Well, Look what I found!

Remember that clown Ed Brayton, that I blogged about earlier?

Looks like someone has already beat me to the punch. Someone sent me this link, I guess someone else has an ax to grind with Ed too.

Checkout “Ed Brayton Exposed

Before anyone makes an accusation, I have zero to do with that site. I got an e-mail from an anonymous remailer with the web address.

This is why I never go after people like that anymore. Because sooner or later; it all catches up.

I cannot honestly say that I am displeased that Ed finally got what was coming to him, for a very long time, I might add.

Hey Ed, if you need a place to run to; I can name a few — or maybe not. 😛



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Short Bio: I started blogging about politics in 2006, as a populist, skeptical left of center type, with a blog called simply, "The Populist." I suspect, but cannot prove; that my blog might have been hacked by some evil neoconservatives. I cannot prove that at all and also too, around the same time. Hackers from China where attacking wordpress blogs. I believe either the Neocons or the Chinese got my site. I don't know honestly know which. Either way, by 2007, I began to see that I really did not fit within the Democrat Party and liberal circles and after my blog was hacked; I created a blog called "Political Byline" and I kept writing; first as a Centrist and then as a Paleoconservative. For my long bio, see the "About Me" section on this blog.


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