Could you imagine a Republican First Lady doing this?

Now could you really imagine a Republican First Lady doing something as silly as this? No. I could not either and I happen to believe that it is a crying shame that the Office of the First Lady is being brought down to such a cheap level as this right here.

Whatever happened to class, whatever happened to the First Lady’s respectability? Whatever happened to our elected leaders and their wives being a cut above the rest of the Country and actually acting like it?

It is no damned wonder the rest of the World looks at America and think we are nothing more than a ill-timed joke anymore. Also too, this is not about race at all; this is about what our Country looks like to the rest of the World.

I might not have agreed with President George W. Bush’s foreign policy, but at least I did not have to worry about the First Lady being reduced to the level of a night club dancer. :roll:

Via Is Michelle Obama a Better Dancer Than Your Mom? — Daily Intelligencer.

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