I do believe I have figured Tina Korbe out

I knew there was something a bit….um, special…about Tina Korbe. Well, now I know what it is!

She adores Dr. Pepper. You know, as in the soda? Just like my Mother, she likes that stuff too and yes, it shows. 😯

For the record, I happen to be of the opinion that Dr. Pepper is the worst tasting, rock gut, God-awful, stuff; since them bunch of weirdos decided that Vernor’s was something that the general public, namely me, would like to drink.

I have a theory as to how Dr. Pepper got it’s life; some guy working for that drug store in Waco, Texas, whose name had to be Louie or Tony, was walking across the shop with a bucket of whatever it is that gives that swill its god-awful taste. He was told to measure out a cup or so of it and he dumped the whole damned bucket in there! So, the owner walks over and grabs a cup and takes a drink and spits it out and commences to chewing Louie or Tony’s butt out. Finally, after chewing him out, the boss man calls over his man that works in the shipping and receiving area. His name is Bill, Bill is a bit slow and they offer some to him. He takes a drink and says, “Hey, that’s pretty good!” and that’s when they decided that someone would actually be that stupid to buy that awful tasting rot-gut and that is how America really ended up with Dr. Pepper.

Which is sort of how Vernor’s ended up on the free market too. The really funny thing is, I have heard that Vernor’s is good for people with a sick stomach. Well, of course! You ever smell that rot-gut tasting stuff? Phew. If you have stomach problems, you will not after you get a nose full of that stuff. That is because you will be in the backyard heaving your shoe soles up! They used to bottle that stuff right up the road here in southwest Detroit and yes, it stunk. I had the chance to tour that bottling plant once. I took two steps inside that building and got a whiff of that awful smell; and I made a rather abrupt bee-line for the exit!

Anyhow, as for Tina; She’s a good gal. Even if she does have some oddball tastes in soda pop. (Yes, I will resist the urge to make a crack about skirt lengths. Last time I did that, a civil war broke out in the blogosphere!)

As for me, I can tolerate Diet Pepsi, preferable cold. I happen to adore Mountain Dew, the throwback version being the best.

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