I hate to be one to say it about HotAir.com….but

You guys are screwing up….badly.  Sexism? Please, this is reality people. Get with the program already! :roll:

HotAir.com is supposed to be a Conservative Blog. I find that to be unbelievable, considering this video that was posted today.

Ed, Allah, and yes, you too Tina! Please, don’t go the Ann Coulter route okay? It cheapens your message and it makes you look like hypocrites.

Tina, you are a Catholic, try actually dressing like one and not like some office “MILF” looking for a place up the corporate ladder. I did not even watch the video; I was that sickened by what I saw and I am sure that Rick Santorum just loved being next to a chick that was essentially him a peep show of her hoo haa. (if you know what I mean….)

Because you see, this right here is one of the biggest reasons, in litany of other reasons; why I left the Evangelical, Pentecostal Christian circles and went back to the Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist Circles. It was the, “We’re Christians and we love Jesus; but don’t ask us to dress like it, talk like it or not drink bear and not wear mini-skirts!” thing that really put me off. In fact, I went to a Church just like that and it got the point where I just did not even want to go there, because of the lack of a dress code. Some men might actually like that kind of thing; but when you are trying to serve the Lord and keep your mind pure and your Heart right, when you are single man, and you have to look at that sort of thing —- it wears on you greatly.  I can honestly tell you that my three years that I attended that Church which I linked to, was one of roughest periods in my walk with the Lord. Needless to say, I am glad I left there for good finally in 2004. (and I am sure they were glad to be rid of me; but considering what their former Pastor was revealed to have done with someone other than his wife —- They really do not have a thing to say to me!)

To be fair to the one’s who I did level some criticism at; the Baptist circles are not much better. When I left the tongues crowd in favor of Baptist Christianity; I landed at this Church here. I went there back before they changed their name — twice. I left once to check out other Churches in the area and ended up coming back there in 2006 and then leaving again. All I will say about that Pastor is that I take Matthew Chapter 18:15-17 literally — and this Pastor, did not. Sorry, but calling me on a cellphone is not a way I consider to be a proper way to level accusations against me. Especially after I have spent over five weeks helping remodel your little Church office that you just had to have for free!  Not to mention the fact that not a darned word of the idiotic accusations against me were even remotely true. In case you are wondering, that hick of a Pastor considered me looking this up here to be and I quote, “getting on the internet and looking up private information about HIS Church.” His words, not mine. Needless to say, I left and never went back again; nor will I ever.  Will I ever go anywhere ever again; I highly doubt it. I just do not need the headaches anymore. I will just stay home, read my Bible and wait for the Lord to come back and sort all this mess out.

Before anyone says it in the comments; I know there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. I know this all too well. But, I think some so-called Christians could really try, just a little bit harder. Especially, when they are in the public eye and they are supposed to be representing a Conservative viewpoint and in this young lady’s case; the body of Christ.

One thing I will give to the Jewish people and to the Muslim people; at least they are sincere about what they believe and actually act like it. More than I can say for the people who claim to be the blood-washed believers in Christ Jesus.


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  1. I enjoyed this post. I didn’t watch that video either for the same reason.  This is my first time to visit this blog, and I like what I’ve read, but I have to say–lay off the ads and links a bit. The blog entry to ad/link ratio reminds me of how you sometimes get two feet of receipt for just a couple purchases.  You could take away an entire column and it would still possibly look too cluttered. Wouldn’t be saying anything if I didn’t think your writing was good enough that it would be a shame if the ad overkill turned people away (and it will.)

    1.  Hello Cmack, I believe you might have commented on my old blog at one time. Anyhow, if you would kindly take a gander at this posting below, you will see why I have so many ads:


      yes, I do this for a living; it’s not making that much of a living right now. But I believe in unfettered capitalism and anytime someone comes by here and complains about the ads, I simply ask them, “What do you have against making money?”

      I admit it, I do not make a good deal of money on this blog. But I do believe that I should maximize my money making ability.

      Thanks for the comments and you are welcome around here anytime!

      Chief Cook and bottle washer

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