Video: What the Government is doing with your internet and phone calls

My friends, I knew this was big, but I had no idea it was this big. 😯

This video comes via Democracy Now:

Also too, unlike the anti-american idiots at WSJ; no, I do not support this one iota. I agree with Michelle Malkin, it is overreach of the highest order and yes, it is dangerous as hell.

I will say this, as someone who is not much of a Democratic Party supporter anymore; my friends, we might just be witnessing what might just be the end or at least the long-term waylaying of the Democratic Party for a long time to come. I can tell you now, that many Americans who voted for President Obama are feeling like suckers who were sold a bag of lemons. Because from what I have seen, Democrats are absolutely furious about this little revelation.

Here is perfect example: (Via)

and another: (via)

Of course, there are stays; my friends, I present to you the biggest damned idiot on television:

AllahPundit writes about this moron, and man is he ever right about this guy.

Take it away AP:

Matthews has made this point many times before, usually with references to Horatio Alger, but it feels extra special after a long week of President Perfect completely betraying the Hopenchange ethos of his first presidential campaign. It’s not the cheap racial demagoguery that gets me here; that’s par for the course both for him and his network, where you’ll find far dumber examples of it than this. What gets me is that a guy who’s spent his adult life in politics reacts to the dynamics of ideological differences and partisanship like a college student would. Righties dislike O because he’s a statist liberal, and sometimes an aggressive one; if Hillary wins, she’ll be hated for the same reason. Obama’s personal behavior is better than lots of pols’, but plenty of politicians who are more or less decent people in their personal conduct are roundly hated by the other team. Paul Ryan’s a nice guy with a lovely family whom the lefty commentariat loathes because they think he wants to kill grandma. Marco Rubio also seems like a decent person with a nice family; he’ll be the second coming of Hitler in 2016 to the left if he’s the nominee, his shilling for immigration reform notwithstanding. Many people who know Mitt Romney will tell you he’s a warm, generous guy in person; he’s lived cleanly too, apart from his unforgivable crime of making lots and lots of money in business. (Note Matthews’s reference to “money-grubbing” in the clip. For shame, Mitt.) All of them already are or will be regarded by liberals as monsters, not because they have any deep objection to them as people but because they’re roadblocks on the path to the society liberals want America to be. That’s politics. When you know the way to paradise, everyone in your way is the devil. And every single person reading this grasps that already. So how is it the guy who doesn’t, who shrieks like a five-year-old over political animosities, has his own TV show?

Very well put. Also too, and please know this okay? The only reason I am linking to on this is for following reasons:

  1. Because I happened to see the videos there and I happened to have liked what AllahPundit said. 
  2. It is considered in blogging to be unethical to not cite sources of where you get your videos from. Yes, I know, people have used stuff here and no bothered to cite me as the source. It happens. But, I happen to believe in ethics and integrity. Because of this I cite my sources, all the time. I could care less about the hits or lack of; although, I will confess that the trackback links are nice. But, I really do not get a good deal of traffic from So, the accusations of my link whoring are baseless.


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