Are Bill Schmalfeldt, Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin working as informants for the FBI?

Please note: This entire posting is simple conjecture and I have no real inside baseball information at all. I simply am wondering aloud about what is really going on. I have no proof at all; but, I do have plenty of suspicions. 

I ask this question because of the following events that have taken place:

First of all, Aaron Walker lost his lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin. The good news is, that is he appealing the ruling and hopefully he will win it. Which makes me wonder, was the judge ordered to dismiss the lawsuit, because of an ongoing FBI sting, as Kimberlin being an informant?

Second of all this story here, involving a man and woman from Texas; which has more twists and turns than a Georgia back road.  You really have to follow that story, least you get more confused than a pollack Jew in a Hindu temple. (Apologies in advance to my Jewish readers; but it really, really is that confusing!  I am about as sharp of a tack as they come in these parts — and it even confuses me!— Some might disagree with that sharp tack bit, but I do not pay them dummies no attention. 😀 ) What really made me wonder about this, is this little comment here, by  a commenter named “jwallin” over at Robert Stacy McCain’s blog, who by the way reappeared this morning after going AWOL yesterday and giving everyone a heart attack! Anyhow, here’s the comment:

I’m beginning to wonder if Neal AND Brett are both FBI informants acting as agent provocateurs.

And that doesn’t get them off the hook or anything but it does give an insight to why they believe they can make false accusations, go ballistic over the least little thing, make all kinds of false accusations and lie in court and expect to get away with it. (because they have so far.)

The FBI is not above using people and placing operators (not actual agents per se) in positions to supply the means and even the motive for others to commit unlawful acts. (see the poor sap that tried to blow up the NY Federal Reserve Bank in Oct.)

They also use guys like that as spreaders of disinformation and gatherers of information. They particularly like to use those who have criminal, prison/shady pasts as they can be pressured into cooperation and have the bonafides to appear to be what they may be pretending to be. (that’s if anyone bothers to check)

They also use them to spread dissension amongst collaborators and other informal and clandestine communities.

Sound like Rauhauser? Sound like Kimberlin?

Not saying they’re active, just saying they may have been used and may be used again. And it does fit some of the odd things and perceptions they both have of how little they concern themselves with being arrested or investigated.

Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

I was over here lying in the bed, waiting for the soup that Mom was making for supper, when I read this. This is when it hit me; “what if they are doing that?” It would not shock me one iota. The Conservative blogosphere, the Tea Party, the Republicans on the hill — all have been a huge thorn in the side of the President. Who is to say that the President did not order an big time, super secret investigation and take down of the right wing blogosphere?

Again, I do not have any inside baseball information on this at all. I simply am, as the southern folk would call it, “A wonderin'” about this all. I mean, the Government has done dishonest stuff like this before. Remember Ruby Ridge? Remember the Waco Stand Off? Remember Elohim City? Remember Oklahoma City?  The United States Government has not always been forthright in their dealings and with the actions of the FBI. Like this man here, who is one of the people, that I listed in the title of this blog posting; who is an informant, I believe — like he says: I am an independent journalist, and I am seeking answers. I happen to believe that theory about these three men. However, I would like dig for the real truth as to what is really going on here. I simply do not buy the story that is being floated about these three people. Something more is going on and I want to get to the bottom of it.

If anyone that reads this, who happens to work for the FBI, and happens to know the truth. Please, do not hesitate to email me and tell me the truth. I will protect your identity and I will publish what you tell me to publish.

There are facts in this story, that the public needs to know about and that the corporate owned and controlled media will not cover, unless they are forced to. We bloggers in the uncontrolled, independent media world are the ones who have been digging these stories up and fleshing them out. We need to get back to doing that and stop with the bickering among ourselves. This is what our political enemies want, they want us to bicker among one another; so that we become less effective. We have to overcome that; and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

We have a Republic to save, we have liberty to protect, and we have a out of control Government that needs to be restrained. We must do our part.

Update: Oh, heck, I’ll toss in the obligatory video, it’s old school 1990’s stuff. But it makes the point:


7 thoughts on “Are Bill Schmalfeldt, Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin working as informants for the FBI?

    1. This is good, but not as funny as the one that has me being an agent of Mossad’s Unit 8200.

      So, not only are you a criminal, you are an Anti-Semite. Which explains your issues with Andrew Breitbart.

      Good to know.

  1. Interesting theory. I happen to think they are probably just a-holes, but I suppose what you have here could be possible. Not likely, but possible.

    1. Interesting theory. I happen to think they are probably just a-holes, but I suppose what you have here could be possible. Not likely, but possible.

      I hear ya man. It is not totally lost on me that all of this is politically motivated. But what Bill Schmalfeldt did, went way over the line of criminal stalking. When you involve family members; That is criminal stalking, period, end of story.

      Bill Schmalfeldt better be glad that Robert Stacy McCain was his target and not me. Because if it were me, he would be dead. Plain and Simple, I’d just went and shot him for posting pictures of my family on his website. Wheels of justice turn too slow for stuff like that.

      I would have taken care of the problem myself.

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