Bloggers and Lawsuits

InstaPundit Points to the following:

SUING BLOGGERS NEARLY ALWAYS BACKFIRES: “Edwin Mellen Press is dropping a wildly unpopular libel lawsuit against a university librarian.”

If you’re thinking of suing a blogger, read this first.

This is why I have a disclaimer.

I’d love to see some Jewish Right-winger sue me for telling the truth about them. I’d counter-sue for millions and clean up. 😀

As a matter of fact, I have a rather good lawsuit against David Horowitz, because of two bloggers, who were in his employment, slandered me once. I might still pursue that one, because is malice involved there; and I know why. Those woman now work for Michelle Malkin, and I could actually include her in the lawsuit, if I wanted to. Could you imagine the media fallout on those people, if I went after them in court for a few hundred million?

I mean, I have not been able to find work, since that was published; and I could very well go into court and state my case; that I was slandered and now, because what was published about me; I cannot find a job. Also too, I could state in court, that these women attacked me and slandered me, because I dared to point out Michelle Malkin’s hypocrisy and went after her for publishing personal information about Graeme Frost’s parents back in 2006.

I believe I have a very tight case against them all. The question is, do I really want to bother with it? Do I really want to try to find a lawyer that would take the case pro-bono or at least take it to be paid, when I win? Also too, is it really worth all that effort, all the hatred that would be for me, like from the blogosphere and from Fox News?

That’s the stuff that I have to consider.

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