This right here is why the GOP should fight Hillary tooth and nail come 2016

I saw this over at and honestly, I was gobsmacked. 😯 If the GOP does not fight this crazy woman tooth and nail from now until 2016; and we lose this next election, there are going to be some seriously pissed off people in America. Namely, Gun owners.

This quote comes from Time Magazine, and comes via Mary Katharine Ham — this is Hillary Clinton describing her opponents:

We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,” Clinton said during a live CNN town hall.

Wow…. just…wow. MKH over at breaks this down in a big way, and I might be excessively quoting here a bit…; but, my friends, this one is warranted in a big way:

“We,” said the aspiring head of the federal government,
“cannot let”—As in, “allow.” What remedy, pray tell, does she have in mind for this outrageous epidemic in free thought?
“a minority of people”—The minority, the protection of whose rights Thomas Jefferson called a “sacred principle” in his First Inaugural Address and whose endangerment at the hands of a tyrannical majority James Madison called the Republic’s “great danger?”
“and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people”— Regardless of the truth of this dubious assertion, she seems to repeat it to justify her advocacy for the prohibition of the minority’s dissent, which makes it sound like someone never glanced at a Founding document. “Screw ‘em, majority rules,” the working draft of the Constitution proclaimed.
“hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority.”— Let me see if I can rephrase the idea of a “viewpoint that terrorizes the majority” in such a way that a longtime Democratic politician might understand it. There’s an old adage originally used to describe journalism and oft repeated by the activist Left to give itself airs— “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Hillary Clinton and liberal activists are the comfortable. They require a “safe place” where the presence of others who deign to disagree cannot “trigger” them. Your mere opposition to an asinine limit on mag capacity, which was a demonstrable disaster in incompetent governance in her home state of New York, rises to the level of “terrorizing” for a woman who famously couldn’t figure out if that term applied to anyone involved in Benghazi. But for you, law-abiding citizen, not a problem.

Much of the Left desires that criticisms of gun control policies be banished from the public square. Espousing them is abetting child murder, in their eyes, no matter how much evidence or what arguments Second Amendment activists marshal. Hearing this argument from fellow citizens who call themselves liberal is disappointing.

Hearing it from a potential presidential candidate is creepy. Especially one who’d be taking the reins from an administration that flagrantly uses the power of the federal government to get people it doesn’t like to stop saying things of which it does not approve.

Hopefully, the guys over at HotAir do not mind me quoting that one to death. My friends, let me blunt here; this is not your boilerplate blue-collar Democrat party stuff, not at least from where I sit. This is actually neoliberal Marxism. This is right in line with communist repression of freedom of thought. This is the kind of stuff that turned me against the left. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw this one. 😯

This right here, should be used by the GOP against Hillary should she decide to run. They should not give her a pass on this one at all. This is anti-Americanism at its most lethal form. This is the same mentality that pushed Bill Clinton to tell Janet Reno to send the tanks in at Waco many years ago. That somehow those that disagree with you are somehow a threat. This stuff is quite scary; and can have some dangerous fallout to those who happen to support their first and second amendment rights.

I always knew that the Clinton’s were pretty brutal, when it came to politics; just did not think that they were this brutal. I think it goes without saying that, at this point, I am not ready for Hillary; and if the rest of the America has any sense, neither will they be either.

2 thoughts on “This right here is why the GOP should fight Hillary tooth and nail come 2016

  1. Well… Not sure how you missed it but as Sec of State she signed the small arms agreement with non other than the United Nations, who goal is to disarm America. Everything they do is to get the public riled up to the point that they start pitchforking gun owners, so the government and thugs are the only ones armed.

    This happened right after she took office, and right before #FastandFurious in 2010> A February 22, 2012 CBS article investigating Fast and Furious found it was was to make the case for “disarming America” a scheme to comply with those UN desires for the USA that Hillary so badly wants to do in order to GAIN World power!

    The reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, left CBS last year because CBS refused to report on the scandals Obama was creating and shoved her stories into file 13. However this one did make the air…. once!

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