Great Stuff from CPAC

This follows up this posting here.

First, there’s Brent Bozell: (Via

Then there’s Sarah Palin: (via

Oh, by the way; check out Karl Rove’s lame ass response to the barb towards him. I hate to be the one to say this, but when you have to use the lame ass liberal talking point about Sarah Palin against her and you are a so-called “Conservative”, you have a very serious problem. The problem with Karl Rove is; well, besides the fact that he was actually born and still breathes —- is that he was lucky enough to win one Presidential election. The problem was, he helped elect someone, who was about as Conservative, as I am a Communist. Everything else that he has done, has been wrong. The dude needs to bow out gracefully, go back to Texas and get a real damned job.

Just my opinion.

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