Patrick J. Buchanan points out why there are no jobs in America

This is something that I have said for a while now too.: America is something new in the way of world powers. We not only provide the legions to protect “allies,” but provide the tribute in the form of foreign … Continue reading

Patrick J. Buchanan writes the real reason why the GOP is failing

Quote of the week: To understand why and how the Republican Party lost Middle America, and faces demographic death, we need to go back to Bush I. At the Cold War’s end, the GOP reached a fork in the road. … Continue reading

Mitt Romney was not the problem, Republicans and Conservatives were the problem

I hate to be the one to say it, but, sadly, it is true: It was two weeks before Election Day when Mitt Romney’s political ­director signed a memo that all but ridiculed the notion that the Republican presidential nominee, … Continue reading

Pat Buchanan calls it exactly like it is

This one is very good. Saith Patrick Buchanan on his website: Two years ago, Obama had to eat crow and extend the Bush tax cuts. Now it’s payback time. And behind their arrogance lies a belief that the GOP cannot … Continue reading

Disagreeing with Jeff Goldstein…..sort of

I happen to respect Jeff’s opinion, alot. He might not want to hear that; but the guy has chops when it comes to writing. Anyhow, a bit of nitpicking here: Just watched the debate. Not sure why people are saying … Continue reading

Noted owner of Anti-Semite magazine explains why he hates Israel

I do not make a habit of linking to this Anti-Semite rag very often; but usually when I do it is to show just what kind of anti-Israeli bile that comes from that place. Despite the cleaning up of the image … Continue reading

Chuck Baldwin minces no words about Paul Ryan

I have to like Chuck Baldwin, he does not mince words: It has happened again. We go through this every four years, and every four years the vast majority of “conservatives” fall for it. This is such a broken record. … Continue reading

Is Mitt Romney going to be Benjamin Netanyahu’s puppet?

Now before I begin this blog entry I want it to be perfectly known; I am a total and complete supporter of Israel and it’s people. However, I do NOT, nor have I ever; supported Wilsonian foreign policy or the … Continue reading

The BEST article on the Republican Party and True Conservatism…ever

My friends, this below is the most likely the best article ever written about true Conservatism and the Republican establishment. It is really worth the click through and the read. It should come as no surprise that the Republican National … Continue reading

I must take a stand for Israel

There is a time when one must be silent and there are times when one must speak out against what he knows is morally wrong; this is one of those times. Those of you who are daily readers of this … Continue reading