GOP, Social Media and Democrats

Just a little comment about InstaPundit and Bryan Preston’s posting about Obama’s ground game.

Instapundit Says:

The GOP has some learning to do.

Bryan Preston says:

Obama’s personal political army posted it on the web and require a valid email to obtain it. So I downloaded it and have posted it right here. Download it for yourself and take a look.

The GOP had better not only pore over every detail of this at the national and state levels, they must build something better for 2014 and beyond. The Romney campaign’s ORCA project was supposed to be the GOP’s technological answer, but it was a total failure.

Last night, Gov. Bobby Jindal pushed the GOP to stop being the “stupid party.” They not only have to stop being stupid, they have to become very, very smart.

So, I did, I took a look at it; and I have to tell you all something. If the GOP thinks that they are going to be able to get anyone, who is that well versed in social media; who is a Conservative — they are crazy. Silly

The majority of the people that are well versed in social media are, unlike me, committed leftists. They will not just switch for the right some of money, they are liberal purists through and though and they will not do anything to help out a Republican cause at all. This is and has been the huge handicap and disparity between the left and the right. Most, if not all, of silicon valley and the social media world is of the liberal mindset.

It is a sad thing, but it is very true. Obama might be many things; but he is no idiot. Obama knew exactly what he was tapping into, when he decided to do the ground game for 2012. He learned from his mistakes and this time, he did very well. Romney did well himself, he just did not have the ground game to fight Obama well enough to get his message out. Plus too, there were demographic issues as well.

What needs to happen with the Republican Party is that they need to broaden the tent a bit. They need to moderate out their message a bit. They need to stop pretending to be something that they are not; and that is some sort of Democratic Party light. They need to quit doing the “Go along to get along” nonsense as well. They also need to stop pandering to protected minorities and get in touch with what true Conservatism really is. They need to also move away from this Feminist nonsense and move towards a Christian message, without being overly offensive about it. In other words: Celebrate being pro-life, but lose the silly rape comments.

They need to embrace the Huckabee crowd, and the Pat Roberson crowd, and maybe even the Pat Buchanan crowd a bit more. They part also needs to get in touch with the Conservative grassroots a bit more, and move away from the Elitist beltway crowd, as the cocktail crowd might get the big donations; but the heartland people are the ones that vote. An outreach to the farmers, and I do not mean the large corporate farmers either, I mean small-town farmers; this would help things out a good deal.

What needs to happen is the Republican Party needs to get back to the people that the Democrats left behind. Like the small-town farmer who’s making about $250.000 a year, but is barely able to keep his farm. Like the screw machine shop owner and employees, who put in a honest days work; just to put food on the table. Tell them, that they want to help them keep more of their own money. Reagan did this, and won big.

Populism is where the real people live, and if the Republican Party does not meet with these people and let them know, that they want to represent them; they will go the way of the Whig party. The American people will vote for someone that they can relate to; Mitt Romney was not that kind of a person and Ronald Reagan happened to be that kind of a person.

I just hope the GOP figures this out, before it is too late.

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