I guess I was not the only person that noticed

A few days ago, I wrote a rather hardcore article about what I saw in a CPAC interview over at HotAir.com

I guess I was not the only one who noticed. This blogger and this blogger, noticed it too.

Yeah, I know, both of those bloggers most likely hate my guts; but, when they are right, they are right. I won’t let my personal feelings about one or the both of them get in the way of facts.

Others: Ricochet Conversations FeedMediaite, Riehl World View, The Other McCain, Riehl World View (part 2) (Via Memeorandum)

Please note: There were others, but most of them were liberals who made filthy comments about this topic. I won’t give them traffic.


7 thoughts on “I guess I was not the only person that noticed

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