1. Well… Not sure how you missed it but as Sec of State she signed the small arms agreement with non other than the United Nations, who goal is to disarm America. Everything they do is to get the public riled up to the point that they start pitchforking gun owners, so the government and thugs are the only ones armed.

    This happened right after she took office, and right before #FastandFurious in 2010> A February 22, 2012 CBS article investigating Fast and Furious found it was was to make the case for “disarming America” a scheme to comply with those UN desires for the USA that Hillary so badly wants to do in order to GAIN World power!


    The reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, left CBS last year because CBS refused to report on the scandals Obama was creating and shoved her stories into file 13. However this one did make the air…. once!

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