothing more, nothing less.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, is a highly misinformed.

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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney was not the problem, Republicans and Conservatives were the problem

  1. Rothchild Romney COKE
    ———–and ‘BAR–Rockefeller’ Obama PEPSI

    Such is the ‘choice’ as the 4 decades ‘underway’
    Globalist handover to RED China ‘CON—solidates’
    and POST American takedown and incremental
    extermination —-proceed.

    Buchanan certainly KNOWS this to be true.

    1. I really do not disagree with that at all. There are people who have a good deal more money that I will ever have; that are controlling this Country. Now you understand why I and this blog are really not that popular. Because I will not kowtow down to those people, and their defenders in the so-called “Conservative” blogosphere. They label me as a Anti-Semite and Bigot, because I just tell the truth about them.

      Anymore, the difference between left and right, is so small, the you have to really look to fine it.

      Big Government is bad Government to the NeoCons, when they are not controlling it.

      As for China: Yeah, that is happening too. Wait till this war with Iran starts. China is really going to be calling the shots then.

      Just my opinion.

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